𝖑𝖔𝖛𝖊: to regard with a strong feeling of affection; to have a devoted attachement to; to feel great tenderness for…

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“Oh, it’s Momo’s older brother…. aren’t you supposed to be a hikineet? And yet this is the second time I saw you outside…..”

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“Okay…. it’s official…. we’re totally lost.” Hibiya states bluntly, a Piplup and a Cyndaquil trailing him. Both pokemon sigh. For a trainer capable of seeing anything he wants, he gets lost often…

The Piplup looks up and turns to look at a noise it heard. “Hm, what’s wrong?” Hibiya also turns to look.

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“What the…. what are you?!?” Hyde shouts.

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“Are you saying you want to fight me?” Demando asks.

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anonymous asked:

Are your going to write some more Hyde verse? So we can see more of the Hydeious Tales of the Jekyll Estate? So in other words, will you continue the story soon, because you finished the CiB fic?

Yes, my thoughts are always more or less with that story, and I only updated seven days ago (before I finished CiB)(here). I moved all the promptfills I wrote for that fic into one chaptered work on AO3 (in the right order), so it’s now a fully grown sequel. I’m taking it slow with the hyde!verse, though, because the story became something very complex and difficult. It was easier when I wrote only short drabbles or smut ficlets, but now that there is something at stake again, I’m giving this much more thought than any other fic I wrote (apart from, maybe, Golden Vampire, which was incredibly difficult to write).

And although I love that verse more than anything else I’ve written for rumbelle, and I’m primarily writing because I want to, and because of the stories I am compelled to tell, I feel like it has only a few readers, so it’s not so terrible if I take my time with writing it. 

(By the way, in the process of moving all my ficlets to AO3, I reworked my Masterlist once again).