Milicent Patrick was not only an actress, she also gets the credit for creating “The Creature From The Black Lagoon” mask, the Mr. Hyde mask in “Abbott And Costello Meet Dr. Jekyll And Mr. Hyde,” the mutant mask in “This Island Earth,” and the Xenomorph in “It Came From Outer Space!

so this is a maybe still but i thought i’d draw out a scene i had in my head from that text post idea i had i drew this in @arythusa ‘s style the best i could i still feel like i failed ;u; oh well this is a work in progress not sure if i’ll finish this preview page or not hmmm 

the comic name would be something lame like                                                     “the soft side” 

but yes mama hyde is being protective of his kitten 

A bunch of silly headcanons for my characters:

Dr Hyde:
- too precious for this world. He takes immense pleasure in helping others and would do anything for a friend in need.
- He’s naive and innocent; gets tricked way too easily.
- He’s enthusiastic about literally everything.
- Loves pets and children.
- Afraid of spiders, darkness and he’s also claustrophobic.

Mr Jekyll:
- He’s sadistic and takes great pleasure in seeing others suffer; but, inside, he’s actually regretful and doubtful.
- Drinks to forget. (has a really bad drinking problem)
- Hates doctors and scientists with every inch of his being. (Even though he’s actually a pretty good medic and chemist)
- Best liar you’ll ever meet.

Dr Utterson:
- afraid of spiders, heights and blood.
- talks way too much.
- Thinks he knows everything but doesn’t know nothing at all.
- Tends to touch people while talking to them.
- He’s sweet, precious and overprotective.

Mr Lanyon:
- talks only when extremely necessary, otherwise he prefers to express himself with only gestures.
- Cold and dreary on the outside; bitter and pedant on the inside.
- He actually knows far more than anyone else. (and Jekyll doesn’t like it.)
- Tends to stare at people right into their eyes while thinking, and that always scares the shit out of Henry.