hydrangeas are my favorite

Week 24: Native Plants - Nature Photography  |  © @inyoureyes69

Annabelle Hydrangeas are native to the DC area and one of my favorite summer blooms. Taken with iPhone 6 with slight edits to clarity and shadow in Lightroom.

Wow @inyoureyes69!!  This picture could be in Better Homes and Garden!  The white really pops against the green foliage and I love how you focused to create that DOF!  Beautiful job! - MT

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  1. name:  kael 
  2. nicknames:  ko !! 
  3. birthday:  march 12  
  4. zodiac sign:  pisces   
  5. Height:   5′ 11″ ! trees attack me because im so glorious 
  6. orientation:  west
  7. nationality:   sad
  8. favorite fruit:  cherries and strawberries !!  
  9. favorite season:  spring / california winter (which is also spring)
  10. favorite flower:  so many ! flowers hold a lot of significant meaning to me ! i’ll list that all in the tags ah ha
  11. favorite scent:  t h e  r a i n  : ) no one is more basic than me
  12. favorite book: 
  13. coffee / tea / hot cocoa:  i drink coffee more than tea but tea is v important and sacred to me , 
  14. average sleep hours:  i’ll usually either get 4 hours or 12 hours , never in between woops 
  15. cat or dog person:  i have two cats accept one of then is a dog so idk  
  16. favorite fictional character:  saria and celeste are both super important to me bc i would spend so much time around them as a child, also brewster and all of my harvest moon wives lmao 
  17. number of blankets you sleep with:  one big one and my cats act like blankets too , i have like, 5 on my bed but idont use them : )
  18. blog created:  i started this one 6 months ago !!! pinekid tho i started in 2010
  19. number of followers:  25,000+ between my 3 blogs !  (3k on this one, pinekid has almost 18k and my   a e s t h e t i c  /witch one has 5k)
  20. random fact:   i !!! … am tired !!! :‘ ) 

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Star-Crossed Part 6

Request: Would you mind writing a story (or oneshot) on High School AU! Bucky x reader where reader is dating a big douchebag while Bucky likes her? Its kinda cliche but fun ;)

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Warnings: none.

A/N: What are your thoughts about the story so far?

John picked you up around 10:30 Friday night for Richard’s party. You didn’t dress too crazy like some girls who attend these high school parties. You wore a simple nice shirt and a skirt.

The party had already been going on when you two arrived. People where already trashed, hanging out outside on Richard’s lawn - someone was even passed out on the hood of a car.

You sigh and held onto John’s hand as the two of you walked inside. You think the outside was bad? Inside was much worse. Music was blaring loudly from speakers, people were standing or walking around with red plastic cups, there were couples making out on the couches or in corners of the house, some girl was table dancing ahead of you, completely drunk out of her mind while the crowd around her egged her on.

“Let’s go get a drink.” John says loud enough for you to hear. You nod and allow him to pull you over to the kitchen where drinks were being handed out. John took two cups and gave one to you.

“What’s in this?” you question and he shrugged, taking a drink of his.

“I dunno. Some type of alcohol.” he responded.

You let out a sigh and took a look around. So, so many drunk people.

“Richard! William!” you hear John shout and you turn your head.

“John! You came!” Richard laughed, walking up to him with William following.

“Of course I did. Wouldn’t miss it for the world.” John replied, patting his friend on his back.

Richard and William look your way and smile. “Hey Y/N.”

All you do is flash a smile back.

“Babe, I’m gonna go with them, alright?” John says, squeezing your hand before letting go.

“What do I do if I want to go home?” you question with a frown. This seemed to annoy John.

“I dunno, go find Barbara and ask her.” he replied, mumbling a ‘fuck’ afterwards. You watched as he walked away with his friends before turning around and dumping your drink in the sink. After throwing your cup away, you look through the fridge and grab a water bottle instead.

You look around once more before walking until you find an empty corner. You smile and lean against the wall, taking a drink of your water.

“Hey Y/N.” Barbara stood next to you.

“Hey Barb.” you grin. “How’s it going?”

Your friend laughs. “It’s going good. Fells like I haven’t spend time with you in forever.”

“Ugh I know right? We should have a sleepover.” you suggest and Barbara smiles.

“We should! We can order pizza and watch movies and get fat together!” she says, causing you to laugh.

“You know how much I love to get fat, especially with you.” you joke and Barbara giggles.

“Alright, so it’s settled, sleepover say… tomorrow?” she questions and you nod.

“Definitely. Who’s house?”

“Yours.” she responds. “My brother’s home from college and he brought his obnoxious friends along with him. I can’t stand them.”

“Okay, my house. I’ll save you from having to deal with your brother and his friends.” you say.

“My hero.” Barbara says dramatically and you laugh. Before any of you could get another word out, someone stops in front of you.

“What are ya doin’ in the corner, doll?” Bucky’s voice fills my ears and I turn to him with a smile.

“I’ll let you two talk. See you tomorrow, Y/N.” Barbara hugs you then walks away, leaving you with Bucky.

“What do you want Buckaroo?” you say, taking another drink of your water.

“Nothin’.” he shrugged. “Just saw a pretty dame standing in the corner and decided to go talk to her.”

“Pretty dame? Are you talking about Alexa Waters because she is beautiful.” you say, pointing over to a girl named Alexa.

Bucky chuckled, leaning against the wall next to you. “I was talkin’ about you, darlin’.”

You playfully roll your eyes. “Shut it, Barnes.”

Bucky takes a look around before turning back to you. “Wanna get out of here?”

You make a face. “Yeah, it’s no fun here and I wanna go home.”

“C’mon, I’ll take you.” Bucky absentmindedly grabs your hand and pulls you through the crowd, outside to his car.

“So how was your day?” Bucky questioned as he parked outside of your house.

“Pretty good. Normal.” you nod.

“That’s-” you cut him off with a gasp, slapping his arm that held onto the wheel repeatedly.

“Bucky I almost forgot to tell you!” you exclaim. “So I opened my locker this morning and found a card and daisies just sitting on top of my books. It was so cute! At first I thought it was John but when I showed him, he said it wasn’t him so now I’m curious as to who it is.”

“The person didn’t sign the card?” Bucky questioned, intrigued.

“Nope.” you shook your head.

“What did the card say?” he asked and you smile, pulling the card out of the little pocket of your shirt.

Bucky smiled. You carried it around with you the whole day.

You hand the card over to Bucky and he reads it. “Aww, how cute.”

“Right? That’s the sweetest thing anyone has ever done for me.” you smile, taking the card from his fingers and reading it for probably the billionth time that day.

“John’s never done that?” Bucky questioned, turning his body to you in his seat.

“Nope. He doesn’t even know my favorite flowers.” you sigh.

“What? Really?” he gasped.

“Mhm.” you nod. “He thought my favorite flowers were hydrangeas.”

“Wow.” Bucky shook his head yet again. “It’s so obvious your favorite flowers daisies.”

You’re shocked at his words. “Wh-What?”

He looks at you. “Hmm?”

“You remembered.” you look at him in awe.

“Of course I remember.” he responds and it makes your heart flutter. Before you end up kissing him again, you clear your throat.

“I should get going, I’m pretty tired.” you say and Bucky nods.

“Yeah I should get going too. I kind of left Steve at that party.” he says.

“Bucky!” you giggle, hitting his chest. “Go get your friend!”

“I will, I will, don’t worry, doll.” he laughed, watching you get out of his car. You shut the door and he rolled down the window. “Keep me updated on this secret admirer of yours. I’ll see you on Monday, cutie.”

You blush at the new pet name. “Will do. See you on Monday Bucky.” and with that you turn away and walk up to your front door.

A/N: I hope you liked itttttttttt :)


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Oh gosh I got tagged

Got tagged by @neko-otaku13~ Thank you~

Name: *sigh* Amanda…….I really hate my name, please just call me Moogle…

Nickname: Mandy, Lynn (honestly thinking of changing my name), Bunny

Height: 5'5. Sad I couldn’t get my dad’s height he’s like 5′10 or 5′11

Ethnicity: English Canadian~ Some of my ancestors are from Wales though, which I find kinda cool~

Favorite fruit: Lychee~

Favorite season: Fall, but like early fall when it’s still sunny but the air is just getting crisp~

Favorite Books: Murder in E Minor by Robert Goldsborough~~~ I’m just a sucker for (murder) mysteries~~~ *sigh* I wish it was a more mainstream genre…

Favorite Flower: Hydrangeas~ My grandma used to have a big bush of them in her front yard just outside my window~

Favorite Animal: Bears and Bats~ They’re both very relatable animals~

Favorite beverage: I’m not really sure but I am LOVIN’ that Vanilla Coke is back on the shelves~~~

Favorite fictional character: Ignis obviously, but I love all these boys. In general for like all time, I honestly couldn’t pick one.

Number of blankets: One, usually two

Blog created: This one? Five months ago.

Number of followers: 496 (oh gosh that’s a lot!!!)

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Name: Jillian
Nicknames: Jill, Jillybean, jolli, etc etc!
Zodiac sign: libra!
Height: 5'0′‘
Orientation: tbh i don’t know these days lmao
Nationality: fil-american
Favorite fruit: cherries
Favorite season: summer
Favorite book: really liked ‘the alchemaster’s apprentice’ 
Favorite flower: apparently pussywillow bc that’s my flower :’) hydrangeas are super lovely too 
Favorite scent: claude
Favorite color: greens!
Favorite animal: maybe red pandas? i like octopus or jellyfish too
Coffee, tea, or hot cocoa: teaaa
Average sleep hours: 8 but it never feels like it’s enough
Cat or dog person: i love them both but i do hope to own a dog one day
Favorite fictional character: hhhhhhh
Number of blankets you sleep with: 3
Dream trip: japan, somewhere in europe, would like to go to the philippines again
Blog created: it’s embarrassing i can’t tell you all

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name: aias
nickname: see above O:
zodiac sign: taurus
height:  5′0.5″
orientation: asexual, possibly aromantic
ethnicity: hispanic
favorite fruit: strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, watermelons, bananas
favorite season: autumn. i can’t stand cold weather or heat well, but autumn is just right for me.
favorite books: the little prince still remains my favorite.
favorite flower: roses, baby’s breath, hydrangeas, carnations, dandelions because they’re cute and fluffy?
favorite scent: coffee.
favorite animal: red pandas, pandas, baby otters, dogs, cats
coffee, tea, or hot cocoa ? why not all three? though i’d rank them: coffee, hot cocoa, tea in that order. 
average hours of sleep: 8-12 hours bc my depression has hit me like a ton of bricks and i feel tired all the time. 
cats or dogs ? both!
favorite fictional character: i have plenty, but diarmuid is the obvious one. i can yell about him for days. my beautiful lancer son;;;;
dream trip: ireland. 
when was your blog created ? i’ve been roleplaying as diar for at least three years now. he’s gone through a lot of blog moves and deletions though, but this blog has existed since last year.
what do you post about: rp, fate/zero, my occasional art, memes, mostly diarmuid tbh
do you get asks on a regular basis ? yes, though not too much as of late as i’ve been absent.
aesthetic: pastels, flowers, sunsets, blue skies, the soft breeze through one’s hair, cute and soft things like stuffed animals, elegant vintage things~
favorite band/artist ? waaay too many to name here. i do admire mizuki nana as a singer quite a bit though!
fictional characters i’d date: diarmuid in a heartbeat? like good lord this boy is so boft. strong and buff but the softest sweetest cutiepatoot in the world. our aesthetics are p. similar ngl and i feel like i’d be able to ? connect w/ him in terms of personality. he’s too handsome for me tho mrrp if he’s a beautiful butterfly i’d look like an ugly fat moth lmao. i can’t date guys who are prettier than me :(((( 
hogwarts house: hufflepuff.


countries i’ve lived in: puerto rico, usa. 
favorite fandom: don’t really have a favorite tbh, but i’ve met some pretty cool people in fate fandom. some not so cool. but the number of cool vast outweighs the not cool. 
languages you speak: english, spanish, conversational french.
favorite film of 2016: what even came out in 2016. sing maybe?
last article you read: a news article about a huge cyberattack under the name of wannacry.
shuffle your music library and put your first three songs here: glider-capsule, chocological-mili, TWIST&TIGER-mizuki nana
last thing you bought online: pink lovely strawberry series alpacasso.
how would your enemies describe you ? lmao who gives a flying fuck abt how my enemies describe me tho they suck
who would you take a bullet for? my fam tbh.

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Name: Elia (Ellie-uh)

Nickname: El, Smelia, Smell, I’m trying to push for Lia

Birth month: November

Height: 5'3"

Ethnicity: Portuguese, Filipino, German, Norwegian

Orientation: straight

Fruit: Mango & pineapple. I love love love tropical fruits, especially these two

Season: Winter :) Snow is my favvvv (perks of living in KY) and I love all of the drinks and blankets. I’m also obsessed with Christmas

Books: My go-to will ALWAYS be Harry Potter (#6 is my fav) but I also love The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Nighttime (also my fav play)

Flower: Hydrangeas! They’re my mom’s favorite and have grown on me

Scent: COCONUT OIL!!!!!!!!!! As well as (oddly) sautéing vegetables

Animals: Cute ones? I don’t really have a specific favorite animal but love most of them :)

Beverages: Tea is the absolute best but I also love me a good juice

Hours of sleep: Usually about 6 or 7. I can sleep a minimum of 4 and be fine but usually like sleeping longer. I did once sleep for 19 hrs 😬

Fictional characters: There are WAY too many to pick one. I love almost everyone in books/TV shows/movies/musicals/etc so picking a select few is hard. I’m current,y obsessing over Jughead from Riverdale but am always smitten for Logan Huntzberger (Gilmore Girls) and you can’t go wrong with Ginny Weasley

Number of blankets I sleep with: A minimum of two. I cannot sleep without blankets so if it’s hot you’ll find my feet sticking out while the rest of my body is covered

Dream trip: Wales :)

Blog created: Years ago, but I only started using end of 2016/early 2017

Follower count: 325?

I tag: @pontmarius @dear–evan-hansen @carmthemusicalnerd @ourleaderjemilla @ladyghost-ghostlady @gcomet @returnoftheborle @weirdbloggergirl @flyawayrachel @galacticpanda and, since I can’t really think of anyone else, anybody that wants to do this!!

flowerbeds  asked:

raspberry and 🍇

raspberry is my fav fruit :—)

favorite flower?: dahlias and hydrangeas and peonies

if you could take a vacation anywhere in the world, where would you go?: switzerland !