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TRANSLATION! IT’S NOT 100% ACCURATE. I translated it. They mumble sometimes so I didn’t get some of the words they were saying. I REPEAT, IT IS NOT 100% ACCURATE!


j: without further ado, right beside me is the actress who played Makino tsukushi, Inoue Mao-san~ Hello! welcome!

m: Hello!

j: yoroshiku onegaishimasu

m: /giggles

j: even though it’s kind of sudden, out of all three series of HYD, which scene left an impression on you?

m: a scene that left an impression on me? hmmm~

j: an episode is okay too

m:well, let see…it also came out a little bit in HYDF. as expected, it’s HYD season one’s scene where makino punched domyouji.

j: season 1’s 1st episode?

m: yeah, HYD’s first episode.

j: the part where makino said, “just wait a minute”?

m: yeah! that one!

j and m: “the one where he stepped on the lobster” part.

m: i really can’t forget that part.

j: why?

m: well, because…i was really nervous (filming that scene)

j: eh? why? i haven’t heard about that (about her being nervous)

m: like, we also practiced it a lot during rehearsal, right?

j: yeah, we did.

m: but that rehearsal was the very first rehearsal of the whole series.

j: that scene.

m: yeah, it was the rehearsal that everyone was present. yeah, if i remember corrertly, everyone was there.

j: your right.

m: sakurako-chan and f4 were there, too. with everyone, we did the rehearsal. also, before that, we were also thinking about how to do the makino jump properly.

j: the kangaroo jump!

m: kangaroo?!?! /giggles.

j: isn’t it called kangaroo jump?

m: well, well, well…i also practiced how to punch.

j: you did!

m: since, i punch like a cat, i practiced, so that i would look more cooler/tougher/stronger.


m: we really praticed a lot for that scene since, Ishii-san said that he wanted that scene to leave an impression on the viewers.

j: having said that;in my opinion, that scene really hooked the viewers in HYD world.

m: hai.

j: Because Inoue-san portrayed Makino tsukushi so well that it really worked out great.

m: you’re right about that /giggles

j: you’re not denying it huh? 

m: just kidding!

j: but for real though, in all honesty, just us talking about it, it really sounds fun/entertaining already.

j: that scene really was just the starting point for HYD

m: yeah.

j: eh~ you mentioning that one was somewhat unexpected.

m: really?

j:that scene~

m: i was nervous that time! i was thinking what would i do if i hit an idol’s face? but right now, i wouldn’t even care less about hitting your face XP /giggles

j: you wouldn’t care?! please care about it!

m: right now,i would think that it’s okay (i won’t be nervous about hitting your face). but during that time, i was really nervous.

j: i see. well, that’s that. How about the movie? what scene left the most impression on you? what is the highlight of the movie for you?

m: the highlight huh?

j:how was the movie? having seen it already and all that?

m: after watching it?

j: yeah

m: honestly, i still can’t see it in a viewer’s point of view. since, everytime a scene comes up, i would think “we worked really hard for this scene” or “filming this scene was tough”.

j: for which part of the movie?

m: every scene that we filmed were filled with memories.

j: your right, every scene you’d remember (how it was filmed/made). we really appeared in almost every scene.

m: yeah, like, everytime a scenes come up, i’m thinking to myself “it was really hard for everyone” or “we were waiting for the weather to clear up”. like, i’m thinking about what scenes were cut while watching the movie.

j: there were a lot of scenes that were cut, huh…  [T.N. YEAH THAT’S RIGHT! THE PART WERE YOU RAVISHED MAO-CHAN’S NECK!!! XP]

m: but, (even though we went through a lot to film the movie) i thought it was really great to have done this movie. i think that we really made a movie that everyone can enjoy.

j: I see. Then, what is the highlight of the movie?

m: the highlight of the movie…hmm~ after all, i think it’s the last scene.

j: the very last part?

m: yeah, i really love the very last part of the movie.

j: from the start to the very last scene, we would like for the people to watch the movie intensely and anticipate the last scene.

m: yes, the very last part of the movie.

j: roger that.

j: then, how about a message or anything you want to say to the person you’ve worked with for the past three seasons, Matsumoto Jun-san? a “thank you” would be fine. um… “gimme a break” is fine also. anything would be fine XD.

m: (overlaps) EH? /le giggles and giggles XD Anything i want to say to Matsumoto Jun?

j: hai.

m: Well~, Thank you <3

j and m: /giggles

j: you said it loosely!

m: really though, thank you.

j: thank you, and?

m: i really am thankful. It’s because Matsumoto Jun acted the role of Domyouji really well. Thank you for your follow-ups.

j: i didn’t do it that much, though.

m: well, as a leader, you were able to pull and lead the group and the making of these series.

j: no no no~ It was because of YOU.

m: you’re a very passionate/stoic guy right? and because you were like that…

j: really?

m: yeah, you really are XD /giggles

j: i am really passionate huh? /giggles

m: because you were like that that i was able to really feel/be one with my role and work hard for the series.

j: i see.

m: and also, please treat me well and also treat me more as a woman.

j: i do! well, everyone does… oguri shun, too.

m: /giggles.

j: Our ages are apart (4 years) too, so of course i’d treat you well.

m: But! Only ton-ton (abe tsuyoshi who played mimasaka) would say, “you look cute today” or would compliment me, “oh, you’re wearing a cute dress today.” or “today, you’re hairstyle is different” But then, when i wear unfashionable clothes, you guys would make fun of me… when i wear pretty clothes, you guys would say “why are you wearing that?”

j: well, it’s because it didn’t suit you XP /giggles

m: you’re so mean! /giggles

j: i was kidding. it wasn’t because of that. It’s just that everyone is a shy-type of person.

m: really? then i would think it was that way.

j: yeah. Well, it is the end of the radio show, would you please say any message to the listeners of JunStyle?

m: Yeah! JunStyle.

j: yes.

m: Yeah! /giggles. anyway, In the HYDF, Jun-san was really wonderful and cool.

j: thank you very much!

m: Jun’s fans and of course HYD’s fans would surely enjoy the movie. And the song the plays during the last part of the movie is Arashi’s song…

j and m: One Love

m: i love the song!

j: thank you very much! then, go and buy the CD!

m: /giggles.  you’re not giving me one?

j: well, i am giving you one…

m: because that song is playing through the final scene that, i think that it really is a great song (goes well with the scene). Everyone, please look forward to the movie.

j: i understand. Anything else to say?

m: No, i’m good~ I’ll come again tomorrow, okay? /giggles.

j: sure! yoroshiku onegashimasu!

m: hai XP!/ giggles

j: and with that, To the actress who acted the role of Makino tsukushi, Inoue Mao: Thank you so much for coming. 

m: thank you so much! it was my pleasure!

~One Love~