hydrating makeup

  • Me : *washes my face frequently*
  • Me : *washes my makeup off completely*
  • Me : *uses face masks to care for my skin*
  • Me : *drinks water to stay hydrated*
  • Me : *moisturizes*
  • Skin : *allows one tiny pimple to show*
  • Me : You ungrateful fucking child. How dare you. After all I've given you, this is how you repay me?
cold weather survival tips so y’all can start the new year with soft glowy skin

I posted a list of beauty tips for hot weather on my old blog at the beginning of the summer and it went over really well, so I thought I’d do a cold weather version now that we’re in peak chapped-lips-and-cracked-hands season.

  • Do yourself a favor by going to the nearest drugstore and buying the biggest tub of Vaseline/petroleum jelly you can find. 90% of Dry Skin Problems™ can be solved by slapping some Vaseline on there. 
  • Seriously. Chapped lips? Use Vaseline as a lip balm. Dry, cracked heels? Slather those feetsies with Vaseline right before you go to bed (just put socks on to keep from getting your sheets all sticky) for an overnight moisturizing treatment. (You can do the same thing on your hands if they’re dry and cracked!) I’ve even used Vaseline to fix severe dry patches on my face and neck. This stuff is a lifesaver. 
  • (You might also wanna get one of those tiny mini tubs to keep in your jacket pocket or in your bag, so you’ll always have it on you. It works way better than lip balm and is the only thing that can keep my lips from cracking and bleeding all winter long.)
  • While you’re at the store, it’s a good idea to invest in a good lotion. Most scented lotions (especially Bath & Body Works brand) actually make my dry skin worse because of the perfume in them, so you might want to look into an unscented formula. Try to avoid formulas that contain alcohol (which is sometimes used to make the lotion absorb faster) because they’ll dry you out worse than before. 
  • I always recommend using lotions and moisturizers made for sensitive skin even if your skin isn’t actually sensitive, because they don’t have as many harsh ingredients that might draw moisture out of your skin! Looking for formulas with all-natural ingredients (like Burt’s Bees and Yes To) is another good way to avoid heavy chemicals.
  • Replace your makeup remover with olive oil. It melts makeup right off, and you don’t have to scrub at your face like you do with a lot of makeup removers. It’s also super hydrating and makes my skin feel SO SOFT after I use it. (Just be sure to wash it off with a cleanser before you go to bed.) A lot of people use coconut oil the same way, but I’ve never tried it so I can’t speak for how well it works compared to olive oil. 
  • If your foundation sticks really noticeably to the dry patches on your face, a good hydrating makeup primer can help a lot. e.l.f. has really good, really cheap primers that I swear by, and they even have one specifically made for dry skin! (And you can find them at Walmart and most drugstores, so you can swing by and pick it up while you’re getting your groceries.)
  • Avoid “matte” or “mattifying” foundation formulas in general if your skin is really dry, because they’ll just make your dry patches more noticeable. Use a “satin finish” or “dewy finish” foundation instead, and if you want to make it look more matte you can always set it with a powder to take away the shine! 
  • If your lips are really dry and scaly, the best thing to do is just exfoliate the dead skin away. You can make your own lip scrub really easily by mixing sugar with either olive oil or honey, and just rub it on your lips to buff off the dry skin. Be sure to follow with Vaseline or a good lip balm!
  • As a matter of fact, you should really be exfoliating your entire face once or twice a week, especially if you have really dry skin. You can buy exfoliating scrubs at the store for a few bucks or make your own. (My favorite is a homemade scrub with 1 tablespoon of cooled green tea, 2 tablespoons of sugar, and a few drops of tea tree oil. It makes my skin soooo soft and helps fade my acne scars.)
  • Consider replacing your moisturizer with a face-safe oil like jojoba or rosehip at night. (I wouldn’t recommend using olive oil or coconut oil for this though, because they’re a little too heavy.) I started using rosehip oil every night to help with the scarring on my face, and it makes my skin feel so good. It doesn’t absorb right away, so it’s almost like sleeping in a face mask every night, and you wake up with a baby-soft face. This is the first winter I haven’t had really dry patches on my face, and I think using facial oils has a lot to do with it.
  • If your lipstick is drying out your lips, use a very light layer of Vaseline as a lip primer! This also makes the lipstick go on smoother – I’ve been using this trick for chalky/streaky lipsticks for years. (I told you, Vaseline is a lifesaver.)
  • I know everyone on tumblr is always saying this, but it really is important; you gotta stay hydrated. Drink water. (Drinks like soda actually dehydrate you, so it really does have to be water.) If your skin is just feeling a little dryer than usual, it could be because you just aren’t getting enough water. Increasing your water intake is a really easy, completely free way to help your skin out. 
  • And fyi, these tips aren’t just for girls! If you’re a guy with dry skin, feel free to use any and all of the things I talked about in this post! Taking care of your body is gender neutral and everybody deserves to have nice skin. 

imemilyemerald  asked:

What are the steps before applying makeup? I would like to know please and thank you :)

Hello, xoxo.

I’m a big enthusiast for morning skin care! I think your morning routine should be a little extensive just like your night time routine. 

Personally my routine is

On special occasion days like a wedding, date or big event I have a few more things i’ll do. I’ll add

  • A clay mask. The clay mask is done after cleansing and before toning. This will keep your pores small and oil controlled through out your event. Just makes your skin look ~extra~ good.
  • Under eye mask. Little eye patches will really depuff and hydrate so your makeup goes on better. I get really cheap ones here, $10 for 60 treatments! 

ELF - Beauty Shield

Vitamin C Pollution Prevention Serum - Help refine and brighten skin tone, reduce the look of fine lines. 
Cost $16

SPF 50 Skin Shielding Primer - Blurs the look of fine lines for smooth makeup application.
Cost $12

Massaging Overnight Recovery Cream - Lightweight gel-cream helps overnight skin recovery.
Cost $14 

SPF 50 Skin Shielding Moisturizer - Provides lightweight hydration for a more luminous looking complexion.
Cost $12

Daily Defense Makeup Mist - Lightweight fine mist that invigorates the skin while hydrating and refreshing makeup throughout the day.
Cost $8

Shield Dual Defense Cleansing Facial Brush - Dual-ended facial brush. Blended with soft bristles, unique silicone tips massage skin and lather for an invigorating deep cleanse.
Cost $8

Recharging Magnetic Mask - Iron-based mask formula uses magnetic properties to lift away surface impurities and minimize the appearance of pores, revealing a brighter and smoother complexion. 
Cost $24 

Coming Soon —> Launch in June



Many of you have requested a look that isn’t too gory, and that was relatively easy to replicate - so here it is! 

This look is in association with the skincare brand, Simple
One question I get asked a lot around this time of the year is; 

How Do You Remove Your Halloween MakeUp?’ 

The answer is… Oil. And Simple have just launched their Hydrating Cleansing Oil, which is very exciting for me as I love to use Simple due to my sensitive skin needs.
Oil breaks down ALL forms of makeup. This is something we learned in college when talking about the process of proper makeup removal.

Stay tuned to the end of the tutorial to see just how effective the cleansing oil is. 

sorry--notsorry  asked:

“Whenever I apply foundation on my dry skin it always looks dry and flaky. What’s the trick to preventing that? ”

Having dry skin I know the struggle of flaky, dry, unnatural looking foundation all to well and it’s something I used to constantly suffer from on a day to day basis. Luckily over time I’ve found a few cures to fixing flaky skin and making makeup look great.

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anonymous asked:

Do you know of any affordable dupes/options for the MAC fix+? Or any other sprays that make my make up instantly look settled (like I've had it on for a few hours)?

You can buy super affordable hydrating setting sprays or even make your own!

To make your own you can use any mixture of rose water (soothing, antibacterial) , vegetable glycerin (moisturizing, binding, sets your makeup, you only need a few drops), aloe leaf juice (calming), witch hazel (anti bacterial, mattifying), filtered/distilled water. You can even use essential oils or cold pressed rose oil if you want it to be more moisturizing and more like a treatment. Just keep in mind these DIY sprays expire quicker and only last a few weeks and you want the bulk of the spray to be filtered water or rose water. Fix Plus is basically just vitamin infused water and glycerin. This is super customizable so pick and choose which ingredients you want to include. Also remember to shake before using!

As for sprays you can buy…


What’s in Your Bag? Tag - Sims Edition!

Rules: Choose a Sim of yours, post a picture of their bag content and tag 10 of your friends/followers/favorite Simblrs! Please tag #inmysimsbag. :)
It can be done with any Sims game.

I was tagged by @furiouslydecaffinated and @simsxbayxworld - thanks, guys! <3 I couldn’t decide which one of my girls to choose so I had the whole Pastel Brigade tidy up their bags for this! Enjoy! 

Heda’s backpack: Power Water (stay hydrated kids), makeup bag, ticket for an old gig, keys, a pen, a notebook for her lyrics, her phone, an old cinema ticket, a hand cream (may your skin stay hydrated as well!), condoms, iPod shuffle with all her favourite songs, ginger chew!!!, her cigarettes.

Faye’s purse: her trusty Nikon camera, today’s newspaper, her headache pills, lip balm, her wallet, her eye makeup, her day planner, her phone, keys, a bottle filled with strange red smoothie-like liquid (ick!), her older than time itself iPod nano and her PI licence card. 

Věra’s messenger bag: apples (what? she likes apples), lip balm, lighter, a spare pack of Always, Nintendo DS lite, spare change (takes up a lot of her bag), condoms, her phone, her student ID card, a stolen coaster (she likes taking them from restaurants and stashing them in her purse), her pencil case, her sketches, a notebook for her art, new tubes of acrylic colour, cigarettes, chewing gum, a pen.

I tag: @pixeltrashcan, @something-wicked-sims, @numinousxsims, @dinaswimmer, @lifeasasim, @maladi777, @eslanes, @neutralsupply and anyone else who wants to do it! <3