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The Firefly that Guards the Fox Part 2

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Pairing: BTS Taehyung/V (fox hybrid) x Reader (human)

Genre: Fluff and Angst.. wink wink smut later, hybrid au, law au, crime au

Words: 6.4 K

Summary: His mother and father weren’t supposed to fall in love. They weren’t supposed to find a mate in one another.They weren’t supposed to.

After losing his father years ago, Taehyung vows to find and avenge the injustice his family has gone through. You were childhood friends with Taehyung. The four of you Taehyung, Hoseok, your older brother and you were inseparable. You were torn apart from Taehyung, your fox who’ve you’ve always vowed to protect and be with, without a warning. He called you Firefly, you called him Tae-Tae the fox. Was your fate supposed to end there in the past with your childhood?

A/N: Hi! I’m sorry this was uploaded later than promised. I hope you guys like it! Thanks so much for the support! Please keep supporting my content! P.s. I felt this gift was so perfect since this story Taehyung is not going for mercy.

Part 1, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6, Part 7, Masterlist

The next morning you woke up and finished all your chores like a rabid tornado with legs. You were looking forward to seeing your friends today and made your way over to Taehyung’s house with your brother for once trying to keep up with you instead.  Growing impatient waiting for him to catch up you took his arm in yours and dragged him next to you,” for once keep up slow poke.” He gave you a “oh, please” look, but you just winked knowing it would rile him up. You stuck out your tongue out towards him and he chased after you, both laughing at your stupid antics, and you came up to Tae’s front door slightly out of breath. You knocked on the door in a pattern the four of you created to let eachother know it was you at the door, but there was no response. You repeated the knock again, but when nothing stirred you looked into the living room window and saw no one and heard nothing. Not even Froggy’s ribbit.

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Part 1 Part 2

A/N: I got another request for a Hybrid au! this time, it’s the reader as the hybrid. I’m going to make the reader female, as it wasn’t stated wither it was a male perspective or female. Anyway, enjoy!


     You sigh as you lay on the bench at the park. You watch your tail twitch in the air. It’s been two days since you were kicked out of your last house. Being a very rare cat-hybrid, it’s hard to find a family that is willing to work with you on what you need. The only thing they care about is the appearance. You were considered a luxury for the humans. If you were living with them or a “part of the family”, they were looked at as, well, wealthy, to say the least. 

     The family that had you before didn’t know how much effort it took to . So, they kicked you out. Human-cat hybrids need all the essentials of humans, as well as cats. Considering you were also female, that makes it ten times worse.

     You close your eyes and fiddle with your ear. You breathe in and out slowly, trying to calm your heartrate. Thinking about that last family really makes you antsy. ‘Now what am I going to do?’ You sigh to yourself.

     “JB, look over there!”

     You’re eyes shoot open and you sit up. You look around for the voice you just heard. Your vision stops on a group of seven boys, all staring at you. The cat part of you heeds the warning of your inner instincts, telling you to run. But the human girl part of you tells you to stay and talk to the seven very very cute boys.

     One of them approaches you slowly. You’re tail twitches and ears flatten as a warning. As the get closer you move further back.

     “H-Hey, it’s okay. I’m not going to hurt you.” The male human puts his hands up to show he’s harmless.

     You narrow your golden eyes at him. “W-What do you want?”

     He relaxes slightly now that you’re talking to him. “My friends and I were just curious. We’ve never seen a cat-hybrid before.”

     You’re tail twitches in annoyance. “I-I’m not something to be gawked at. I’m still human, you know.” You mumble, looking down.

     He shakes his head quickly. “N-No! it’s not like that, I promise. I’m sorry if it seemed like it. My name is Youngjae. It’s nice to meet you…”

     “Y/N. T-That’s my name.” You fiddle with your cat ears. It’s a bad habit you do when you’re anxious.

     The human male’s eyes light up at your response. “I-If you’re okay with it, my friends would like to meet you.”

     You nod slowly, looking behind the boy at his friends, who are all still staring. “I-I guess that’s alright.”

     Youngjae smiles. “I’ll be right back!” He runs to his friends and talks to them. They all nod and smile.

     You watched as the rest of the boys approach you. One of them comes at you a little too quickly, making you jump and hiss. He slows down, putting his hands up in defense just like Youngjae did the first time.

     “I’m sorry! I didn’t mean to frighten you. My name is Jackson.” He smiles a cute smile, trying to show he’s harmless.

     You hide your K9′s once again and cross your legs on the bench. “Ah, sorry. It’s a natural reaction.”

     Jackson smiles at you. “No, it’s my fault. I’m sorry for running at you. I was just excited to meet you.”

     Just then, the rest of the boys come up one by one, introducing themselves. Mark, Bambam, Yugyeom and Jinyoung say hi and that they are happy to meet you. You smile at each one of them.

     The last boy tilts his head, just staring at you intently. Normally, you’d be pretty weirded out by this. But, for some reason, your cat instincts draw you to this human male.

     You stand up slowly, your tail flickering behind you. You stalk up to the boy and tilt your head. His eyes widen at the closeness. You’re nose twitches cutely, making him blush. “Who are you?”

     “I-I’m Jaebum. But you can call me JB.” He speaks quietly, looking into your eyes. “Wow. You’re eyes are really pretty.”

     You’re face blushes a deep red and you reach up to fiddle with your ears. “O-oh! Um, thank you.”

     “Oooooo looks like JB attracts human kitties as well as actually kitties.” Bambam chuckles.

     JB shoots him a daring glare, but his reddened face gave himself away.

     You giggle at the reaction. “I don’t know what it is about you, but my instincts tell me that I can trust you.”

     JB gives you a small smile and holds out his hand. “C-Can I touch your ears?”

     You nod and lower your head. He reaches up to touch your soft cat ears. Lucky for him, he finds your sweet spot, making you purr. His smile brightens and watches as you close your eyes in pleasure. Once he stops, you look at him and smile.

     “So, was it everything you imagined it to be?”

     “Haha, it was something else.” He hums happily.

     Mark walks up to you and takes your hand in his. “So, we were wondering if you wanted to come back home with us?”

     Your eyes widen and you take a step back, making the boys frown. You look down, rubbing your arm. “I-I don’t know if that’s such a good idea. No family really wants to deal with a hybrid like me. They try to adopt me just so they can look good. But once they find out what they’re dealing with, then they abandon me. I don’t want to have to go through that again.”

     Just then you feel a hand hold yours. You look up to see JB right in front of you, looking concerned. “We’re not ones to abandon family, no matter the struggle. We’re teenage boys, for crying out loud. Nobody can handle us either.”

     You giggle as you imagine a bunch of rambunctious human boys destroying a home in the name of fun. “A-Are you sure you want someone like me?”

     Yugyeom nods and gives you a wink. “We do. it’s kinda boring around the house with a crap ton of males everywhere.”

     Jinyoung chuckles in agreement. “We would love to have you stay with us. Not only because we need to widen our house-mates, but because we don’t like seeing anyone homeless. Human or otherwise.”

     Your eyes widen as you look around at the boys. Tears well up in your eyes. “Really? You want to adopt me?”

     JB wipes away your tears from your cheeks. “Yes. We do.”

     You squeal in joy and hug the human male tightly, to his surprise. You pull back and twitch your nose. A huge smile appears on his face. “Y/N, you’re so cute!”

     Mark chuckles. “Leave it to a cat-girl to make JB act cute for once.”

     The rest of the boys laugh as JB glares at them. You giggle too, finally happy that you’ve found a home you can call your own.

     ‘And a very cute human boy to share it with.’

we’ll make it work // kim yugyeom au // pt 1

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thanks for requesting! sorry it took so much explaining, i’m pretty dumb xD

kim yugyeom (hybrid dog) x reader.

words: 2.1k.

genre: fluff.

part 1 / 3

“Are you all this arrogant?” You mutter under your breath, looking at the golden retriever hybrid in front of you. He lays across your couch, meaning that you’ll either be subject to the floor, the kitchen chairs, or a different room. His golden hair falls across his face as he laughs quietly, but still doesn’t budge for you. If your parents had not insisted on you getting a hybrid to live with you for fears you’d die alone after college, you would not be living with this problem.

And that is exactly what Yugyeom was - a golden retriever at heart, meaning he was very excitable and liked to make a mess. Sure, he wouldn’t eat your Converse by the door and there were no puddles of urine anywhere, but he had slept in the spare room last night, and had taken everything off of the walls. All of the polaroid photos of you and your friends from college, any of your awards from school or work, everything was subject to the floor.

This also included the blankets - apparently he enjoyed sleeping in cold temperatures - and the cushions - apparently anything soft under his head was a no no. Yet, as his golden hair and little ears spill over the cushions in your living room that your mother bought you, you just want to smother him with one.

“You should’ve picked Bambam then. He was always better at being a lapdog than me,” Yugyeom says tiredly, purposefully stretching out his neverending legs and smiling at me.

“I didn’t want a lapdog,” you reply with a huff, “I wanted to live alone. A nice small apartment on the outside of the city where I could easily travel to and from work, where I wouldn’t have to worry about sitting down in my own home.”

“Then why did you pick me?” Yugyeom asks, sitting up and folding himself inwards. You thought he was shy, quiet and reserved when you approached him about being a roommate. Your mother had made you pick him because she said he’d be a friendly face you’d need. Yet here he was, grating on your last nerve, and you wasn’t sure how much longer you’d deal with it.

“I don’t know,” you lie, knowing why he had stood out to you amongst all of the other roommate adverts out there. It was probably his photo and character description that had stolen your heart; his photo had been a selfie of him with the Snapchat dog filter on, only the dog filter was poorly aligned with his actual puppy ears, flopping around on his head constantly. The sparkle in his eyes had suggested to you that he was a colourful, creative and happy character, friendly and approachable. His character description simply consisted of, ‘I often get as excited as a puppy.’ and that was enough to make you call him.

But boy did you regret all of that now.

You give up eventually, retiring to the kitchen to work on some paperwork for your new job. You’d been there about a month and already felt like you were drowning in the amount of paperwork you was receiving; you worked in a publishing company, but only at the bottom tier, meaning that you’d read any transcripts that came through, then decided whether they were ready to be handed to someone proper to read. It meant that you were reading hundreds of thousands of words, thoughts and images a day, and had little or no time left for all the paperwork.

Yugyeom notices that you are working now, and somewhat graciously turns down the television, leaving you to work in near silence. As you scribble away with the pen, Yugyeom turns his attention away from the television to what you are writing. But one warning stare from you has him sinking back into his spot on the sofa.

Eventually though he grows really bored of the television and can’t help himself but walk into the kitchen. Whether he can sense the dregs of annoyance still remaining on you, or knows enough about humans that pushing too many of their buttons tends to make them explode, Yugyeom knows to keep his distance.

One of the rules in the house were that you didn’t mind Yugyeom helping himself to food as long as he didn’t eat everything in your fridge, and that if he was making food, he was never wasteful with it. That annoys you more than almost anything and you think you’d kick if he did so.

But he makes himself a bowl of rice before asking if you’d like any. You can tell, by the sorry look in his eyes, that it’s a form of a peace treaty, so whilst you aren’t hungry and supposed to be meeting your friend Jackson later for a meal, you take a bowl anyway, having small spoonfuls whilst you write. Yugyeom finishes his bowl watching you, stood as far away as possible. His long figure practically fills your small kitchen, but his presence there is almost calming in a way. So instead of rejecting him you just take small spoonfuls of the rice, accepting it and him as much as you can.

After he finishes he washes up his bowl, and you can tell from the way his tail hands behind him that he’s sad. You chew your lip, wanting to say something to make him feel better but not sure what. The two of you haven’t have the best start, and you sometimes wish that you could start again - just like you were when you moved out of your home to one alone, Yugyeom is probably feeling the same. Once you get past the ears, tail and need to sleep almost anywhere, he’s still human; sure there is a few changes in his DNA and he has a habit of going mad whenever the postman arrives, but he’s just like you.

“Hey, Yugyeom,” you say to his back, putting down your pen and smiling, “I’m going out for a meal tonight, but how do you feel about us maybe going to see something at the cinema tomorrow? Or bowling perhaps? I think we could both do with getting out of the house for a while.”

His tail rockets into the sky before he even turns around, and when he does he knocks the bottle of washing up liquid into the sink. You flinch as the bubbles form whilst he fishes it out, and sigh at the now bottle, but Yugyeom’s apologetic eyes and excited features makes it worth it.

“I would love that, Y/N,” he says with a grin, putting the bottle in the recycling and smiling, “where are you going for a meal?”

And suddenly, just like that, an easy conversation starts between you and him. Sure, you are still angry from the other night and how stubborn he can be, but as he takes a seat opposite you and chats with you whilst you work, you can feel that beginning to melt away.

He tells you all about where he grew up, and what it was like being a baby hybrid. That once he was past the age of twelve no one found him as adorable anymore, so that’s when he began spending much more time with Bambam and Youngjae. He also tells you about his friends as well; Bambam was like him, a dog hybrid, but resembled more of a cat in his behaviour. He slept a lot, had a tendency to be loud but also liked to be alone as and when needed. Youngjae on the other hand was probably the most puppy dog hybrid you’d ever meet; always smiling, always happy, had a golden laugh and was just beautiful in every way possible.

In return you offer information about yourself; only the basics, because it still feels weird, but you tell him about as a child you always wanted to be an author, you were an only child, your parents were very focused on your studies, and without a sibling, you were very alone as a child. Now you are working exactly where you want to be, even if your parents don’t exactly respect your choices.

Eventually you have to leave him, packing up your work to go get ready to meet Jackson. As you shut the door to your bedroom and file away the finished work, you hear the television turn on again; clearly Yugyeom likes his television shows. As you change from jeans and a jumper into a dress and sandals, you also hear what sounds like singing from the other room.

Creaking open the door, you see Yugyeom dancing along to a popular song on the radio. Only his body moves in a manner you didn’t think possible, all his limbs working perfectly in time with each other. You shut the door quietly, shocked at his hidden talents.

Yugyeom doesn’t deserve to be locked up in a house. He ought to be on stage.

“Jackson, do you still dance at that dance studio?” You ask, putting your cutlery back on your plate and resting your elbows on the table. Jackson looks up from his drink, shaking his head.

“No, I’m at a new place with some friends. How come? You want to join?” He asks, running his fingers through his hair now. “Jaebum and I moved because his friend - Mark - said they needed some new teachers as well as members. There are a few spaces left if you were interested.”

“It’s not for me,” you say, before explaining Yugyeom. He’d been briefly mentioned before - Jackson’s roommate, Jinyoung, was a cat hybrid, rarely at home but hard to live with at first. You explain how you’d seen him dancing and figured if you could bring him along to one of Jackson’s dance sessions, he might feel a little more at home.

“We’ve got a class on tomorrow night. Street dance at about eight o’clock, if he’s interested he can come and watch. I’ll text Mark and Jaebum tonight - I think Mark is bringing a friend anyway.”

“Wonderful, thank you so much Jackson!” you grin, leaning back so the waitress can take your food back. Jackson insists on paying the bill for you both seeing as you did last time when he forgot his wallet, and eventually you have to give into his puppy-like smile. He walks you back to the bus stop and waits with you until your bus arrives, being the gentleman he always is.

“I’ll see you at the studio tomorrow at eight, yeah?” Jackson asks as your bus comes into view. You nod with a smile and hug him briefly before stepping on to your bus. You watch him walk the other way to his house as you sit down, and text your mum a goodnight like she makes you do everyday.

The bus ride back is long and you nearly fall asleep until the bus comes to a halt suddenly outside your house, and you stumble off as if you were drunk. Getting into the apartment block is a chore but once you are inside, you kick off the sandals and sigh as the soft carpet touches your feet.

Ready for bed, you barely notice that Yugyeom has fallen asleep on the couch, phone in hand and television still playing. Usually you’d be mad for him leaving the television on, but instead you just place his phone on the table, turn off all the devices and cover him with a blanket, knowing full well that it will probably be on the floor tomorrow morning but not minding anyway.

As you pull the blanket up his shoulders, your hand brushes one of his soft ears, and your heart melts a little at the sight in front of you; he looks so soft and small that you would happily cuddle up with him to sleep. Instead you just switch off the lights, close all the windows and walk into your bedroom to sleep, with thoughts consumed by the sleeping boy in your living room.

hope you enjoyed! sorry it took a while to begin as well~

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Hybrid Got7!
🐕 Jackson
🐇 Mark
🐈 JB
🐈 Jinyoung
Otter Youngjae
Leopard Bambam
🐕 Yugyeom

They don’t have emojis for otter and leopard 🤷‍♀️

I’m currently into hybrid fanfics but they ain’t got many for got7
The Firefly that Guards the Fox Part 4

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Pairing: BTS Taehyung/V (fox hybrid) x Reader (Human)

Genre: Fluff/ Lots Angst/ Smut (future)/ Hybrid au/ Law au/ Crime au

Summary: His mother and father weren’t supposed to fall in love. They weren’t supposed to find a mate in one another.They weren’t supposed to.

After losing his father years ago, Taehyung vows to find and avenge the injustice his family has gone through. You were childhood friends with Taehyung. The four of you Taehyung, Hoseok, your older brother and you were inseparable. You were torn apart from Taehyung, your fox who’ve you’ve always vowed to protect and be with, without a warning. He called you Firefly, you called him Tae-Tae the fox. Was your fate supposed to end there in the past with your childhood?

Words: 7.3 K

Warnings: Hold your heart in your chest, it may fall out.

A/N:I started school back this week and I’m already stressed. I’m sorry if things are going to be released slower! I will try to write whenever I get the chance and try to get on a schedule you all can follow! I’m so excited about this part! I did research on this, but if you find things off, I’m sorry.I didn’t expect almost all the characters last names to be Kim too, haha. Please forgive me for my mistakes. Any terminology will be defined at bottom! Thanks! Love you!

Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 5, Part 6, Part 7  Masterlist

The tension in the air was thick cutting through the musky stress sweat odor left by previous tenants. The silence was deafening from the abrupt pause. Within seconds the fox pounced the bars, rattling the once calm metal. His eyes were blown out, tail wagging, nails elongated and ears pulled backwards against his skull. The spotlight hanging in your cell swung lightly back and forth from the impact against the bars. Chaos was a foot. You scrambled back lining up against the back wall snatching Key’s blazer shakily at the sudden appearance. His ragged breathing was cut off with, “What did you say?” His expression was vague, somewhere in between angry or upset, either way it demanded an answer. It was all on you now, you’ve grown too vulnerable and unguarded around him. You’ve already kissed her goodbye and let the hand go of the woman you used to be to him. You just started finding your footing among the team; no way were you letting that go.

You needed a way out and fast.

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|| Hybrid!au || Yugyeom 3-3 ||

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Goodbye Yugyeom: You’ll be missed :(

Warning: You’re gonna cry :))))

                                                    1.719 words

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Got7 Reaction: dating a cat hybrid

anon asked:  Got7 reaction to dating cat hybrid!reader? I’m obsessed with hybrid!aus lol

I am also obsessed with hybrid! aus, hence why I have a series called the girl with the tail lol

-Admin Lionheart


Jackson would find you adorable. The way your head tilts to the side when you’re confused or the way your ears flick at the slightest sounds, everything about you would drive him crazy. His favorite thing would probably be when he hugs you; you’re tail wraps itself around his body, your head instantly presses into his neck, and purs loudly vibrating against his chest. He would be head over heel for you and you would definitely have him wrapped around your finger.

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Youngjae is such a little ball of fluff, himself, I feel like a cat hybrid would be the perfect person for him to date. He would love to just spend nights cuddling and eating your favorite foods with you every chance he had. The two of you would really just take turns holding you while he played with your ears or while you drew shapes on his chest. It would just be a very wholesome and adorable relationship. 

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Yugyeom seems like the type to just like bringing his hybrid with him everywhere, even if it meant she had to hide her ears and tail. He would especially bring you to practice with him so that you weren’t alone all day and would love the way your tail flicked as you watched him rehearse his dances.

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I fell like Bam would be like really into having a cat hybrid s/o. I aways see his as having like a collar fetish, so it would be the perfect lifestyle for him. He would always come home with new collars and outfits for his little kitten and would love to just sit and hear you pur next to him. He would also love going on walks with you, but he wouldn’t let you hide your tail and ears, saying “I want everyone to see my precious kitten the way I do” or something dumb like that.

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I’m kinda finding Mark a little hard to pinpoint. I feel like he would love having his adorable kitten around and would be kinda similar to BamBam in that aspect, but would probably hate that he has to hide you from the world. He would always get a little hint of guilt when he would watch you put on a hat to hide your ears, which he loves to play with, and wrap your tail around your thigh, hiding it under your skirt.

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Jb would love coming home to his hybrid s/o who was always so excited to see him. He would love to just sit on the couch with you curled up on his lap or against his side while he worked on his music. He would love the slight purs coming from your body as you slept beside him.

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I feel like, similar to JB, Jinyoung would enjoy just being able to cuddle with you. He would love seeing your tail flick in the air as he held you against his body. He would love how you pushed your head into his chest when you want attention and would always be willing to give into your needs. 

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Pairing: Human! Jackson Wang x Hybrid!Shifter!Fem! OC

Genre: Angst & Fluff

Warning: Mentions of Abuse, Sexual Assault, Depression, and Anxiety

Synopsis: Jackson Wang goes for a mind clearing walk down a trail in the forest. It isn’t until he becomes lost that he discovers the bloody body of what seemed to be a female wolf hybrid. When he takes the girl in to his home, everything changes a lot more he had planned for.

- - - - - - - 

Eyes snap open and with a heavy sigh, Jackson’s brown eyes scan the dar.k bedroom. His eyes catch sight of the moon’s heavenly aura shine through the curtains of his window as the quiet, crisp night air blows through the thin fabrics. He sits up, groggy and gently tosses the comforter off of his body to reveal his ripped torso and a pair of solid black sweatpants.

Jackson shuffles his way over to the window and slowly shuts it closed. He threads his long, vein decorated hands through his dark auburn hair before walking to his closet. He grabs an oversized black hoodie and throws it on top of his upper body before grabbing a pair of black and white adidas sneakers.

He takes his phone off of the charger and grabs a pair of earbuds before sneaking his way past his brothers’ bedrooms and down the staircase. Jackson finally makes it down without a peep and walks out the backdoor, happy that Coco was sleeping in Youngjae’s room tonight. He plugs in his earbuds and begin to blast a random playlist of music.

Jackson begins his walk into the woods, hands in his pockets. The only noise beside the quiet quirks of the crickets were the many different lyrics that switched from Mandarin to English and then to Korean. He silently continued his travels in the forest until he reached an open field in the middle of the area. He sits down on the huge tree trunk that lays in the middle of the field, nodding his head to the music.

His eyes not once leaving the his phone screen until something moves in the corner of his eyes. At first Jackson ignores it, believing it to be absolutely nothing until there was movement once more that seemed a little too close to Jackson’s likings. He looks over his right shoulder to see a bloody body laying down on the ground, arms and legs spread wide. Jackson’s eyes widen in horror before snatches the earbuds out from his ears and jump down.

He runs over to the body and gasps at the sight of a black furry tail and a pair of black pointy ears. He gently turns the body, so the person would lay on their back. It was a female, his mind registers. Her right pointy ear had two gold ring piercings that shined in the moonlight as the ear twitched.

“You’re still alive.” Jackson breathes out, shocked.

He picks up the creature bridal style and carries her as fast as he could back to the house. Once he reaches the backyard, he begins to scream as loud as he could.

“Yah!” He shouts. “Help! Help, me!” He continues until he bursts through the backdoor with his foot and continues his shouts as he enters the living room. Jackson lays the girl on the sofa, making sure she was comfortable and that there was no chance of her falling off.

He jogs over to the stairs and shouts, “Everybody wake up! Please!” Jackson begins to become desperate until he sees the lights upstairs turn on. He could hear his brothers’ open their bedroom doors and murmur with worry as they dash down the stairs.

“Jackson, what’s wrong?” Jaebum asks. Jackson shakes his head before pointing towards the living room. “Follow me.” He says, taking off in the direction of the girl.

The boys follow, curious as to what was in their living room. They gasp in horror at the sight of the bloody girl with pointy ears and a tail. Jackson stands over her, looking at her somberly.

“I found her when I was in the forest. I was just sitting down and thinking when I saw something move. I ignored it the first time, but when it got closer to me… I looked and saw her.” He says, his deep voice sounding distant.

“Hyung, she looks like one of those things on the news.” BamBam whispers, eyes stuck on the bloody figure. “What were they called again?” He asks.

“They’re hybrids,” Jinyoung answers. “And they’re not ‘things’, BamBam. They’re people just like us.” He finishes. The others nod in agreement.

“They’re just simply more advanced than humans.” Youngjae says, softly.

“What are we going to do with her?” Jackson asks. “It’s not like she has a home and if she did, it either had to be a pretty bad one or she was kidnapped.”

“Let’s clean her up tonight and then we will decide what to do tomorrow morning.” Mark says, helping Jackson carry the hybrid off to the bathroom.

A/N: Youngjae is one of the hardest Got7 members to write angst for, he’s just too sweet. Nonetheless I hope you enjoy reading this angst fest! My requests are open so please come by! Without further ado, I hope you like it~

Warning: Kidnapping, blood, implied death, violence, angst, hybrids.

Word count: 3,524

Birds of a feather flock together until the cat comes, or that’s what people what people would say as they stared at the few of you that remained in your cages.

Most hybrids were treated harshly, it was just the world you lived in. You heard tales of dog and cat hybrids finding homes where their owners loved them, where they weren’t beaten but that’s all it was, a tale.

Day after day they would come and choose some of you to perform around the city, sometimes around the world. The others always came back but they were changed. Sunggyu, one of the oldest bird hybrids used to be talkative and he’d sing songs to calm the younger hybrids down. Nowadays the only time you could hear him is when they opened up his cage and dragged him out.

You hadn’t been here as long as Sunggyu had, you’d only been held here for six years, he’d been here for eight years. Two years longer than you had, but he had broken sometime last year. You were terrified that you’d be next, since you were of the ones who had been here the longest, even if you weren’t the eldest.

The cages were large but never big enough for how many hybrids they attempted to stuff inside of one. With five in a single cage, there was barely enough room to move.

Your cage had four hybrids including yourself, the last hybrid hadn’t returned after her trip into the city with a strange man who smelled like cigarettes. The hybrids in your cage were younger than you were, making you try to stay strong, this was the position Sunggyu had given you after it was his turn to leave for a while.

You weren’t sure where they had went, you just knew that Sunggyu must have been special since he returned. The others hadn’t. Your day was coming, you knew since they had been feeding you more than they had before, instead of bread and water they had given you nuts and berries.

What else could you do besides accept what would happen to you? You would protect the kids in your cage until you passed down the position to someone else, they would do the same. That was fate, that was all that you could do.

Meal time came, they passed out the bread and a small cup of water to everyone, you getting your nuts and berries and a cup of tea. It smelled like honey and citrus, your favorite drink before you had been taken here. Your cellmates looked at you with wide eyes and fearful faces.

Smiling softly you gave them a berry, humming a song as you ate. Night would fall and you would be rented again, or so you thought.

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Keep Her Secret [07]


Mark Tuan/Reader [F]

Genre:  Dystopian Future, Hybrid AU, Drama, Romance

Words: 1.5k (Not proof read yet, lol)

Part: 00/ 1/ 2/ 3/ 4/ 5/ 6 /

Originally posted by ceohan

Mark slammed the door shut and without any hesitation whipping around to face you, practically snarling. Fuming in rage, his jaw was locked and he eyes felt like needles could shoot from them and pierce your neck to paralyze you any second.  Paralysis would keep you from disobeying him again at the very least.

“Why the fuck would you leave the house?! I specifically told you not to, and here you are, out in the fucking woods by yourself!” You wanted to feel bad for putting yourself in danger, for angering him, but all you felt was a fire in the pit of your stomach that rose higher and higher into your throat.  Until it spilled out your mouth into an argument.

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Antipathy, part three

In which Park Jinyoung, a possibly murderous cat hybrid, makes you question everything you thought you knew about yourself.

Warnings: Possible strong language and hybrid!Jinyoung.

Word Count: 2.9k

part one  part two  part four  part five  part six

Originally posted by umma-jy

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Shadows [Pt.2]

Originally posted by jinyoungot7

Pairing: Human! Jackson Wang x Hybrid!Shifter!Fem! OC

Genre: Angst & Fluff

Warning: Mentions of Abuse, Sexual Assault, Depression, and Anxiety

Synopsis: Jackson Wang goes for a mind clearing walk down a trail in the forest. It isn’t until he becomes lost that he discovers the bloody body of what seemed to be a female wolf hybrid. When he takes the girl in to his home, everything changes a lot more than he had planned for.

[Chapter 1]

- - - - - - - -

The sweet melodies of the birds seemed completely ironic as they contrasted against the loud growl of irritation that escaped the young female hybrid’s throat. She blew hot air from her plump lips to her honey blonde and black bangs that covered her eyes. The woman finally opens her eyes to reveal a pair of chocolate hazel eyes.

She stared at the window thinking how peaceful and timeless a short action could be so early in the morning. When she turned around onto her back, she paused as her black ears straighten in order to pick up such sounds.

“Jackson-hyung, what breed is she?” Asked a deep voice. “Do you think she’s a foreigner? I mean, not that there isn’t any black people who are native to countries other than America, but still.”

“Youngjae, calm down before you give yourself a heart attack.” Says another deep voice. “Let’s just make sure, the poor girl is well.” 

The hybrid stops listening and instantly lays back down in the bed, covering herself up with the comforter once more. She makes sure to still her breathing and look as relaxed as possible. She hears the door open, causing her ear to twitch anxiously. 

“Aw, look at her ears.~” A deep voice coos. It was quiet for a few moments and then suddenly, a hard smack echoes through the room as whine follows. 

“Shut up, Jackson.” Says another deep voice, irritated. 

“Yah! I’m your hyung. Respect me!” Jackson shouts, offended.

The two men begin to verbally argue with one another, not noticing a pair of wide eyes watching amusingly. Breaking through the doorway, a small white dog barks as she makes her way in between the two and cuddles up to the other canine.

“Aw~” Coos the hybrid as she gently pets the small dog on her head. 

The two men pause at the sight of the woman being awake and gawk at her looks and the bond that the two canines instinctively have.

“Hi, I’m Youngjae!” Says the younger male. The woman looks up from Coco to meet gazes with a replica of the actual sun. “And that’s my dog, Coco.” Youngjae points at the dog.

“I’m Jackson.” The older male says, smiling softly. “I’m the one that found you in the woods. You are?” He asks, hoping she would be a little open to them.

“Uh… Hi.” She greets, nervously. “I’m Mario.” She says. 

The boys smile at each other before looking back the woman, now known as Mario. They now knew her name, they hope that they can slowly reach deeper.

“There’s breakfast downstairs. You wanna join?” Youngjae asks, picking up Coco. 

Mario stares at the two shocked at the invite. She stares, gaping at them for a few before quickly smiling and nod her head. Mario stands up from the bed with the help of Jackson. She then looks down at the oversized hoodie on her body. 

“Oh! I’m sorry. When I found you in the woods, I brought you back here to our house and helped clean your cuts. I simply just slid my hoodie over your body. I hope that is okay with you.” Jackson trails nervous.

Mario stares at him and smiles, “Its okay, Jackson. Thank you.” She bows formally before allowing the two men to guide her to the kitchen.

Her nose catches the scent of bacon flowing in the atmosphere, it becoming stronger the closer they got to the kitchen. She looks in to see five other young men in the kitchen messing around and cooking. Everyone pauses their movements, staring at Mario.

She smiles and waves awkwardly. “H-Hello.” She greets formally in Korean.

The other males smile and greet her back before resuming their actions. As Jackson leads Mario over to two empty seats, Youngjae leaves to feed Coco. At first she was hesitant to sit down at the table, but with Jackson’s constant encouragement and the many stares, she sits down.

She sheepishly looks to her right to see another male beside her. His face was beautiful and full as were his peach colored lips. He smiles at her, showing off his eye whiskers causing Mario to gasp as a warm blush finds its way to her brown cheeks.

“I’m Jinyoung.” He says. Mario smiles, waving a sweater paw at him. “Mario.” She says back, shyly.

“So, Mario,” BamBam speaks, catching everyone’s attention. “Why were you in the woods last night?” 

Mario tenses as her eyes shift down to her plate. The boys glance at her in worry before glaring at BamBam. Mark pinches BamBam on the ribs causing the boy squeal in pain.

“You don’t have to answer that, Mario. Its okay.” Jaebum says, softly. 

Mario shakes her head and bites her lip, she looks up at the others. “I…” She breathes, feeling her throat tighten. Her tense broad shoulders loosen at the Jackson’s soft touch.

“I was part of a pack.” She begins. “We weren’t like an all wolves only pack, either. There were two Red Panda hybrids, a Lion hybrid, a Bengal Tiger hybrid, a Meercat hybrid, and finally me… The wolf.” She sniffs.

“We grew up together in an underground fighting ring. All of us were strays and we only had each other. The gangs would love to see me and Jooheon fight against each other. Lion vs. Wolf, the two Alphas.” Mario sniffs, memories coming back.

“Last night was a huge fight for the ringleaders because a famous gang had flown in from Russia. They loved to please the foreigners. So, they had me and Jooheon fight again, but they drugged him with something. It was like he was a whole different person. He even shifted into his lion form… we never did that because then one of us could get hurt or even die.” Mario begins to choke on her words, a sob wanting to break through.

“The last thing I remember was Jooheon flying towards me with his jaw wide open and ready to swallow me whole.” Mario lets out a horrendous sob. Jackson was the first one to shake himself out of shock and hold her in his arms.

She buries her head into his chest, her arms trying to bring him closer. Her ebony pointy ears laying flat on her head mixed in her thick cloud of hair. Her matching tail wraps slightly around Jackson’s thigh. He pets her ears softly, cooing into them as he whispers small breaths of ‘your okay’. 

Meanwhile the six boys look at the two with unreadable eyes as they whisper among themselves. Jaebum shuffles towards the two and gently places a hand on her shoulder. Mario glances in his direction from Jackson’s chest, showcasing her puffy, red eyes that broke all of their hearts.

“Mario… I’m sorry that you’ve had to endure living in a horrendous nightmare and so, the guys and I were hoping that you would like to stay with us?” Jaebum asks, his piercing cat like eyes glaze with hope. 

Mario looks at the others, shocked. “Y-You guys actually want a hybrid to stay with you? Especially a wolf?” She asks. The boys nod, small genuine smiles drawing across their faces as Jackson’s arms tighten around her body.

“Of course! Coco already likes you and so do we. We don’t want you to go back to the ring anymore, instead we think you should be somewhere you’ll be loved and that’s here!” Youngjae cheeses, finishing his statement.

The others nod in agreement causing Mario’s ears to point up and her tail to wag back and forth in excitement. She jumps from Jackson’s arms and into the others’ as she shouts in joy. Jaebum instantly catches her in his chest as the others surround the two in excitement.

“Welcome to the family, Mario!” The boys shout as Coco barks in excitement.

Wide Awake

A/N: Since I love poly/hybrid au’s so much! I wrote one :D

Pairing: Got7 x Reader!Hybrid

Warning: Slight angst, LOADS OF FLUFF

Tiny character impromptu: Reade Persian Cat Hybrid, BamBam Calico Cat Hybrid, Yugyeom Dog Hybrid, Jackson Tiger Hybrid, Human Jaebum, Jinyoung, Youngjae, and Mark.

~Reader wakes up in Jaebum’s room by themselves and wonders around the apartment to find no one is home, not even the other hybrids.

It was early in the morning, Saturday morning to be truthful, Y/N was fast asleep in Jaebum’s bed, wrapped in the warm sheets. She woke up to feeling slightly colder in the warm sheets, a presence was sure to be missing. She sat up slowly, rubbing her sleepy eyes as she looked around the room, her tail flicking on the bed beside her, her ears perked up, she noticed her tail didn’t rub against anything but cold sheets. She looked over to the last place she knew Jaebum was and frowned when he wasn’t there. 

Y/N never liked waking up alone, she had come to accustomed to one of the boys being by her side that if they weren’t she became a little frantic, so she listened, her ears flicking around in half circles, listening for the boys. Silencce was all her could detect as she stumbled out of the bed, franticly hurrying to the bedroom door and down the stairs. 

Y/N couldn’t see anyone in the kitchen, her heart began to pound at a rapid pace. “They wouldn’t just leave without telling me… or leaving a note..” Y/N thought to herself. She began searching for a note, anything to tell her where her boys had gone. She scrambled around the apartment, in each room, the bathrooms, the living room, the laundry room, even the balcony. She came up empty handed every time. She then ran to Jaebum’s room to grab her phone, and when she turned it on there wasn’t a single notification. 

“T-They left me?” Y/N mumbled aloud, her voice cracking at the end. She unlocked her phone, opened her contacts, tapping the first contact.







She end the call and sighed. She clicked the next contact and then the other five, them all ending the same way. Giving up after not being able to reach any of them and not being able to leave the apartment without one of her “owners”, as the other humans referred to them. She never thought of them as owners, only her boyfriends, her lovers, her everything.

Y/N retreated to Mark’s room this time, being the closet to him and Jaebum. Jinyoung, Youngjae and Y/N never really were able to click, they still referred to Y/N as their girlfriend, but they never really spent time with her, they always choose Yugyeom, Jackson, or BamBam rather than her. 

Y/N wondered if maybe Jinyoung and Youngjae had finally bribed the boys to leave her behind. Y/N shook her head of the thoughts and curled up into Mark’s bed, soon she wasn’t able to get as comfortable so she left his room and went to her own room, a room she was barely ever in.

The room wasn’t decorated because she was never in it, she never had the intentions to decorate it. Y/N looked around the room and was instantly smacked with how she used to feel, before the boys found her, before they saved her. She was alone again, abandoned

Y/N’s eyes filled with tears as she began to sob quietly, walking to her cold bed and getting under the blankets. After awhile of crying she fell asleep, feeling more lonely and sad as time went on.

The Boys

“Finally home! Out of the cold!” Jackson’s excitement filled voice rang through the apartment. 

“I still feel like we forgot something when we left.. something important. Are you sure we didn’t forget anything when we left?” Mark’s voice was muffled by his scarf he had wrapped around his neck to hide it from the cold.

 “I’m telling you, we didn’t forget anything.” Jinyoung’s voice interrupted the short silence as all seven boys filed into the apartment, taking off their big coats and stretching their bodies in the new found warmth. 

BamBam walked quietly into the apartment, his brown ears upon his head flopping as he walked with a bounce. Jackson was following BamBam, his orange and black tail swaying happily behind him. Yugyeom was the last hybrid to walk into the apartment, rubbing his tired eyes in the process. 

All of a sudden, all three hybrids stopped ubruptly each of the ears standing up straight on their heads and tails going instantly stiff. BamBam was the first to let out a loud whine, guilt instantly takin over. He could feel her sadness and how she felt abandoned. He could smell her tears, Jackson was growling softly, he could sense them too.

Yugyeom was affected more than the other two, instantly running to the room no one really ever went to, because she was never in it.

Jackson ran to his hyungs, “Hyungs! I know what we forgot today! Mark was right! We forgot something or someone important!” HIs voice cracking at the end. 

“I knew it!” Mark shouted. 

“Who?” Jaebum questioned along with Youngjae and Jinyoung.

 “Who? WHO?!” BamBam’s loud voice was heard from the hallway. 

“The one person who seven of us love! That loves us!” BamBam shouted.

Instantly Jaebum and Mark’s faces fell, realizing what he meant. 

“Oh no..” Mark mumbled, instantly running to where he knew she would be. 

“How could you forget her? She went to sleep with you? She was in your bed this morning!” Jackson was franticly yelling at Jaebum, even though Jackson was at fault too.

Jinyoung and Youngjae were quiet, sadness creeping its way into their hearts. They were never close to Y/N, thinking she didn’t like them, but they loved her just as much as the others. 

In Y/N’s Room

“B-Baby…Oh…Kitten… I-I’m so sorry…” Yugyeom sobbed as he held Y/N close to him, he had woken her up as soon as he barged into the room, instantly wrapping her in his arms.

She had started crying and he could feel exactly how she felt. 

“I’m so sorry babygirl… please forgive us..” Mark’s voice was heard from behind her, his arms were around her too. 

“Am I-Am I that forgettable?” Y/N’s small voice was muffled by Yugeom’s sweater clad chest. 

“No No Baby, you aren’t forgettable at all. We just weren’t thinking this morning, you were so quiet when we were downstairs this morning…We just- We, I’m so sorry baby..” Mark instantly responded to her, Yugyeom holding her tighter now. 

“I-I want BamBam….” Y/n mumbled, looking at Mark. “Please get my BamBam..” She pleaded.

Mark instantly ran to get BamBam. 

“Do you hate me Baby..?” Yugyeom questioned, tears freely falling down his face.

Y/N shook her head instantly, she couldn’t feel hate for any of them, she loved them too much. Eevn Jinyoung and Youngjae. 

“Yuggie, does-do JaeJae and Jinnie hate me?” Y/n asked softly. 

“What? No Baby, they love you, they just thought you didn’t like them as much as the rest of us. So they don’t try to be clingy like we do.” Yuggie said quickly. Y/N nodded softly, laying her head back on his chest.

“BamBam, Y/N wants you.” Mark walked into the living room where the boys were. BamBam shot up from his seat on the couch and ran to his Y/N’s room. 

“What about me?” Jackson frowned. 

“She probably wants you too. She’s pretty upset and you know how she always asks for BamBam first.” Mark said, but Jackson was already gone.

After a while of cuddles and constant kisses and loving touches, Jackson, BamBam and Yugyeom had Y/N laughing and smiling. She was feeling loved again, and not a hint of sadness was to be seen in or behind her eyes.

 “There’s our Jagi and her beautiful smile, so pretty. My precious little princess.” BamBam cooed, holding her tighter against his chest. Y/N was sitting between BamBam’s legs, while Jackson was laying on her left side his head on BamBam’s thigh and Yugyeom was on her right, his head in her lap, both pairs of arms were wrapped around both of her legs.

Y/N frowned, thinking of Jaebum, “Bambi… Where’s Bummie, Markie, and JaeJae, and Jinnie?” She turned to look at BamBam, a frown on her face. 

“They are in the living room, do you want me to go get them?” Jackson spoke for BamBam, beginning to let her go.

Y/N thought for a moment, before untangling herself from the boys and getting up.

 “Living room is bigger, let’s go cuddle their, with the others.” Y/N said, a smile on her face now, happiness radiating off of her. All three boys were by her side in an instant, following her down to the living room.

“Bummieeee! Markiee!! JaeJae! Jinnie!!” Y/N cooed loudly, calling her other boyfriends, each of them perking up at her happy tone.

 “We leave you with those animals for an hour and they already did our part of cheering you up along with theirs.” Mark pouted.

Y/n smiled brightly as she saw the four boys, sitting around the living room. She ran to Mark, jumping in his lap, careful not to hit him where it would really hurt. 

“Oof!” Mark sounded, catching Y/N in his arms and wrapping them around her tightly. He began peppering her face in kisses and hugging her tighter. 

“Mwah! Mwah! My Kitten!” Mark cooed at her, Y/N began purring louder than she normally did. Nuzzling her face in his neck and letting little giggles slip past her lips. 

“Markieee!” She squealed, wiggling from his grasp and going to Youngjae. She plopped down in Youngjae’s lap, to his surprise and nuzzled into him. 

“Aish! Stop scenting them! They aren’t just yours!” Jackson whined. Y/N shot him a mischievous smile and kept on nuzzling her face into Youngjae’s neck.

“I love you JaeJae.” She mumbled, before pecking his lips.

The infamous smile spread across this boys face so big, you’d think his face was going to rip in half, but before he could respond she had moved on to Jinyoung, giving him the same treatment as well. A bunch of I love you’s were heard as she went to each boy, scenting them and loving on them. 

“I take it she’s back to normal? And we’re forgiven?” Youngjae whispered to BamBam.

BamBam tunred to Youngjae and smiled, “She’s content now. She knows we love her and that we would never intentionally leave her like that.” BamBam whispered, watching his happy, precious princess with a big smile. 

“H-Hey, what about me? Did you forget me?” Jaebum asked Y/N. He was pouting in her direction, yet to be loved on by his favorite babygirl. 

“Of course not Bummie..but you did leave me alone in the bed this morning..” Y/N teased him. 

“Bummie didn’t mean too!!” Jaebum whined, cringing a little at using the nickname he hated but he loved it when she said it. Y/N instantly smiled and ran to her Bummie, nuzzling him and peppering him in kisses as much as she could.

“They real question here is, who is your favorite of all favorites, baby?” Mark’s voice was heard amongst the soft talking and cuddling. All seven boys were somehow wrapped around their kitten, hands on her at all times. 

“I am.” Youngjae interjected quickly.

“Of course it’s me.” Jinyoung said quickly, glaring at Yongjae.

“NO. I’M HER FAVORITE!!” Jackson shouted, clinging to Y/n tighter, arms around her waist, head on her chest. His ears were pressed down to his head in a threatening manner, tail wrapping around her waist.

“Obviously it’s me. She scents me the most.” Jaebum said, a cocky smirk on his face as he rubbed circles on Y/N’s thigh

“Um. Wrong. It’s me.” Yugyeom looked at the boys, his tail wrapping around one of Y/N’s wrists.

“Well she always wants to sleep in my bed and cuddle with me.” Mark said, trying to pry Y/n from Jackson’s hold only to receive a soft growl from him.

“You are all wrong. Of course it’s me. She asks for me specifically, for EVERYTHING. When she’s sad, mad, in her heat, in need of cuddles, or kisses, or hugs.” BamBam said loudly, easily taking Y/N from Jackson’s hold and the other boys, setting her on his lap as he wrapped his arms and tail around her tightly.

All the boys went quiet and turned their heads toward BamBam, before all seven of them turned to you, “Well Babygirl, who is it?” They asked Y/N.

Y/N just smiled at them all, softly rubbing circles on BamBam’s wrist. “Well-”She stopped and looked up at BamBam, a soft smile appearing on her face.

“HA SEE IT’S ME!” BamBam shouted.

“No. I didn’t say that.” Y/N said quietly.

BamBam frowned and looked down.

“I don’t have a favorite. I couldn’t possibly. You are all my favorites.

Mark has the sweetest smile, and his cuddles are the best. But then again you all give good cuddles, but his are the best.” 

“Jinyoung is always looking out for me, even if he never shows it, I know he is. Always makes sure I’ve eaten, before the rest of you so I actually get food before it’s gone.”

“JaeJae makes me laugh, his laugh cheers me up just by hearing it. Makes me feel warm inside. All I have to do is think of his laugh and I can feel happy.” 

“Jackie always keeps me safe, I feel safest with him. He keeps me warm and makes sure I always feel safe and he always watches those sappy love movies with me when the rest of you won’t.” Y/N paused for a moment to smile at each boy fondly. Her eyes lighting up as she spoke about each one.

Bummie, is my personal teddy bear. Whenever I need a hug or to just be held, I know I can go to him. He makes me feel loved and always welcomed. He is the one who found me first.” Y/N smiled at him.

Yuggie is my giant that keeps me shielded from all the mean people in the world, he always makes sure when we go out in public that no one gives me bad looks and makes sure I’m always comfortable. He’s my shield in a world of fire and ice.

“And my Bambi, my Bambi… you always make sure I feel loved. No matter what you drop everything to take care of me. You are the first one I see when I’m sick, or when my heats come. You make sure when my heats are here that Jackie and Yuggie don’t come around my unless I want them, and you do that with yourself too. You always make sure that I’m not in pain and even when I am before I can come to you, you’re already there..”

Y/N took a deep breath, curling closer to BamBam, a yawn escaping her mouth. BamBam sits back between the rest of the boys, so they can cuddle up to each other, all eight of them are laying underneath blankets on the pillow mattress the boys put together just for this. 

“I love each of you equally, so I don’t have one favorite. I have seven. And I wouldn’t have it any other way. I’m so glad you all accepted me into the family when I first got here. I love you all so much…” Y/N’s voice trailed off as she began to fall asleep, her head against BamBam’s chest, her arms wrapped tightly around his waist, her legs on Jackson’s lap, and her tail wrapped around Mark and Jaebum;s wrists, since they were holding hands. Jinyoung and Youngjae had their heads on each of Y/n’s thighs, and her Yuggie was cuddled up to BamBam, an arm wrapped around them both. 

Each of the boys smiled softly at their kitten sleeping soundly between all of them. 

“We love you so much Kitten… So much..”

Keep Her Secret [05]


Mark Tuan/Reader [F]

Genre: Dystopian Future, Hybrid AU, Drama, Romance

Words: 3.1k

Part: 00/ 1/ 2/ 3/ 4/

Originally posted by ceohan

After 2 week of living with your new pack, they had warmed up to you.  You had learned about their personalities and their do’s and don'ts of the house.  You took care of them if they needed something and always worked hard to do simple chores for them since they were out a lot of the time.  However, in those 2 weeks.  You never once left the house, under strict guidelines from Mark that you weren’t allowed to. But, what if you did, just once?


It was so strange inside the walls of the house you lived in that sat deep in the middle of the woods in what seemed to be the only small clearing of trees. Living with the 7 different hybrid species men was surreal enough, but when the lively atmosphere they brought with them left the house, you could always feel the real state of the world on you.  

The boys were loud, obnoxious, rowdy and almost too carefree at times.  It was like there was no destruction or havoc out in the real world and everything was fine. Like society was in place and war wasn’t the everlasting doom of why restoration can’t even begin to be fathomable. And it almost seemed like they tried to create that illusion for you, so that you wouldn’t be curious of the outside to begin with.

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