hydra trash meme

people are so butt hurt about the htp thing. having any association with it makes you condone those actions? wtf is that bait about. it’s like rping, it’s a kink. just how I’m sure people in those kink/situations wouldn’t condone anything outside of a safe sexual situation, people of the htp fandom don’t either. tired of people getting mad when there are actual real problems to be worried about.

a thing I wrote for a come-play prompt on the trash meme that I forgot about. Apologies.

“Don’t swallow.”

A hand is clamped over his mouth and nose, with the intention of preventing the come from spilling from his mouth -kept open with a gag- but instead only succeeds in cutting off his breathing.

When the hand is removed and replaced with a plug his vision is already going spotty; Rumlow slaps him hard enough that his head cracks against the table he’s spread out on.

“God, you’re a mess. Can’t touch you without getting covered in it,” Rumlow says, swiping already-tacky fingers through the come smeared on Steve’s chin, his cheeks. Then he threads his fingers through Steve’s hair and pulls till his eyes water. It’s involuntary and he couldn’t help it, but he knows that Rumlow relishes in every reaction he wrenches from Steve, voluntary or otherwise.

“You enjoying yourself buddy?” he strokes Steve’s chest lightly, absently, “I know you can’t answer, so I’m going to take a guess: Something like I could do this all day, huh?”

Steve was actually thinking something closer to fuck you. Not that he could voice it, even without his mouth full. He’d given himself over in return for his friends safety, but he knows they could take that back whenever they want. So he does as he’s told.

When a dozen men come in his ass and mouth and Rumlow tells him to hold it there, he does. When Rumlow pats his flank and tells him to get on all fours, he goes. When Rumlow stands behind him and says, you can let go now, show me how full of come you are, he yields.

When he’s left that way, dirty and itching, for three days, he waits.