hyde bohr

Antagonist Type Analysis (Kotomine Kirei/Hyde Bohr Comparison)(Rant)

Okay, so after beating The 3rd Birthday and obsessing over Hyde for a while, I decided to start thinking for a moment. And so I came up with an interesting analysis (I think) on various types of villains, mainly focusing on feelings we as players and observers and readers (choose one, it doesn’t matter) have towards these people. 

Naturally, Kirei will be a major player in this analysis. Sorry, fake priest, you’re my muse. You shall not escape.

In essence, I have been able to think on villain types, and have focused on the two types represented by these frighteningly similar, yet oh so different characters. While Kirei represents the “wall” antagonist, I feel that Hyde represents the “snake” antagonist. I’ll get more into that later.

Beware, for Fate spoilers as well as The 3rd Birthday spoilers rest below this line.

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