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Remember when I said I had serveral age au thingies in progress?? These drawings were some of them. ^^ Wanted to give the age au sisters some love too, I wanted to draw girls too okay??

drew their younger brothers fixing up their hair cause I dunno I thought it was a cute idea~ (friendly reminder I kept Sakuya’s sister alive in this au, cause it is a family au ^^) 

Okami’s lil bros are bored or something so she’s letting them play with her hair, and Sakuya’s older sis, hmm probably going out or something. I wanted to have Lily doing Okami’s(Wrath) makeup or something but then I remembered in this au poor Lily’s still afraid of his sister….ahhh

too bad… he would’ve done a good job… :( and baby Tsu Tsu would just yank at Okami’s hair lol. Gonna have other au works soon ;D

queenconsuelabananahammock  asked:

Were Mila and Danny a thing??? I mean I had ~a feeling~ that they may have been at some point but...what's the tea 👀

They weren’t, as said by them plenty of times and the facts one can add.

I’m not much of a RPF fan, so I’m going to try and make this response as clear and informative as I can. But,

  • She was underage for most part of the show. He being 7 years older than her would had been a little bit crazy and honest to god disgusting if they were a thing. Which I don’t believe they were because
  • Both were on relationships by the time the rumor of them being a thing was spread. He has always present as a very monogamous man, liking and having serious and long-term relationships, which he had during the show and after, before marrying Bijou Philips. While Mila was also in a long-term serious relationship with actor Macaulay Culkin.
  • Another thing to add is the fact that both had refer to the other as their brother/sister, which makes sense since he seemed to have bonded with her pretty early during filming.
  • After the show ended, and their relationships too, they didn’t had a reason to hide if they had been together, but to this day they keep saying the same: they never dated, they see each other as brother/sister, it was only a rumor.

IMPORTANT, 24/06/2017: This post is constantly updated. It has gotten to long, so the rest is now under the cut. You can ask me whatever you want about it.

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Secrets in Time // Chapter 1

Characters: Kuro, Mahiru, Lily, Hyde, Licht
Ship: KuroMahi, LawLicht
Summary: Mahiru refuse to accept that his friend killed himself and goes to the Alicein Household to find the truth. He didn’t know what to expect from the residences or who to trust. But, with Kuro, they discover secrets hidden in the mansion. {Suspense AU}

Ch. 1 // Ch. 2 //

“Help! Someone help me!” Kuro followed the voice and was shocked to find a man hanging from the wall. At first, Kuro could only stare up at him in disbelief. He didn’t recognize the man so he knew he didn’t work for Alicein family. Kuro was employed to the family as a guard and often patrol around the gate surrounding the mansion.

But the man clinging to the wall was different from the other thieves he seen throughout his employment. Kuro sarcastically called up to the man. “Hey, do you know that you’re trespassing?”

“Oh, thank God!” Mahiru looked down and saw a man standing beneath him. It was raining heavily and he didn’t know how much longer he could hold onto the edge of the wall. He rushed to explain his situation.

“I’m not trespassing but I can understand why you thought that. My name’s Mahiru Shirota and I’m here for the appraiser position. I have an interview at five but the gatekeeper wouldn’t let me in. I didn’t want to be late so I tried to climb over the wall. I saw tree branches reaching over the wall so I thought there was a tree on the other side that I could use to climb down. Thinking simply, this should’ve worked.”

“What’s simple about that plan?” Kuro sighed to himself. The tree was too far for Mahiru to reach and the branches near the wall were too thin to support a man’s weight. “Just wait there and I’ll get a ladder to help you down. Don’t go anywhere.”

“Where do you think I’ll go?” Mahiru snapped back at him and Kuro chuckled to himself. “Please be quick! I don’t know how much long I can hang on.”

No sooner did he finished the sentence, did the rain became more powerful and the water loosened his grip on the wall. Mahiru desperately tried to catch onto something to save himself but his hand slipped and he fell. Kuro rushed to save him and reached out his arms to catch him. He fell into Kuro’s arms and his weight sent them both crashing to the ground.

They were both in shock so it took them a moment to recover from the fall. Mahiru opened his eyes hesitantly and he found himself sprawled across the man. With a flurry of apologies, Mahiru climbed off the man. He could feel heat creep up his cheeks but the man didn’t reveal any emotion on his face. “I’m sorry! But thank you for saving me.”

“Can’t deal. Hugh’s going to yell at me for getting dirty.” Kuro sighed and looked down at the mud coating his pants. “But are you okay?”

“Yeah, I’m fine. I probably look worst than I feel.” He gave him a reassuring smile and took the hand Kuro held out to him. Mahiru was certain that he looked like a wet dog because of the rain and wind. He took out a napkin from his pocket and held it out to Kuro. “You have some mud on your face. Let me get it for you.”

He didn’t wait for Kuro’s reply before he wiped the dirt from Kuro’s cheek. Mahiru had to stand on his toes to do so because Kuro was slightly taller than him. Kuro was surprised with the small gesture and stepped back. “You don’t need to do that. I’ll just go back to my room to clean up. Don’t you have an interview to go to?”

Mahiru looked at his watch and was relieved when he saw the time. “I still have some time. Hopefully, I can clean up a little bit to make myself presentable. I really need this job.”

“Unless you have a fairy godmother to clean you up, I don’t think there’s much you can do about this.” His hair was soaked and Kuro gently brushed away Mahiru’s hair from his eyes. He only meant it as a casual gesture but caught himself when his eyes locked with Mahiru’s.

“I’ll get one of the maids to get you a towel. Lily’s in charge of things like hiring people so I’ll tell him what happened. He’s a good guy so he’ll understand.” Kuro took his hand back quickly. He walked towards the entrance of the mansion and gestured for Mahiru to follow him.

“Thank you, Kuro!” Mahiru bowed to him quickly before following him. They walked side by side and Kuro watched him carefully. Kuro decided to trust Mahiru because his story was too outlandish to be a lie and Lily told him that he had an interview today but he still had to be cautious. The Alicein were a powerful family and others had tried to rob them in the past.

Kuro walked into the mansion and nodded to DoDo, silently telling him that Mahiru could be trusted. “He’s here for an interview with Lily but he got caught in the rain. Can you get him a towel and something to change into? I’m going to my room to change so just wait in that room, Mahiru.”

“Kuro, look at this meiping vase! This pattern is reminiscent of the Song dynasty.” Mahiru looked over his shoulder to Kuro, his eyes bright with fascination. Kuro remembered Mahiru mentioning that he was applying for a position as an appraiser. “It’s beautiful but it’s a shame that it’s not authentic. There are small hairs on the etching so this was probably made by a machine.”

“You have a good eye.” Mahiru jumped slightly when a voice spoke next to him. The tall man that stood next to him now appeared so quietly that it shocked Mahiru. But he gave Mahiru a kind smile. “My name’s Lily. We spoke over the phone and I’m glad you’re interested in the job. I know it’s rather short notice.”

“It’s no trouble at all. I’m just excited for the opportunity to be able appraise the Alicein’s legendary heirlooms.” Mahiru beamed. The Alicein family had many heirlooms that they were planning to donate to a museum and they wanted someone to appraise them before they were sent to a museum. But Mahiru wasn’t interest in the job or the heirlooms.

Mahiru only wanted to know the truth about what happened to his friend, Licht. Earlier that week, his friend took a job with the Alicein family as a pianist. From their conversations, he thought that Licht was happy so it was a complete shock when he was told that Licht had died. According to the police, Licht had jumped off a cliff located near the Alicein’s mansion.

But anyone who knew Licht would know that he would never kill himself. Mahiru tried many times to convince the police to reopen the case but refused to do so no matter how many times he asked them. He knew that if he wanted to find the truth, he would have to look for it himself. When he saw the job posting, Mahiru knew it was his opportunity.

Someone in this mansion killed his friend and Mahiru was determined to discover who.

“You want me to watch over him?” Kuro narrowed his eyes at Lily’s request.

“Yes. It’s just a safety precaution to prevent the heirlooms from being stolen. Mahiru seems like a very trustworthy and genuine person but it doesn’t hurt to be safe. You’ll be pardon from your duties as a guard and all you have to do is stay by Mahiru’s side. It’s an easy job, Kuro. Please do this for me, Kuro! There’s no one I trust more than you.”

“Fine.” Kuro sighed. Lily was his brother and worked with the Alicein family much longer than he had. The Alicein were like a second family to Lily and Kuro knew how important they were to him. So, Kuro couldn’t refuse his brother.

“Thank you, Kuro!” Lily hugged his brother. “He’ll be staying in your room to make the job easier for you.”

“Troublesome, I’m already regretting my decision.” Almost all of the employees lived in the Alicein’s mansion and had their own rooms. Most had no where to go and the Alicein provided them a home. “Can’t he just have a room next to mine or something? Sharing a room isn’t going to make my job easier.”

“I already had one of the maids move another bed into the room and Mahiru is already his things in so there’s no room for argument. Maybe you’ll actually become close with him.” Lily suggested.

“I doubt it.” Kuro had difficulty allowing himself to become close with people and could be distant so Lily hoped that interacting with people would help him. “That guy tried to climb a wall in a storm. Only a crazy person would do something like that. I wouldn’t do that no matter how much this job is paying.”

“Keep an open mind, Kuro. This should be an easy job for you. Just make sure that he doesn’t steal or damage anything. If he does anything strange, please tell the master.”

“Whatever,” Kuro sighed. “I’ll keep an eye on him.”

After they finished, Kuro walked back to his room. More specifically, he dragged his feet to his room. He liked his privacy and didn’t appreciate having to share his room with a stranger.  Kuro hoped that Mahiru would keep to himself while they were staying together. But his hopes were dashed when he opened the door to his room.

Kuro barely recognized his room. His room was now clean and organized. The curtains were drawn and light flooded his room. In the center of his room was Mahiru, sweeping. His hair was dry now and he had changed into fresh clothes.

Mahiru looked up when he heard the door open. He couldn’t stop himself from throwing a glare at Kuro. At first, he was grateful that his roommate was Kuro because he seemed to be a kind and dependable person. But seeing his mess of a room, Mahiru questioned his judgement.

“Lily told me you got the job.” Kuro said awkwardly and walked past him to his bed. “Congrats.”

“Thanks, but I want to talk to you. We’re going to be roommates so let’s set some ground rules. You may be comfortable living in a mess but I’m not. I cleaned our room for you this time but I won’t do it next time. I’m an appraiser, not a maid. You’re a grown man so you can clean up after yourself. You even left the TV on! You’re a guest in this house so it’s not polite to waste electricity like that.”

Mahiru chastised but he didn’t know if Kuro was listening to him since he only laid in his bed. “Can’t deal.”

“Look Kuro, we’re going to be roommates so we should get along.” Mahiru said and Kuro finally turned to face him. While Mahiru was angry when he saw the mess that was Kuro’s room, he didn’t want to antagonize the man. He wanted to have a few allies he could turn to when he was looking for Licht’s killer.

“Fine,” Kuro thought that it would be easier to give into Mahiru to argue with him. So, he held out his hand to Mahiru and he shook it with a smile.

The storm knocking on a window woke Licht but his vision was still blurry when he opened his eyes. The bed he was in was warm but felt foreign to him so Licht pushed himself into a sitting position. He looked around the small room and winced when he tried to remember how he came to the room. Whenever he tried to recall a memory, his head felt like it was splitting in two.

“You’re finally up!” Licht realized that there was someone else in the room. The blond man had been sleeping on the desk when he heard Licht wake. He looked relieve but Licht didn’t recognize him and narrowed his eyes. The man saw his expression and held up his hands in surrender. “Now, is that any way to treat the man that saved you?”

“Saved me?” Licht repeated but he couldn’t focus on a memory when his head was still spinning.

“You just woke up so everything must be a little fuzzy. You’re just lucky that I was exploring the caves at the base of the cliff. I was shocked to see an angel falling from the sky and I swam out to save you. If you want to thank me, my name’s Hyde.”

The man still looked confused and Hyde thought back to the night he saw Licht fall off the cliff. He had been when he heard a struggle from the top of the cliff. But when he ran out of the cave, the only thing he saw was Licht falling. He was already injured before he fell into the water and Hyde could only imagine what happened on that cliff.

But someone wanted the man dead so Hyde hesitated to take him to the hospital. He decided to take him home and treated his wounds. Licht developed a fever and Hyde was glad that he was awake now. But the man looked slightly lost as he stared down at his hands. “I fell? I don’t remember anything…”

“I told you, everything’s probably a little fuzzy but it’ll clear up in no time.” Hyde patted his shoulder. “I’ll get you something to eat and an aspirin. You willing to give me your name in trade?”

“… It’s Licht.”

“That’s a nice name.” Hyde started to stand but stopped when Licht grabbed his arm.

“My name’s Licht but that’s all I remember.” His eyes looked genuinely lost and panicked. “I don’t remember falling off a cliff or anything else. Who am I?”

I have this reputation of starting a lot AU but not finishing them XD But this idea in my head came to me. Who doesn’t like a good old mystery?


                                               Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde


@ god please also give me a servamp season 2 or something, maybe a movie idk just something