hyde park meet up

Just a little rant

So there was an explosion near Hyde Park, where the twins wanted to organize a meet up. I see quite a few people saying “thank god they canceled, they could have been injured” but honestly, thank god they’re not ignorant and they canceled because it’s an important day in History. Don’t get me wrong, I’m also glad they’re safe, but I’m happier that they’re educated enough to make the right decisions.


Fawn!Lock and Fawn!John Cosplay

These were taken last year at London’s Big Cosplay Meet in Hyde Park. I had a ball fawning around as that cutie Fawnlock! These photos are just a few of many that were taken on the day. 

Click on the photos for a better look! 

Fawn!Lock - Myself
Fawn!John - harrietpatriciawatson

It would be weird to not include my friends. These are the people that helped me get to this point where I can make this album. We had some of the most amazing memories, just around this tour. We’d fly out, or we’d all be in one place, and it actually became a way for us to all get together when we’re all really busy. Or we’d be like, “Okay meeting up in London, Hyde Park Show, let’s do this!”
—  Taylor Swift on bringing her friends on tour for #1989WorldTourLIVE (x)
It would be weird to not include my friends. These are the people who helped me get to this point where I could make this album. We had some of the most amazing memories just around this tour. My friends would fly out, or we’d all be in one place. It actually  became a way for us all to get together when we’re all really busy, and we’d all just be like, ‘Alright, meeting up in London. Hyde Park show, Let’s do this.’
—  Taylor on bringing her friends on tour 

ok so today i travelled 4 hours and walked 3 miles to meet the Janoskians in Hyde Park. We got there a few hours earlier and there was already more than 3,000 people there, at 2pm the boys came and tthey hadn’t even got out their car or entered the park and were already getting mobbed, it was fucking stupid and I’m so pissed off at those girls, I know it’s the Janoskians and I love them too but I didn’t fucking mob them. Me and my friend slowly walked over to their car, no pushing or screaming, the boys came out one by one and as soon as Beau came out the car his face was just in complete shock, people were throwing themselves at the poor lads. Me and my friend stepped back a bit to hopefully allow them breathing space and stood on a fence, James saw us waving and smiled and winked at us a couple of times which was sweet seeing as people were mobbing him to death. Anyway the boys didn’t even get to enter the park or go near the grandstand and Beau looked in a pretty bad state and after a couple of minutes just seemed to disappear so I’m guessing security took him back to the vehicle. James was smiling for most of it but was literally squashed in between thousands of screaming girls. Jai was filming a lot and looked pretty sheltered along with Daniel and Luke was stood behind me, he looked so scared and was tearing up, he almost fell but lucky didn’t and I helped him along with my friend, he looked up but was literally to shocked to say a word, he had a clump of like hair in his mouth and his arms were stuck to his sides so I got the hair out his mouth for him and let him go pass to the police van which took the boys away and basically it was a disaster and I feel so bad for the boys, they did NOT deserve that and all the fans pushing them and mobbing them should really feel ashamed because they fucked up their chances of meeting them and everyone else's who were waiting patiently. Just seeing them in the flesh was enough for me but clearly not for most other ‘Janoskianators’.

jackjackjohnson: Fun fact: the red dot on my right arm (left from your perspective) is from when I stabbed myself in London. We were having a meet-up in Hyde Park and thousands upon thousands of fans came. We got backed up against a gate, and I tried to pull myself up on it to get a view of the sea of girls. I ended up losing my footing and my feet slipped out from under me, resulting in a point on top of the gate to penetrate like and inch and a half into my arm. I hope it never fully vanishes because it always reminds me of that day whenever I look at it. Scars hold crazy memories yo!


Taaaaylor. I know it’s been hard for anyone in the UK to chat to you recently because of time zones and shit.

BUT we’re having a meet up next Sunday in Hyde Park (Sunday 13th is someone’s birthday too I think ;)) and it’ll be fun to be emo and see each other again.

Expect lots of cute pictures and please know how much we all miss you.

Love you loads

(The pics above are from past meetups, the turnout is always amazing and people come from all over the country)


When I think back to almost a year ago, I was super excited that I would be traveling to London to attempt to meet Tay … And as I was just getting into London @taydreaming sent me a message “I’ve met Taylor, she’s now gone in” it was blow that hit me hard and I could believe that I have missed my chance to meet her, I was so down that whole day and for the remainder of that year I was low and upset …. Even when the LondonSecretSessions happened I was even more upset I felt like a no one…

Until 2015 hit I vowed to be different it was a new year a fresh year … I was getting married … I was see Taylor in Hyde Park (27/6/15) … I went to meet my friends and make new ones at the massive meet up in Hyde Park (15/2/15) … Then came that night I camped out 16hours to get Brit Awards Red Carpet wrist bands … I knew then I would meet her!!! …. Then I camped out 12hours to meet her at Radio 1 and I just couldn’t believe my eyes when she came round that corner of that barrier and I was seriously crying my eyes out my idol … The person who SAVED my life was sanding there telling me “Don’t Cry” and I tried telling her I can’t help it I’ve been waiting 7years for this day to happen … She couldn’t hear me 😕 but all I am trying to say is…

Thank you @taylorswift for everything you’ve done for me, your music has made me strong and more healthier, I couldn’t of asked for a more amazing role model.

See you again soon (hopefully Bits Red Capet 2016??) me @screamingswiftcolor @crystal-m13 are praying your there maybe arm in arm with @calvinharris ….

Love Mandiiee 🔐💖