i think a more interesting question than “when did you ‘join’ the internet” is “what was the first username you ever used”

my very first ever username (that i remember) was HunterKiller75 cause i thought starcraft was the coolest shit in elementary school & hydralisks were my fav unit, and 75 was my fav number

Here’s a funny story

This hydralisk is trash, anyone who knows me shouldn’t be surprised by this just by the content of this blog and the spam that I post when YOI drops a new episode. 

Now let me tell you about a precious cinnamon roll of a person that I recently stumbled upon. @yuurivoice I discovered this man I wanna say close to a week ago (I think, don’t quote me on that but I know it was before ep. 7) in the what could be the most embarrassing way possible. 

The first audio clip I listened to from him and now my personal favorite was the Yuri power bottom clip…while waiting for my cousin to get off work..it the parking lot of an office building. I forgot that my phone was connected to the car bluetooth and realized way too late that the audio was comming through the speakers since I was talking to my mother before through my headphones. And anyone who knows me IRL knows that I like my music loud. 

Needless to say I was completely red by the end and was lucky as hell that my cousin didn’t come out until well after the audio was over. 

This man is a treasure and the swarm would love to send him all the hugs and cakes I could and deserves every good thing that comes too him. Even if it means turning completely red with a giggly stupid grin on my face by his NSFW audio. 

anonymous asked:

I want to gift a pet Hydralisk to you.

That would literally be one of the most dangerous and best of pets ever. I would feed him dirty Terran Marines everday. 😄😄


me and rhy (hydralisks.tumblr.com) decided to do a cover at the weekend, so here’s our version of earthquake by labrinth and tinie tempah. (i say ‘and tinie tempah’ but it’s only the labrinth part as neither of us can rap…)

long time no post video-wise so i’m not 100% sure i like this but hey ho!