hydrangeas are my favorite

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Name: meghan lord (i honestly love my last name it’s p cool)

Nicknames: i don’t really have a nickname but some people call me meg and my sister calls me hammy

Zodiac Sign: scorpio 

Height: about 5′5 but idk

Orientation: bisexual/pansexual

Ethnicity: super white but like half italian half irish

Favorite Fruit: pineapples and blood oranges are the bomb

Favorite Season: either spring or fall i love the colors and weather in both

Favorite Book: this is super hard bc i love so many but my favorite authors are rick riordan, benjamin saenz, and kurt vonnegut (i love reading if you cant tell)

Favorite Flowers: ahh i love flowers but some of my favs are hydrangeas, sunflowers, and poppies :)

Favorite Scent: i love the smell of vanilla and baking pies

Favorite Color: grey and lavender 

Favorite Animal: horses and hummingbirds 

Coffee, Tea, or Hot Chocolate: TEA 100% i drink at least 2 cups a day

Average Sleep Hours: this varies a lot but on weekdays like 5 or 6 and weekends like 8-10

Cat or Dog Person: errr i love both but i’ve always had dogs so i have to say dogs

Favorite Fictional Character: this is basically impossible but nico di angelo is my emo baby

Number of Blankets I Sleep With: one, if i slept with more i’d have a heat stroke it’s so hot where i live

Ideal Trip: ahh i love traveling and i want to go everywhere but my dream is to go backpacking around europe

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Name: Rhayra
Nicknames: Ray
Zodiac Sign: Pisces
Orientation: pansexual
Ethnicity: caucasian
Favorite Fruit: mango
Favorite Season: winter
Favorite Book: hahahaha good luck with that
Favorite Flower: tulips and hydrangeas
Favorite Scent: my boyfriend’s
Favorite Animal: cats
Coffee, Tea, hot cocoa: all, in that order 
Cat or Dog: cats, but dogs too
Dream Trip: Disneyworld, England, New York
Number of Followers: 1436
What I Post About: Tom Hiddleston and a bunch of other crap
Do I get asks on a regular basis: hahahaha you’re funny *cries*
Favorite Band/Artist: it changes all the time, but I like everything as long as it’s not stupid
Fictional Characters I would date: date’s different than fuck, right? so… Steve Rogers, Luna Lovegood, Gina Weasley, Sirius Black, Daniel Sousa
Hogwarts House: RAVENCLAW BITCHES !!!

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Name | Taylor

Nicknames |  Tay, Tay-Tay, etc…

Zodiac sign | Cancer

Height | I’m 5′3

Orientation | Heterosexual

Nationality | USA 

Favorite fruit | Pomegranate but I always look like I’ve killed someone…

Favorite season | Fall 

Favorite book | ‘The Two Princesses of Bamarre’ & ‘The Song of Achilles’

Favorite flower | Sunflower and Hydrangeas bc they remind me of my grandma

Favorite scent | Coffee & my cat because she just has a comforting scent that’s just her own.

Favorite color | Aquamarine

Favorite animal | c a t

Coffee, tea, or hot cocoa | Coffee at all hours of the day!

Average sleep hours | uhhh *laughs hysterically* maybe 3-4 hours

Cat or dog person | c a t s

Favorite fictional character | m y   p o o r   s o n s

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Number of blankets you sleep with | One but it’s super fluffy and yes pls

Dream trip | I want to go back to Ireland soooooo badly!

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Guess, who’s working on a new AU (besides that when Kwami Swap X Gender Swap AU hasn’t finished yet)
I decided to make an AU about their future, against all the Future AU’s on Tumblr.
I made it in my way, and I’m gonna really work on this. These are just design sketches.
Unfortunately, I couldn’t make it on my iPad and color. But let me give a few informations at the moment;
• Emma, 16 years old, the oldest child of Agraste family. She’s got black long hairs, and blue eyes as her mother. She’s kinda interested in music, and wants to study music (if she can presuade Marinette with Adrien). Her biggest hobby is messing with her little brother, Louis. (Sister Vs brother fights! My favorite XD)
• Louis, 14 years old, the hydrangea child of Agraste family. He’s got blonde hairs as his father and blue eyes as his mother. Sports is his life. He spends almost all his time with Marinette, and when it’s about sports, his favorite parent is Adrien, no doubt.
I think Marinette and Adrien would be defeated Hawk Moth already, but if they wouldn’t, I’m planning to give Adrien’s ring to him. And also don’t forget a pretty Ladybug, girlfriend XD (these Ladybug’s are so suffering from these Agraste’s x3)
• Hugo, 8 years old, the littlest child of Agraste family. He’s got black hairs as his mother and green eyes as his father. He’s probably the smartest child of the family (the son of the mother XD). He’s usually quiet but also so foxy at the same time. He holds Marinette under his control 24/7, and he’s living away from Adrien.

I used all my biology information for the kids, you have no idea. Their eye and hair colors and more.

About Marinette and Adrien, they’re so happy, together. Adrien still uses his stupid puns on Marinette, and she’s not happy about it at all.
As how Marinette imagined, they’re living in a big house (money, money, money). Marinette became a famous and successful fashion designer as she wanted, but she’s living her life like a normal person with her family.
I couldn’t decide what’s gonna happen to Adrien but he still models for Marinette and sometimes he joins photo shoots with Marinette (that means sometimes Marinette poses with him).

About Alya and Nino (people asked about them on Instagram). They got married too and they live with five children.
I didn’t finish their designs yet but they’ll be shared soon, I hope.

If you have an idea to share on a question, please share with me and ask me. ❤

Hey everyone!

Today I have 10 recolors of Bioshock Infinite’s Hydrangeas (converted by Samantaablack) to share with you! This is one of my favorite plants, but I wanted some more recolors so I decided to make my own! I recolored both meshes but the preview pic shows only 1 of them. Hope you like them! :D

Meshes are included and files have been compressed.

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Iunno, 7 & 9?


I already answered 7!

9. tattoos i want

Oh boy. I want a bunch but I’ll probably only end up getting two or three of them, sadly. One is the lyric “Grow me a garden of roses,” and I want it in a calligraphy font on my left ribcage, just under my boob. It’s from the song Roses by Poets of the Fall and that’s probably the single most important song to me. I first heard it seven years ago and it has not left my heart since.
The second one is a watercolor of a blue and purple hydrangea with a blue dragonfly on it. It’d be on my left forearm with the top starting just below my inner elbow with the colors dripping down to about two inches from my inner wrist. It’s for my mother, as hydrangeas and dragonflies are her two favorite things, and it would also cover up my most embarrassing/conspicuous self harm scars.
The third one I really want is a watercolor/traditional mixed of my astrological sign (Leo) with the Fire Nation symbol (from A:tLA) superimposed. It would look something like this combined with this.

17. a fact about my life

If I see climbing carabiners in a store I have to physically stop myself from buying them. I don’t even use them for climbing, I just compulsively collected them on my backpack zippers in high school (and jingled very loudly wherever I went). I took them all off my bag (except the one I got in Rome) when I came to college but I still have all of them in a drawer at my parents’ house and I still struggle to not buy them when I see them.

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Name: Bruna

Nicknames: VariableBeta (only for Tumblr) and BruBru Irl

Zodiac Sign: Scorpio

Height: 1,57… I’m smol

Orientation: Straight Demisexual

Ethnicity: Brazilian

Favorite fruit: Watermelon probably, but I love most fruits! Gimme all the fruits!!

Favorite Season: Winter, even though the winter in Brazil is not cold at all and this frustrates me!!

Favorite Book: I really like mystery themed books and one of my favorite is Labyrinth by Kate Mosse, specially because of the meaning since it was one of the first books I actually bought myself and not given by someone else.

Favorite Flower: The Blue Hydrangea. Its color is one of my favorites and it is very common at the south region of Brazil.

Favorite Color: Teal and this pastel purplish-blue the Hydrangea has.

Favorite Animal: Foxes.

Hot Chocolate, Tea, or Coffee? Coffee all the way. Tea only when I feel like it. 

Average Sleep Hours: When I’m working generally 6 or less, and when I’m not working I try to get 8.

Favorite Fictional Character: It’s so hard to pick one!! Probably Deadpool… he’s so incredibly funny and has that dark sense of humor that I love so much!

Cat or Dog Person? Dog person, even though I never had either.

Ideal number of blankets you sleep with: It’s so hot where I live that sometimes, not even one lol, but mostly one.

Ideal Trip: I wanted to backpack through Europe and get to know all the cool historical places, and also the awesome views! And after that, the rest of the world lol

Blog Created: My blog is a mess tbh, but I believe I started it because of the exchange program I did and to connect to the people that were going too. I started this page on march 2013.

I don’t feel like tagging that many people since i mostly reblog stuff and don’t really talk to people here. Not that I don’t want to, but I’m just really bad at it lol (So if you feel like talking to me, go ahead! I’m just bad at starting conversations)

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Ranpo, Kouyou, Mori, And Fitzy!

Alright, thanks for the ask! Let’s get started!

Ranpo:  What do you want people to praise you for?

What don’t I want people to praise me for? I need validation. I kind of wish I could gain some sort of recognition as an editor, but, alas, no one knows what goes on before a piece of writing is published. Additionally, I hope that one day my graphics/gifs will be good enough to deserve praise, so I’m going to keep working towards that! 

Kouyou:  What’s your favorite flower?

I think my favorite flower is the hydrangea, especially the blue/purple ones. They’re so beautiful. I just love that color combination. (Source)

Mori:  What is your guilty pleasure?

Uhh… to be honest, I don’t think I have one, or at least I can’t think of one.

Fitzy: What do you want that money can’t buy?

I want to be friends with my mutuals.