hydra trash meme

anonymous asked:

oooh can we have some WS being ordered to interrogate (and/or bang) Steve? maybe with magclamps?

Ahahah, anon, I secretly already wrote this back in the early days of the trash meme… well, not-so-secretly, actually, thanks to an AO3 bug that b0rks the anonymity of anonfics if you try to make them into a series. Or thanks to my recurring writing tics and subject matter being really fucking predictable. Regardless. Elevator, Take 2 (the elevator scene ends in a gangbang, magclamps included); A Simple Excuse for a Complex Crime (the Winter Soldier is ordered to interrogate Steve; it does not go well). I’ve been back-and-forthing about whether to de-anon on them pretty much since they were written, and I figure I have no reason to have any shame anymore.

BUT, well, you did ask, and we have established that my willingness to write variations on the same Steve!whump premise is limitless, so here, have more interrobang!

I meant for it to be short. Honestly. Instead it came out at more like 2,000 words. Warnings for… about what you’d expect. Torture. Noncon. Alexander Pierce being Alexander Pierce.

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