Captain America Civil War: a summary

Steve: Where is Bucky I need Bucky I miss Bucky have you seen my friend Bucky? 

Falcon: Ok please Bucky come back you know Steve’s becoming quite disturbing 

Tony: I’M LOOKING FOR THE BASTARD WHO KILLED MY PARENTS SO G I M M E   B U C K Y  N O W  so I can beat the shit out of him hitting his face with the huge amount of dollars I have in my pocket


Bucky: Who the hell is Bucky?

So Pietro was created similar to the way Bucky and Steve were. Bucky and Steve were both able to survive death so maybe Pietro did to. They also took Pietro’s body with them which is rarely shown in movies after a character dies. Maybe they expect him to heal. Come on Hydra, please tell me Pietro was given super human healing.

When people defend HYDRA/HYDRA characters by saying they’re not Nazis

I mean you know they’re still wannabee fascistic dictators though right? Maybe the Red Skull didn’t like Hitler but that wasn’t because of his policies, his racism or any of the terrible, awful things he did. The Red Skull wanted to be the one in charge. That was literally it.  Pierce and Garrett want to control the world and don’t care about hurting people to do it. Anyone who stepped outside their narrow, controllable perimeters was unacceptable. That is fascism.  That is what the Nazis were.