As I promised…

So okay we all know that Kookie is basically a cute adorable baby bun bun. Now imagine bunny hybrid!Kookie (aka Kookie with bunny ears and a tail).
Part 1: What would the other animals would the hyungs be if they were hybrids? Or if you would choose an animal to represent them?
Part 2: Now imagine Bunny!Kookie going into heat *cough we all know what happens cough*

Ayyyyyyy I am so up for hybrid bunny Kookie. Baby bun Jungkookie is so cute! I’m going to spam you now.


This one is my favorite.

Bonus Junghope bunnies

Anyways, Pt. 1

I think Taetae would be a fox. I can’t get that Zootopia au out of my head. Taekook as Nick and Judy is so cute.

Jimin would be a dog, a wolf, or some kind of big wild cat. Something about those animals remind me of Jimin. I happen to like wolf. Because imagine wolf Jimin and bunny Kook. You’d think it’d never work, but it does.

Hobi would probably be a lemur? I like lemurs. He’d be like Mort in Madagascar.

Jin would be those white persian cats. Regal and elegant. Or maybe a duck, you know those mother ducks that always have a line of chicks following them.

I keep thinking of Namjoon as an owl. Like a pretty big owl. Or maybe a Lion in charge of it’s coalition.

I honestly think Yoongi would be a wolf too (or maybe I’m just to caught up in Sugakookie abo). But he seems like the kind that would protect his pack with his life, but also be very calm and quiet. 

Smut head canons regarding bunny kookie starts here. Don’t click if you don’t want to see.

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I was honestly very sceptical about MIgma when she arrived here. I mean- … Migma was one of thefirst dolls that I’ve seen that I actually liked - the only thing that was always bugging me were her big eyes. So when Soom released Alice/Dreaming Migma, I was like “OMG O.O”.

Fast forward to right now. Migma has the same problem as Stella; without a face-up, her hea looks rather plain - and her upper lips looks weird. So had to give her a face-up, but still- … it too me two days to like her as Mea. Sure, the face-up won’t stay, she also needs her elf ears and needs to be airbrushed purple, but I at least need to like her as she is without all the add-ons. And well - I do like her now :3 Nareths body will get her next week, together with Rex, then We’ll see how well she and Nareth look together.

Oh and yes, Feeple65 fit perfectly fine into Iplehouse nYID clothes (even better though, because Vera came with medium busts and her dress seems to be made for the large bust, orz).

Happy 32nd Birthday Ryohei-san~! (07.30.84)

At frist I thought I haven’t watched any anime with him in it but realized I just didn’t know him when I was watching animes with his voice in it. I was surprised that I had watched so many~ Though what surprised me the most was he was voicing BL charas!!! I thought they (child actors like Mamo and NamiDai) wouldn’t voice BL but Ryohei-san did, it was a very happy surprise!!




So. I’m guessing no one remembers the post I made talking about me mum’s dream ;u;

She had a dream where Zero was climbing the Empire State Building and another dream where Sectonia, Haltmann, a bunch of Kirbies, a mini Giygas, were running around Chine Town in New York.


👊  HYBRID VIEWS 👊  Every week, a badass woman of color will take over my snapchat channel to share who she is/what she does, her day to day, answer any questions you may have, and share insights/expertise in her respective industries. I want Hybrid Hues to always be a safe & inclusive space to empower others. The goal is to

1) Build an INTL community
2) Perpetually inspire & be inspired
3) Discover other dope WOC

👻  hybridhues - FIRST TAKEOVER THIS SUNDAY JULY 31 WITH @two-browngirls all the way from London!!!

photo by my favorite @jpedestrian & necklace by @sayran 

guess who made a junker oc!! her name is marama, one of her companions liam probably accidentally calls her mama at least once a day

her right arm was removed when she was young due to a badly infected bite and her left forearm was torn off while she was attempting to scavenge in another junker’s hoard

she has a pet… dog?? dingo??? she has no clue what he is but he keeps her warm at night, makes for a high quality alarm system and hunting buddy and his radiation-induced glowing eyes deter most other predators

and finally


Tea Rose by AyuAna
Via Flickr:
New dress set for Felicity in casual mori style ^^ Felicity is Elfdoll Lydia homme skin on Granado Nuevo ns Eyes by SOOM Wig by ForMyDoll Shoes by Sweetiger Outfit by us - Ayu&Ana Design