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Hey, thanks HYDRA fanscum for being the loudest voice in the room and being responsible for the growing trend in canon of Nazi characters taking priority in comics. 

For the record, when I talked about why it’s never just about fic preferences when it comes to the type of characters you like this is what I meant.

Because companies do take notice of what is most popular among fans. And if they see you licking Nazi dick then congrats, that’s what you’re going to get.

Enjoy your new HYDRA Nazi Steve Rogers you miserable goyim. 

Reason #1278958 to be sad about Bucky Barnes

(Major CW for the dentally squeamish)

A deeply unpleasant thought struck me today. I’ve joked around before about the peculiar in-universe implications of the dental work Sebastian Stan had done between TFA and TWS. 1940s Bucky has adorably crooked teeth. This fact is surprisingly difficult to screenshot, as it turns out - it’s much more obvious when you watch him in action - but the below should at least give an idea:

Crooked top and bottom, see? Only by the time he arrives in the 21st century he’s all:

Look at those perfect straight pearly whites. That Hydra dental plan is clearly doing wonders for him. It’s almost like they’re primping him up for a side job as a fashion model when he’s not busy assassinating people.

Except, no. Hydra did not whiten and straighten the Winter Soldier’s teeth because they wanted to bring out the dazzling beauty of his smile.

Hydra fixed the Winter Soldier’s teeth because somewhere along the line - on a mission gone awry, or maybe during his initial indoctrination - the Winter Soldier’s first set of teeth all got knocked out.

Have a nice day, guys. :)

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I mean, I'm happy to find that I'm not alone. Not many ppl like HTP & their voice is louder. So, I used to hide my trash.

You’re definitely not alone. I used to hide too, when I first joined this fandom and found the Hydra Trash Party - for the longest time I would lock all my fic bookmarks to private and log out before leaving kudos, because I was that paranoid about my fandom friends combing through my page for some reason and finding out I was one of ~those~ disgusting people. I’d sit silent through group chats while people I liked and trusted at the time had long, vicious conversations about how vile it was that people like me were allowed to exist. I didn’t even want to reach out to other HTP fans, because I figured being seen talking to them would make me guilty by association.

It took me an embarrassingly long time to realise that I wasn’t the one in that fandom environment who was fucked up. I wasn’t the one creating an unsafe space for fellow fans, I wasn’t the one lashing out at real live human beings because I didn’t like the way they chose to interact with fictional characters. You and I, we’re not the toxic ones in this equation. We’ve got as much right to be a part of this fandom as anyone else.

But for a group of people who are allegedly against abuse in all its forms, the anti-HTP crowd sure are quick to adopt abusive tactics to intimidate anyone who disagrees with them. That’s not an empty accusation – the proof is in the fact that so staggeringly many of us can tell the exact same story of being too scared to admit that we exist.

You keep doing your thing, and don’t let anyone make you feel bad for it. And if you’re ever feeling down and alone, come sit with me whenever you like.

STRIKE Team Alpha AU plotbunny

The doorbell rings.

Steve wasn’t expecting visitors.

Hell, he usually never even GETS visitors.

The last people to ring his doorbell were Jehova’s Witnesses and he offered them a glass of water to keep them from dehydrating in the sweltering summer heat, before kindly declining the brochures they offered and sending them back on their way. That was three weeks ago.

He’s been doing the dishes (no point in using the dishwasher for one plate and one cup….and that’s all he usually uses) and his hands are wet, so he takes a moment to dry them off before heading for the door.

Whoever is on the other side has NOT been blessed with a surplus of patience, since the doorbell rings two more times in the half-minute it takes him to get there.

His eyebrows shoot up to his hairline once he looks out the door viewer, because squeezing themselves into the corridor is what looks to be the entire Strike Team Alpha, all geared up and kitted out for at least a minor war, all of them looking kinda nervous.

Hell, Rollins is bringing up the rear and he has taken up position at the back, canvassing the stairs as if he expects enemy fire to start pelting them any given second.

He opens up the door, already setting up a mental checklist of situations that might require such a set-up, thinking about what kind of gear he might require and going through the last-known locations for the other Avengers, because whatever is going on, it’s NOT coming through the usual, official channels which makes the whole thing more than fishy….and also possibly of a bigger scope than the stuff he and his STRIKE team usually handle on their own.  

Rumlow, who’s at the front, almost flinches as the door opens.

The eyes of STRIKE’s team-leader are puffy and have dark rings underneath that make him look like he hasn’t slept in a week. He’s sporting a bruise on his cheek the size of a goose-egg and his usually cocky lop-sided grin seems ready to collapse in on itself like a burnt out ruin.

Steve steels himself for some bad news.

His curt “Report.” makes Brock’s grin spread out and steady though, into Rumlow’s copyrighted Sitrep?-FUBAR-and-I’m-loving-it smile and he clears his throat to speak.

“Well Cap, looks like we haven’t been quite honest with you. And this? This is us coming clean. Because we’re going to need each other if we all want to make it out of this alive.”

Point is, I seriously need a fic where, shortly before Project Insight launches

  • Rumlow learns that his little niece, whom he loves to bits, won a state-wide contest with an essay on how being an american means being ready to stand  up and question the status quo. The moment he read it, he realised that this unabashed criticism of “the System” …..this incendiary piece of writing, will put her on the list for Project Insight. If not now, then a few years down the road. And he’s killed a lot of people whose death he felt were a necessary sacrifice in order to give Hydra a chance at building a world that was safe and secure for everybody…but this? This is the line he can’t cross. Or something else along those lines.
  • other STRIKE Team Alpha members finds out e,.g. that their boyfriend / girlfriend / significant other passes his free time, when they’re away,     arguing with strangers on the internet about how people need to speak up and if necessary boycott shops and companies or take to the streets in order to strengthen civil and human rights and similar stuff
  • Maybe Rollins, by chance, comes across a newspaper article, with a pic of the ONE teacher who really encouraged and helped him in school, a nice, elderly little lady, being arrested at a civil rights rally.
  • and they realize that once those Helicarriers start shooting, they will lose people who they love (or, in Rollins’ case, like and owe a lot to)…..and they kinda get thinking: “Fuck it all, the world needs more order, but maybe this isn’t the right way to go after all?!?!!”.
  • Then, there’s a lot of heartbreaking and desperate “Shit, I can’t let my team realize I’ve changed my mind…..they’ll KILL me….but how can I stop this without them? Help!!!"  plus some really awkward scheming and maneouvering, and then they get their shit together (AND convince the rest of the Team….which is chancy, because who knows if they can trust each other?)
  • and then STRIKE Team Alpha drafts a completely unsuspecting Captain America into their plans.
  • And they jailbreak the Winter Soldier too (maybe get sent on a mission with him and go on a detour instead….one that leads them right to Steve’s door, wll knowing that within the next 5 minutes the higher-ups will notice that something is off and that they are NOT where they’re supposed to be).
  • Thing is, they need one James Buchanan Barnes as evidence to convince Steve that they haven’t gone completely bonkers….imagine Rollins motioning somebody else forward into the corridor, and the guy turns, eyes narrowed and a frown on his face, and voilà! Bucky.

Plus, added bonus for complicating factors, like

  • there actually having been a couple of Hydra Trash Parties and Steve finding out mid-action (with the Team not exactly participating….they weren’t high enough up the food-chain to get invited to that….but they knew or maybe even had to stand guard).
  • the Winter Soldier realizing that the STRIKE Team is defecting from Hydra and him, as the Fist of  Hydra, being trained to take out traitors on the spot…and him almost acting on that according to his conditioning, with maybe Steve holding him back (and maybe internally debating wether he really should).
  • Rumlow having done the frick-fack with both Cap and the Asset
  • the Team having to scramble to save their loved ones, because once Hydra realizes they’ve defected and betrayed Hydra’s plans to Cap/SHIELD/the Avengers, their loved ones are  going to become prime targets
  • Sitwell catching wind of this and deciding to throw his lot in with the defectors, but having a hard time getting the team to trust him, since he’s very high up in Hydra’s hierarchy (extra added bonus if there’s an understandable, relatable and, above all, redeemable, motif for being Hydra in the first place….maybe something along these lines.).
  • The Winter Soldier thinking of Strike Team Alpha as HIS team. As in “personal property” HIS.
  • Remembering that he is Bucky too making the Winter Soldier re-evalutate how HIS Team helped keep him captive and in slavery and he’s royally pissed at them. And if there’s an opportunity to do so without endangering  the mission, he’s not above getting a little (or a lot) of payback. Steve always was the nice one. Thanks to Hydra, HE hasn’t been on the side of light and righteousness in a good long while, and this time at least, he knows his wrath will hit the right people.
  • They all really DO need each other to survive and pull this off, and innocent lives are at stake, so for the moment, taking STRIKE Team Alpha to task and treating them like the Hydra trash that they are is completely off the table. But everybody knows that once this is over, there will be some kind of reckoning….which, everybody knows, the STRIKE team will try to weasel out of.
  • Lots of mistrust and hard feelings from Steve’s side (plus from any other loyal SHIELD agents/  affiliates they manage to rope into the mess).
  • The STRIKE team thinkingf that all they’d do would be keeping their loved ones safe and then making a get-away and finding a more palatable way of bringing the world to heel.
  • BUT to their NEVER-ENDING HORROR, caught between Cap and a furious Sergeant Barnes, BOTH of which the Team has learned to recognize as their CO, and BOTH of which are giving them grief with a myriad little digs questioning their lives’ choices, the team discovers they’re actually starting to feel guilty about what they’ve done in the name of Hydra.
  • As a result, they get defensive and sullen, but neither Cap nor the Winter Soldier is letting up on them, all the while they’re sleep deprived, worn out, worn down, and STILL jumping from one hair-raising, nick-of-time mission goal to the next, getting injured and almost killed more times than they can count, only to receive much needed assistance and on rare occasion even a kindly word from people they’ve betrayed….and as a result, they’re breaking down
  • I want Rumlow trying to hide his tears when some SHIELD medics, who KNOW the Team is a bunch of backstabbing Hydra defectors, to swoop in under fire to stabilize Rollins, who has taken a bad hit and is bleeding out on the floor, even though the medics could have left them high and dry and just protected their own asses.
  • I want some other STRIKE Team member, who only went along with the rest of the Team because his loyalty to them slightly outweighs his loyalty to Hydra, start shaking like a tree leaf when they dig up the files that Hydra kept on them, and he realizes that his mom didn’t abandon him when he was 5, but that his estranged dad, who was Hydra, simply didn’t want her to have him and saw to it that he was whisked away by CPS under some phony pre-text and then shuffled from one (deliberately) shitty foster family to the next, so his mom, who never stopped looking for him, wouldn’t be able to find him.
  • I want another STRIKE Team member, sitting in a corner, crying her heart out, because when they got to their boyfriends’ / girlfriend’s / significant other’s house, the doors’ had been broken down and there is blood all over the place, but then a call comes in and it turns out that a team of retired SHIELD agents who got re-activated for this, got his/her sweetheart out in time and he has a few scrapes and got banged up a bit, but (s)he’s ALIVE.
  • Fury getting a migraine while  de-briefing the STRIKE Team on their Hydra activities in all the past  years and realizing just how deep the rot goes


Anybody wants to write a fic or a ficlet in this universe, go ahead and tag it

#Hydra Rogues

That way, other people will be more likely to find it.  ^_^

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bruh, why can't people under the whole idea of - if it doesn't hurt anyone, who cares??? people for real need to stop throwing a fit just because they don't like something someone else does.

I hesitate to say this because I can see in advance how easy it’s going to be for the anti crowd to twist, but I don’t think this argument is or should be about whether darkfic hurts people. Many of the people who attack the Hydra Trash Party are obviously in a great deal of pain, and we can’t ignore that just because it’s uncomfortable for us.

Some topics are inherently difficult and painful to discuss. Some topics should be difficult and painful to discuss. The question, as far as I’m concerned, is whether the fact that a topic is difficult and painful ought to mean that we’re not allowed to talk about it at all. Whether we are then obliged to silence ourselves on topics we need to talk about. Whether we have to hurt ourselves to avoid any risk of hurting other people.

And my answer to those questions is no. I believe that the only way we can move forward on this issue is through tolerance, mutual respect and active risk prevention. We as darkfic writers need to take responsibility for tagging our work and making it as hard as humanly possible for unsuspecting readers to stumble into fics that will upset them. And the people who find darkfic upsetting need to take responsibility for heeding our warnings, avoiding our stories and making peace with the fact that different people have different needs from fandom.

The Sin Bin
Did the universe really need a Hydra Trash Party forum? Who cares, here it is anyway.

As proposed in this post: Here, have a forum geared towards Hydra Trash Party and related filth! Although really it’s open to all Cap, MCU, and Marvel fandom discussion. Anyone who’s okay with that funky HTP smell, and wants a break from Tumblr Discourse™ and/or a fandom space with actual comment threads, is welcome to join in.

Features: thread tagging, image upload, anonymous posting, spoiler cuts, optional links to your Tumblr/AO3/trashchat identity right under your icon.

IF YOU WANT TO HELP MOD THE PLACE: shoot me a Tumblr chat or an email that includes your fandom identity. Real life is kicking my ass right now, so help would be appreciated. If you want to improve the theme, configuration, or extensions, and are willing to do the legwork yourself, talk to me about possibly getting partial admin access.

The Interests of National Security - shinelikethunder (tenlittlebullets)
Hydra Trash Party, meet MCU media fic.
By Organization for Transformative Works

It’s been ten days since the graphic photos of Captain America being abused by Hydra agents in SHIELD uniforms hit the internet. Nobody has seen hide nor hair of Steve Rogers. As the speculation mounts and the scandal spirals out of control, one ever-vigilant defender of the American public contemplates danger, the dismal task of job-searching, and whether she could get away with straight-up murdering her co-workers if they don’t shut the fuck up about Capgate already.

(I wrote a thing on the trashmeme! 2.2k, non-explicit HTP, outsider POV, Steve + assorted OCs, unsubtle axe-grinding about the American security state.)

yo trashfriends (and trash-adjacent MCU people!)

What with the recent flurry of hate in HTP-related tags, plus the climate of fandom in general lately, plus Tumblr’s general suckiness as a communication platform… 

Who’d be interested in trying to get a forum going?

I know, I know, forums as a fandom platform are old as balls and out of fashion, but I’m not proposing this as a replacement for Tumblr. I’m proposing it as a supplement for the things Tumblr sucks at–discussion, civilized conversation, a sense of community. There’s the hydratrashmeme chatter post, but it’s pretty low-traffic, and anonymity seems to be the general convention over there. What I’m thinking is someplace that:

- Is loosely geared towards giving Hydra Trash Party people a place to hang out, but doesn’t have strict guidelines for what’s on-topic. Anyone interested in Captain America/MCU/Marvel discussion would be welcome to swing by, provided they were chill with HTP’s collective penchant for wicked kinks, morbid humor, and general filthy-mindedness.

- Allows both anonymous and non-anon posting, with easy but 100% optional ways to link your account to your Tumblr/AO3 identity

- Has full-text search, some kind of tagging system for threads, and seamless image upload

- Flat-out fucking bans Discourse. SJ issues become off-topic the exact instant they’re used as a stick to beat other posters with. Mistreating other people is grounds for deletion/tempbanning, whether it’s ____ist mistreatment, mistreatment based on claims of offense, or just flat-out being a dick.