hydra pacific

Pacific Aquatic Hydra

Name: Pacific Aquatic Hydra, Three Headed Shark

Type: Fictional

Region: America

Description: Appears similar to a large shark, usually a Great White, with multiple heads, though three is typical.

Myth: A group if researchers, studying the Great Pacific garbage patch, find themselves menaced by one of these Hydras. It eats many of them, and rampages across the ocean. Just when they think the beast is slain, it grows more heads. Luckily, the survivors trick the beast into devouring itself.


  • Has evolved to resemble a shark, not unlike how dolphins have fish-like builds.
  • For every lost head they grow three more.
    • Since most hydras typically only grow two, it is believed the nutrients in the diet of the PAH allows it to grow an extra head when regenerating.
  • Thrives on a diet of plastic, metal, paper, refuse, and feces.
  • Their teeth secrete a venom which inhibits the healing abilities of other hydras.
    • This allows them to prey upon other species of hydras, but means that infighting between the heads usually proves fatal to the PAH.
  • Is amphibious, and will crawl deep inland to hunt prey.
    • However, it must return to the water before it dries out.
  • Some hypothesize that the PAH lacks a skeletal system.
  • Capable of teleportation.
  • Capable of size shifting.
    • May be a species of Orochi.

This Fact File is a little joke to cheer myself up. I had a very bad week, so I decided to make a Fact File for one of my own fictional species. For context, watch this VIDEO, which features both myself and @captaindemetrios