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Ayyyy more of this AU backstory that I’m gonna call the Jekyll and Hyde AU (even tho really the closest it gets to the original story is the whole personality switching)

Also I’d like to note the human, who I’ve been calling Vessel, wasn’t meant to be Allan but eh oh well, you can interpret it as him or not


“ Lichtan, Lichtaus ! ”

wow - dat pun :M
But this has been in my head for years and now here it IIISSS !

For those who don’t know german/austrian:
I’m pretty sure you all know that ‘Licht’ literally means 'light’ ! Yes ~
and we all know that Lawless calls him 'Lichtan’.

Well, 'Licht an’ simply means 'lights on’ in german/austrian - example :
“ Mach mal das Licht an! ” / “ turn on the lights! ”.
Sometimes some german/austrian Servamp fans must grin because they can’t help but think of our beloved Tenshi while turning on the lights~
Whereas 'Licht aus’ is 'lights off’ - as simple as that ( =v=)b

Then this happened >w>)9 !
I even drew him taking care of fairy-san ! ( yes, the tiny egg from the second Servamp OVA ~ )
aaaaand of course it would be boring to just have some drawings, so I decided to do a little comic thingie too! :D

how the story with fairy-san could’ve turned out :
// read from left to right please //

// don’t remember that Spongebob episode ?
It was that one where Spongebob and Patrick had to take care of the school’s chicken which still was in an egg. This chicken needed a lot of light in order to hatch out of the egg. There was this one light bulb above it and Patrick turned it on and off like “ death, life, death, life… ! ” just for fun. Anyway, this light bulb broke and they immediately had to find a new one so the chicken won’t die. //

but ey ~be careful when you're trying to fool the violent angel !
otherwise he’ll hit you with his Piano >:D more like PAINo.
I also randomly decided that fairy-san is a she. Idk I instantly think of female ones such as Tinkerbell ~

nevertheless, hope you like it (*w*)9 ! I tried

idkhellofandomfriends  asked:

Any ideas for genderbent Holt and Jackson?

is this because i said the best chance of getting them back in the reboot was if they were very sellable female characters? mattel is responsible for this post

i’m very unoriginal when it comes to designing pretty clothes so i fell back on their staple outfits a bit more than my last jackson/holt redesign, but i might tackle this again when i’m feeling more creative! 

it was tempting to give jackson/jackie a very plain design to contrast holt/holly even more, but i tried to think about what mattel would actually want to put on a non-monstrous MH doll to keep it interesting enough to sell, so a bit of the traditional garishness came back. i also kinda gave up on not having them rip off either ghoulia or operetta, since they fill pretty similar niches on the boys’ side of things…..

(i still fully ship the holt/frankie/jackson trio in this situation, by the way)

Just imagine that Rachel or Lanyon died or something

Funny story, I actually spent a decent chunk of time drawing out face concepts and then when I was ready to upload them to my program, the bloody thing stops working! So I had to upload all of these to my ipad and edit/draw them there. If I were a better animator with working programs, this may have been a lot more detailed, but it is what it is.

I HOPE YOU GUYS LIKE IT! #MakeJekyllSuffer1886

The Glass Scientists created by @arythusa @glass-scientists

I made a playlist for Edward Hyde from The Glass Scientists! I complied a bunch of songs that were a much more upbeat and catchy kind of evil, instead of a dark and scary evil, to fit the character better (in my own opinion of course)


Roustabout-Beats Antique• Shadowman- Lee Press On and The Nails• Demon Kitty Rag- Katzenjammer• Jokes Jokes Jokes- Austin Wintory• You’ll Be Back- Jonathan Groff• Back In Town- Matt Dusk• My Evil Plan To Save The World- Five Iron Frenzy• Bad Bad Things- Andrew Jackson Jihad• Crazy=Genius- Panic! At The Disco• Fear and Delight-The Correspondents•

Cover art was done by @arythusa (also creator of the character, might I add)


A Happy Birthday to Misono and a Happy Valentine’s Day to the Servamp Fandom! Really hope Tanaka-sensei gets better soon!

A friend of mine and I made a video for Servamp! It’s a fanmade parody of the ending of the anime Kill Me Baby.
My friend animated the beginning until 00:30 and then the part from 00:54 to 1:00, while I did the rest.
I also did the backgrounds~

I’d really love to hear what you guys think about it~!

hi hi hi I’m new to The Glass Scientist tumblr fandom! I’ve been reading the comics for a while now but I’ve never posted any of my fanart, so why not I guess? But hhhhh I love it very much,, if you wanna talk to me about it or request a doodle feel free!! :OO