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Fuck Proof Makeup Mini List

Fucking is fun but if you want your makeup to stay on after your face was pushed into the mattress, check these out.

Primer: Hourglass Mineral Veil Primer, Marc Jacobs Coconut Primer (sooo hydrating), Kat Von D Featherweight Primer

Foundation: Becca Ultimate Coverage Complexion Cream, Kat Von D Lock-It Foundation, Dermablend Cover Creme

Setting Powder/Spray: Makeup Forever Ultra HD Microfinish Powder, Urban Decay All Nighter Setting Spray, Laura Mercier Universal Translucent Setting Powder

Eyeliner: Kat Von D Ink Liner, Lancome Drama Liqui Pencil, Stila Stay All Day Liquid Liner

Mascara: Bobbi Brown Smoky Eye Mascara, Makeup Forever Aqua Smoky Extravagant Waterproof Mascara, Benefit Roller Lash Mascara

I’m not going to include lipstick because I find that it comes off anyway and when I’m heavily making out, it will end up everywhere.
Now I’m not saying that this makeup will not come off at all during sex. However, they will hold on better than some other stuff.

I recommend carrying foundation powder, eyeliner, and a concealer in your bag in case you need to touch up after you’re done.
If you like to do the whole routine in the morning but you don’t want to carry all your stuff to someone’s house, you can always ask for a couple of samples at Sephora for the liquid/creme products before you meet up with them.

Add more stuff if you want. Thanks for reading and stay safe.

sorry--notsorry  asked:

“Whenever I apply foundation on my dry skin it always looks dry and flaky. What’s the trick to preventing that? ”

Having dry skin I know the struggle of flaky, dry, unnatural looking foundation all to well and it’s something I used to constantly suffer from on a day to day basis. Luckily over time I’ve found a few cures to fixing flaky skin and making makeup look great.

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ciobellaaxoxoo-deactivated20160  asked:

Best drugstore makeup? I need a list for school essentials 😄

loreal magic perfecting base: for a super smooth finish
revlon photoready skinlights/loreal magic lumi light infusing primer: if you want that glow
nyx shine killer primer: for oily skin types
elf hydrating face primer/maybelline master primer (smooth+illuminate): for dry skin types

loreal infallible pro matte: for oily skin
covergirl 3 in 1 outlast: for combo skin
loreal true match lumi: for dry skin

hard candy glamoflauge: for heavy duty concealing
nyx orange concealer jar: for color correcting under eye circles
maybelline fit me: for general concealing
maybelline better skin: for a natural concealer

elf high definition powder: most natural
revlon nearly naked powder: for sheer coverage
physicians formula happy booster glow & mood boosting powder (beige): glowy finishing powder, hourglass powder dupe!

nyx matte bronzer: to contour
nyx taupe blush: contouring for very fair skin
la girl pro conceal: for cream contour/highlight
milani baked bronzer: to bronze

nyx powder blush
• elf studio powder blush
• nyx cream blush
• milani baked blush

personal fave drugstore highlighters
for fair skin
• for dark skin

elf eyebrow kit: personal fave/you can make it look natural or bold 
nyx brow pomade: for more definition
loreal brow stylist plumper: adds more “hairs” to the brows/tints them

maybelline color tattoo: you don’t need a primer, and it’s super easy to apply
loreal infallible eyeshadow: amazing color payoff and the shades are so gorgeous
best eyeshadow palettes

nyx super skinny eye marker: for wings
nyx slide on eye pencils: great shade selection
maybelline gel eyeliner: best drugstore gel eyeliner !

maybelline define a lash waterproof. that is all. 😂

LIPS (basically some of the best drugstore lip products out there)
• nyx lipliner
• nyx soft matte lip cream
• wet n wild mega last lipstick
• nyx butter gloss

loreal makeup extender spray: love this! actually makes my makeup last longer
nyx makeup setting spray: there’s a dewy and matte finish that you can choose!

hesitant-dan  asked:

what makeup did you use? IT'S SO CUTE I CAN'T EVEN

Elf hydrating primer, hard candy glamoflauge, l'oreal true match (cool) blush, l'oreal telescopic liquid eyeliner, the too faced sweet peach palette and maybelline colossal volum express mascara :)

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What makeup you use ? Your skin looks so flawless💖💖💖

Always take care of your skin have a good skin care routine and moisturise before anything once you’ve prepped your skin always go in with a primer that works for your skin I use a pore filling primer in my T zone and a hydrating primer everywhere else I have normal to dry skin the fountains i switch between are the too faced born this way, Estée Lauder double wear and the L'Oréal true match I hope this helps

UNDER HYPED: Smashbox Photo Finish Hydrating Under Eye Primer

Smashbox is my favourite brand when it comes to primers, they’ve got everything from colour correcting to oily controlling and line reducing versions  and even one for the under eye area. An under-eye primer may seem like just “another” product to buy and another unnecessary product to add into your beauty routine, but the results are oh so worth it. Smashbox Photo Finish Hydrating Under Eye Primer has been a favourite product of mine for many years now and it really doesn’t get enough hype or recognition. Whether you’re someone who doesn’t wear a lot of makeup (or someone who wears a lot) has severe dark circles or just a little discoloration underneath the eyes this product works a full on treat and is well worth the price. It’s super hydrating, but thanks to the silicone like texture it doesn’t cause concealer to crease, in fact it actually helps improve its staying power so you don’t have to worry about your concealer slipping around all over the place. It’s also packed with light reflecting pigments and has a peachy pink base to it, meaning that it helps counteract darkness and blue tones in the skin which in turn makes dark circles appear less obvious and reduces the need for a large amount of concealer. All in all I love this product. If you’re someone with severe dark circles or has problems with concealer creasing it’s definitely worth checking this product out. It’s also great for wearing alone on no-makeup days and for mixing in with concealer to make it more blendable.

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altonbrownsdaddy  asked:

I have very dry skin, what skin care products should I use and what base makeup products should I use? Thanks!<3

For foundation I’d use a foundation that’s not matte, exfoliate and moisturise, use hydration face masks once a week, also a hydrating primer for a base for foundation x:)

Milani Prime Shield Face Primer Review

Mattifying + Pore Minimizing

As of lately I have been trying face primers and setting sprays. I saw Milani had a primer and I figure why not. This is, I think the second Milani product I have tried and I’m happy I picked this up. This is one of the best primers I have tried so far. It controls my oils so well without having me look so dry. I have oily combination skin and I try different mattifying primers. My nose is the first thing to get shiny. This primer kept the shine on my nose to a minimum to the point I feel like I barely need to blot. My face has such a smooth radiant finish with this primer. I know it’s suppose to mattify but I like that my skin is not so matte to the point I look powdery. It controls my oils and balances out my face. I highly recommend this primer. They also have a Hydrating + Pore-Minimizing primer for dry skin types. I love that this primer is affordable as well. This primer works great with my drugstore and high-end foundations.

Rate: 5/5
Recommend: Yes

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Buy or Pass By: Makeup Forever Step 1   Hydrating Primer

Get your life, your whole life, and nothing but your life with this primer.I think I have found my holy grail staple primer. I admit I had heard good things about the Makeup Forever Step 1 Hydrating Primer but at 37.00 dollars for 1oz, I was looking for a more affordable drug store primer first. After trying different primers and not getting the best results, I decided to give this a try and I have been happy ever since. This primer is soothing water for your skin in a bottle.

Price: 37.00

Pros: Hydrates skin, leaves skin feeling incredibly moisturized, light weight and not heavy, makes skin under makeup look radiant

Cons: None, absolutely none at all

Final thoughts: Buy, buy, and buy some more

Rating: 5/5 (yes it is that good)

mitchy-fleur  asked:

Could you recommend me foundations primers that suitable for dry skin? Thank you! :)

Primers are often reserved and targeted towards those with oily, combination and acne prone skin with large pores and dry skin types often get forgotten about. Mattifying, oil free primers are great if you need your makeup to last all day or have oily skin, but on a day to day basis they can be a bit too much for dry skin. Overtime I’ve tried many primers, some bad, some good and some great. I’ve tried ones for every skin type under the sun and every skin condition/concern and as someone with dry skin myself here are some of my favourites.

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“Like painters, who need a perfectly smooth, even-colored and flawless canvas, makeup artists require even-toned and smooth skin for an optimal and professional makeup result.” says Dany Sanz, founder of MAKE UP FOR EVER. Developed with a unique formula to hydrate, smooth, and help regenerate the skin, the Step 1 Skin Equalizer line works to target every texture and color concern as it preps your skin for makeup application. The collection of 10 primers can be mixed and matched or worn alone. Below, The Sephora Glossy illustrates how to decide which are right for you. BECKY PEDERSON

These primers are designed to address skin concerns, such as oil and shine, large pores, fine lines, dry skin, and redness.
1. Mattifying Primer: reduces shine by targeting oily skin
2. Smoothing Primer: addresses large pores and fine lines by evening the skin’s surface
3. Hydrating Primer: restores skin’s balance for those who have normal skin with occasional dryness
4. Nourishing Primer: moisturizes to comfort constant dry skin
5. Redness Correcting Primer: neutralizes redness often associated with rosacea

Also known as the Radiance Range, these primers are built to boost brightness for every type of skin tone.
6. Radiant Primer Blue: adds radiance to light skin
7. Radiant Primer Pink: adds radiance to light to medium skin with red undertones
8. Radiant Primer Yellow: adds radiance to light to medium skin with yellow undertones
9. Radiant Primer Peach: adds radiance to medium to tan skin
10. Radiant Primer Caramel: adds radiance to deep skin

While these primers can be used alone, you can also combine them to customize your look. If you decide to double up, use this guide for the best results.

1. Apply Redness Correcting Primer or any Radiance Range primer before applying Mattifying Primer or Smoothing Primer.
2. Apply Hydrating Primer or Nourishing Primer before applying Redness Correcting Primer or any Radiance Range primer.


Stila Hydrating Primer SPF 20!

~Retails for $34 for 1.7oz/50ml~

This is a primer that I just recently got a couple weeks ago. It went on sale on stila’s website for half off, so I bought a couple tubes of it because I’ve been looking for something like this for a while.

My face has dry patches on it, and I’ve also recently moved half way across the country to a different climate that is much drier than I’m used to. So no matter how much moisturizer I apply to my dry patches on my face, as soon as the primer goes on, those dry patches are accentuated, and by the end of my foundation routine, they’re fairly obvious and then I have to start all over again. The problem is, I don’t usually wake up early enough to have enough time to let reapplications of moisturizer set in.

So to fix all this nonsense, I figured I could get a primer that is meant to be hydrating, so it would help with my dry patches, instead of working against me. Now this primer has been working well for me, as it hydrates my skin, and gives me that hydrating barrier between my skin and whatever foundation/powder/etc that I put on it.

It goes on like this, with a slightly noticeable yellow tint to it:

Now while this primer is oil-free, it does leave somewhat of a greasy sheen to it afterwards. So it is very important that you set everything with a decent powder at the end.

 It does have a slight smell to it. It is strong enough to notice, and while its nothing offending, its not a really pleasant smell either. But after its worked into your face, though, you don’t smell it.

After using this primer, and seeing how much it actually does make a difference, I probably won’t go back to any other primer. This helps me so much as far as my foundation routine goes, because it helps hydrate my skin right from the beginning!