So is there any particular reason why every episode this season that has heavily paralleled Emma and Regina with the fairy tale characters has had the Regina parallel character talk about how they’ve been pretending to be someone they’re not for a long period of time or….?

Regina’s untold story is definitely that she’s been living a lie for all these years and she doesn’t want it to get out.

And I’m pretty sure Regina’s secret is connected to her passions and deepest desires. For one, both Clorinda and Jasmine’s secret pertained to who they loved (the footman and the Savior, which are both parallels of Emma btw). Then after Jasmine says that line in the above gif, she says “in the land of untold stories, Hyde- he could use this against me”. So if Regina were to admit her true identity, Hyde aka the part of her that represents her deepest desire and the part of her she wants to keep hidden from the world would be exposed.

Meanwhile, we keep getting hints that Emma is living an illusion of happiness with Hook:

and is afraid of Hyde:

Which has been referred to in canon as a person’s “passions, deepest desires” and “the parts and scars Jekyll wanted to hide from the world” that allow them to be “unencumbered with fear and social obligation”.

Seeing as Emma is not hiding the fact that she wants to be a family with Hook and they’ve moved in together, that can’t be her deepest desire or scar that she’s hiding from everyone. Her moving in with Hook is her fulfilling her social obligation and being afraid of what she really wants. More on that in my chess meta.

I mean…it’s not rocket science. Just swendgame.

anonymous asked:

How old are the kids right now? can you tell me a small little thing about jon, tish, abby, and terry and their life in 5 years? I hope they are okay :]

In story time, it is currently fall of 2045. Abby is eighteen, and Jon turns twenty-six on the fourteenth of November.

As for five years on… I can tell you this:

In 2050, the news media’s general opinion of Jonathan Queen, Mayor Queen’s screw-up son, will have drastically changed. Tish will no longer be Jon’s girlfriend. Abby’s name will be carved in stone. Terry will have a drink named after him.

To say more would be to say too much.