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You have to pick your battles. Wait, no. I want to be right all the time. And you will be. After a few years they just… they give up.

  • Licht: I could kill you if I wanted to, Shit Rat!
  • Hyde: Yeah? So could another human being.
  • Licht:
  • Hyde: So could a dog.
  • Hyde: So could a dedicated duck.
  • Licht:
  • Hyde: You aren't special, Licht-tan.
  • What she says: I'm fine
  • What she means: It annoys me when Jekyll's described as the 'good one' as opposed to the 'evil one' in the Jekyll and Hyde relationship. Jekyll’s not a monster, but he’s definitely no saint. The whole POINT of the drug he made was to create an outlet for all the less savory tendencies that he wanted to experience, but can’t as a respectable man of high society. Hyde isn’t Jekyll’s literal opposite, he’s a personification of all the lusts and desires that Jekyll felt, as a gentleman, he couldn’t express, like indulging in prostitution and murder. Hyde is Jekyll’s every dark desire made flesh. Plus, I should point out that ‘good one’ Henry Jekyll keeps taking the drug, EVEN AFTER HYDE SAVAGELY TRAMPLES ALL OVER A LITTLE GIRL AND HAS TO PAY BLOOD MONEY TO HER FAMILY TO PREVENT THE LAW COMING AFTER HIM. Jekyll gets a thrill out of Hyde’s illicit activities. He essentially does it all for shits and giggles. We don't even know a QUARTER of the stuff he gets up to as Hyde. Even after he gets scared by turning into Hyde while asleep, he returns to the rush of the drug only a few months later. He knows full well he might hurt someone else - but that doesn’t matter, he can simply change back to Jekyll, no harm done to his social life! He only stops taking the drug for pleasure altogether when Hyde gets into serious trouble by murdering Sir Danvers Carew, and has to flee back to his other personality to escape repercussion. I sympathize with Henry Jekyll, he might even be a relatively decent man, but he's not the 'good' one. Never the 'good' one.

Be my Lichtan

Complete the heart!— colaboration work with @reimeijennoir!! 

This is the first time I’ve ever been invited to do a collab; I’m so happy!

I screwed around a bit with digital coloring. I can’t say it turned out as I liked, but meh. Also, my art style looks kinda different because I drew this on a short bond paper in that scale. I guess I gotta improve my scaling!

Honestly she showed me her WIP and I was pressured to draw a good hand I had to take a picture of my hand with the bathroom mirror That’s also why the wrist is thin my bnes are small

I leave you one word: PONYTAIL.

  • Jekyll: I was making tea, and I think I dissociated a little bit.
  • Jekyll: I was just suddenly sitting at the table with a cup of tea in my hands. I assumed it was because I was tired or something.
  • Jekyll: Turns out, Hyde just took control and made tea for me. Except he used salt instead of sugar.
  • Jekyll: I'm still drinking it because I'm stubborn.
  • Jekyll: *takes a sip of his tea and winces*

In 1987, Hyde and Jackie’s son gets lost in the park as he was distracted while his father buy him ice cream.

Hyde panics the second he realizes his son isn’t anywhere to be seen, and he leaves everything to run around, looking for him. Finally, he sees the little 6 years old at the distance, he is walking hand by hand with a lady to a police officer standing at the other side to control the traffic.

Relieved, he runs to reach them and when they turn around after Hyde calls out his boy’s name, he sees a nightmare come true: his mother touching his son.

They stare at the other for what feels like forever, 

(he can’t believe she is back and he can’t believe this is happening, that from all people, she would be the one finding his son. And she is in shock too, because Steven managed to cross his path with hers again, because he is so well dressed, so healthy, and good looking -he doesn’t look like Bud, obviously, but he doesn’t look like her either-. Steven is even married -to who? who would marry him?- and he is a father -she is a  goddamn grandmother-, this kid she is holding the hand of is the son of the kid she abandoned so many years ago)

but his kid is now safe at his side, no idea of who the woman he was walking with is. “This is Edna, da, she found me!”, he explains and Hyde only nodds at him, then at her. And that’s it.

None say a crap, the kid waves at her goodbye endlessy and he goes back to his wife, pale and still shocked. Later, when he tells Jackie what happened, after a little panicking, she adds that at least nothing bad happened and assures him they are fine (they are).

At some point, Edna contacts Hyde because she needs money (of course she does). He says he won’t help her, but ends up doing it anyway (of course he does). 

When Hyde asks Jackie why she isn’t mad at him or giving him crap for it, she looks at him and smiles warm: “You are the greatest man I know, and that’s why I love you”, she says, “I may hate her, but she’s your mother. She gave me you”.

Later their kids will ask about their grandmother, they had heard horror stories about her and have seen their dad’s little scars, and their mom had told them the only mother their dad has is Kitty Forman, but they are curious at the end of the day. Once Hyde tells them a little bit more and shows them a picture or two, his older boy remembers that time at the park and his father’s scared face.

There’s no way he isn’t asking his father about it.

  • Kuro: Lawless... what are you doing?
  • Hyde: I'm making Licht-tan a scarf~
  • Kuro: That's not a scarf.. That's an abomination..
  • Hyde: You're just jealous nii-san!
  • Kuro: Right. I always wanted to have a scarf with giant hearts on it..