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The Stars in Your Eyes

Request from anon: hey, can you do an imagine where Draco and the reader are best friends and the reader just LOVES constellations? So at night they sit together and look at the sky and the reader starts naming the constellations which makes Draco fall in love with her? Thanks x

Thanks so much for requesting, incidentally, I love constellations! As soon as I’m old enough I want to get a tattoo of my parents constellations! I think the stars are so cool (probably because i’m a ‘science nerd’) anyway, I’ll stop blabbering now 😂 I actually added some stuff about the constellation ‘Draco’ because a lot of the HP characters are named after constellations.

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You stand, your hands gripped gently around the rusty railing of the astronomy tower as you stared up at the stars. You’d always been mesmerised by the infinite possibility of what could be out there: it excited you, but not nearly half as much as it worried you. You always enjoyed stargazing at Hogwarts because it was in the highlands; back home, there was light pollution and most nights you could barely see the night sky.

“You gaze at the stars like they have stories to tell.” Draco, your best friend of God knows how many years justifies with a smile on his face. You break away from looking at the glistening white dots for a few seconds to glance over his features that were lit so perfectly in the dim light. “They do,” you began. you pointed up at the sky, showing Draco the loose outline of the constellation you so often admired. “This one’s Cassiopeia. It’s named after a vain queen named Cassiopeia in Greek mythology, who boasted about her incomparable beauty.” You smiled, quarrelling the reality of Greek mythology. “And this one’s Scorpius, notice it’s scorpion shape?” You note, as Draco watches you intently, realising for the first time how much you really knew about the stars. 

“What’s that one?” Draco asked, pointing at the cluster of stars that lay near the horizon. You thought for a few moments before answering. “It’s Ursa Major. It’s so beautiful.” Draco smiled at your passion. He watched as you smiled up at the sky. It had hit him like a tonne of bricks, but he began to wonder when you’d become so beautiful; he’d never thought this way about you before, but all he wanted to do was lean over and kiss you. You looked so gorgeous. 

“What’s your favourite constellation?” He asked, not daring to look away from you in case he missed anything. “You’re not going to believe me.” You chuckled, breaking away from your mesmerisation with the sky to look at Draco. “Try me.” He said, a smile forming upon his lips. “Okay, well, it’s actually Draco.” You breathed. You could’ve sworn you saw Draco blush but you couldn’t tell because of the black and white light that had been cast from the night sky. “Look.” You began, gently placing your fingers under his chin so that he could see the constellation that was by far the prettiest of them all. “Do you see it? It looks like some sort of dragon-snake hybrid. It’s amazing.” You whisper, smiling as you take in it’s beauty. 

Draco nods, turning to look at you once again. “It’s amazing, Y/N. You’re amazing.” He mumbles, scratching his neck. “And, it’s named after me.” You chuckle. “Well, technically, you’re the one named after it.” You justify. You both stand in silence for a few more moments, analysing each other. “What are you thinking?” You ask after watching Draco’s expression turn into a smile. “It’s weird,” Draco begins. “I swear I can see the stars in your eyes, Y/N.” 

The next hot new thing! A rare new hybrid of an anaconda, cobra, hognose, and rattlesnake! Get yours today!

Seriously though whenever I am at a show and there is an anaconda hognose on the table SOMEONE always has to make a comment under their breath, “I don’t think you can breed an anaconda to a hognose,” in this snarky tone coupled with an eyeroll like I cannot hear them, instead of asking.

In other news this is the same girl from the Easter shoot, she hoods up so great with the best super slow tongue flicks, complete with curly twisty tail. Not a lot of adults I’ve been able to work with have been nearly as great as her with the hooding. She gets way flat, she is awesome. She can get flatter than this even.

What’s my morph? Normal vs Hypo A

Every forum and every facebook group always ends up with people buying animals from craigslist or pet stores and popping in to ask what the morph of their new baby is. And it’s also a fairly common debate for corn snakes whether a particular animal is a normal or a hypo, or an anery versus a ghost.

So what is “hypo”?

Hypo is shorthand for hypomelanism. To break the word down, ‘hypo’ means reduced, ‘melanin’ means black, and ‘ism’ is the condition of. So hypomelanism is the condition of having reduced black pigment.

How many types of hypo are there?

In the corn snake world, hypo is sometimes thought of as a 4 letter word. There are five…ish non-allelic genes that produce a hypomelanistic effect. However, when most people say ‘hypo’ when identifying a corn snake, they mean Hypo A.

Hypo A/christmas/strawberry:  Of these 3 allelic genes, Hypo A is far and away the most common. The only way we know that these are indeed allelic genes rather than the same gene is very subtle effects on the snake (that I admit, I am NOT good at seeing) and how their melanocytes appear on the skin under significant magnification. It used to be thought that christmas and strawberry increased the amount of red pigment seen on the snake, but a different gene or genes has been shown to be the actual culprit of that, namely Red Factor or Red Coat.

Ultra/ultramel: Ultra is a gene that was introduced via hybridization. Technically any corn snake that has the ultra gene, or any snake descended from a snake with the ultra gene is a hybrid. But at this point they have been bred back to ‘pure’ corns to such a degree that the point is utterly moot. Ultra is also allelic to the amelanism gene. Homozygous ultras are darker than ultramels. Ultra also has an interesting effect of significantly increasing the amount of yellow a snake displays. Most corns develop a yellow wash along the sides of their necks, the sides of their face, and sometimes their nose. Ultra and Ultramels make this go significantly higher up the side of the animal, sometimes going entirely to the top, and up over the entire head. This is most easily seen on ultra and ultramel aneries.

Dilute: This gene makes the snake look like they are permanently in ‘blue’ or about to shed. It’s a pretty interesting effect.

Lava: This gene tends to result in quite intense reds (hence the name) and the black on these snakes turns a very interesting purple-y gray. On a curious note, it is very common for these snakes to have patches of normal black pigment so the saddle edges will look stippled.

Sunkissed:  … kind of. Sunkissed is both a color and pattern modifying gene. Most of the time is does produce a hypomelanistic effect, however there are certain lines where the snakes display normal black pigment.


Also worth noting, motley and stripe also result in a hypo-like effect on snakes so telling a light anery motley or a dark ghost motley can be difficult without breeding trials.

Common Hypo A Mythtakes:

One of the most persistent myths about hypo A, is that it reduces the quanitity of black. People will see a snake with very thin or non-existent borders to their saddle markings and declare it a hypo based on that alone.

This is not true. Hypo reduces the *quality* of the black pigment. Instead of being a true stark black, they will be dark chocolate, brown, tan, gray, or purple-ish. Saddle edge thickness appears to be a polygenic trait, hence why okeetee-phase animals were linebred to create those thick borders. It is most likely that saddle edge thickness is the result of repeats of a particular set of genes, just like nose length is in dogs. For dogs, the more repeats they have, the longer their nose is, and if they have very few repeats, the nose gets shorter. This is why we have dogs with faces like pugs and faces like a sight  hound. So I expect something similar is at work for saddle edges in corns because if you breed an okeetee phase to a normal corn snake, the offspring will have saddle thickness ranging between the two parental extremes.

For picture proof that hypo doesn’t reduce saddle edge thickness:

So how do we tell a normal apart from a hypo?

It’s all in those saddle edges. And the best way to tell is daylight photos that are super up close on those markings.

For example, this is a normal hatchling:

And while this snake is an anery as well, you can still see the true black on the markings really well:

And now, some hypos:

It might be tempting to think the lower snake is a normal, but these are daughter and son of the thick bordered hypo I showed above. Females of many morphs tend to be darker than their male counterparts.

To show they are both indeed hypos:

Here you can see that the markings are actually a chocolate brown, and that even her belly pattern is brown instead of black.

So there you go. That’s how you tell a normal from an animal carrying hypo A (or strawberry or christmas, gods how I hate these alleles).

markwatnae  asked:

Obi-Wan is a slytherpuff (like me) and I'll fight anyone that says otherwise

Okay, I can accept that. Because it’s probably the same as me because LOYALTY FTW!! Honestly considering this now lol

Buuut, in the ‘proper’ houses, he’s totally a Snake. Even if he’s in the Badger house, he’d still be a Snake just no one would ever realise until twenty years later and “okay you should have been in Slytherin you sly motherfucker”

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what ur fursona

It’s a dragon/fox/griffon/snake/box hybrid named StarrCroxx. Please help my gofundme page for my fursuit! Can’t afford to skin anymore of my pets for the fur, n grandma needs my snack money for her insulin. Thxxx :333

anonymous asked:

Prompts on Person A being some sort of animal hybrid (cat, dog, snake etc) and Person B is teasing them bc A is usually not close to anyone but then as soon as B pets them or something, they just instantly melt under their touch?

I think I’ll try a couple different animals. 

1.B:”Whose a good dog? Huh? You are!”

A:”If you ever say that to me again, I will literally bite your hand off.” 

B:”Okay, fine..”

A:”I didn’t say to stop petting me though, get back here.” 

2.B:”Holy crap. I didn’t you could get any cuter, but holy crap, you can purr?” 

A:”Don’t call me cute.” 

B:”You are literally curled up in my lap like a kitten, purring as I play with your hair, and I can’t say it’s cute?” 

A:”First of all: I am a kitten. Second:It feels good okay, don’t judge me. Third: Call me cute one more time and I will scratch your eyes out.” 

3.B:”I didn’t know snakes were this affectionate.” 

A:”Shut up, it’s only because you’re warm.”

4. B:”Not so tough now, huh? Who would have thought that all you need was a good touch to tame you.” 

A:”That sounds…That sounds really wrong.” 

5.A:”This is embarrassing, i am not going to beg for it.” 

B:”You don’t have to beg, I just want to hear you ask for it.” 

A:”Fine…Would you please….please.. pet me?” 

I hope you like them, and if you need anything else dont hesitate to ask. 

Legendary Creatures [C]

See the rest of the alphabet here.

Book 1: The Invasion, Chapters 4-5


(Housekeeping: I don’t really have a strict timeline in mind for this, I may squish multiple chapters into one post if they’re short enough, after all, we have A LOT OF BOOKS TO GET THROUGH):

Chapter 4

And we’re back: Yeerks descending, Alienstag dying, Our Heroes trying to decide whether they want some ill-defined magic powers.  Which: yes, obviously, given the title of the series, they do.

Magic ritual time!  Conveniently, this ritual seems to involve everyone touching one side of the magic box thing that Jake brought back, and five of them plus the Alienstag is exactly enough people.  Handy, that.  Would suck if it were a magic dodecahedron and they couldn’t do the ritual.

Weirdly, the actual Getting Of Magic Powers is over in a very short paragraph. Everyone touches the cube, Everyone gets a little tingly zap from the cube. Boom!  You now have powers.

Also, says the Alienstag, make sure you don’t stay morphed for more than two hours or you can’t shift back.  Which raises a lot more questions about exactly how precise this timing is, why the powers tie so neatly into Earthling time measurements, etc., but there’s no time to get into that because it is time for ACTION and EXPOSITION.

Specifically a Big Bad Dude is arriving along with the Yeerks.  Big Bad Dude is named Visser Three, and he’s the only Yeerk who can morph, and he is basically just not a nice dude. Alienstag really thinks the kids should get to running.  Which they do, but not before Tobias pets the Alienstag and gets a little extra zap of some sort, which I assume will be important later - did he get an extra power, or the ability to morph for an extra five minutes, or something?  

Once Tobias is zapped, they all take off running. And now we’re going to meet two new kinds of creatures who just landed!

  1. The Hork-Bajir, who are doing nothing to disprove my theory that Applegate is just naming these characters after cat-vomiting noises.  They are basically some kind of knife-dinosaur-snake hybrid, but Alienstag is still telepathing from a distance, and he says they’re a soft and cuddly race generally, though these particular ones have been Controlled by Yeerks and thus aren’t soft and cuddly anymore.
  2. The Taxxon, which sounds like a prescription medication of some sort.  They’re some sort of tube-like centipede things with a bunch of teeth and lobster claws.  It is at this point that I suddenly remember @theglintoftherail​ once telling me about some sort of Hunger Tube alien, and I have a terrible feeling this is probably it.  The Alienstag is not so happy about these guys, he has nothing nice to say about their cuddliness factor even when they are not Yeerk-controlled.

And now the Alienstag and K.A. Applegate are tired from infodumping at us, so we go to chapter break, apparently.

Chapter Five

Alienstag Wikipedias some more knowledge into the kids’ heads: The Hork-Bajir are basically Space Rhinoceroses, in that they can hear really well but have terrible vision.  So probably the kids’ best chance of surviving is to hold really still and pretend to be weirdly shaped rocks.

The Alienstag is also exuding some sort of Space Xanax, telepathically calming the kids so they don’t flip out and start screaming.  Which is probably a good idea because I have to assume that sometime in the FIFTY THREE REMAINING BOOKS, things are going to continue to escalate, and so they should probably try to achieve some chill at this early juncture or they’re not going to fare well later.

So everyone holds really still, and Alienstag thinks calming thoughts at them, and Marco recovers from his terror enough to make a joke about the Hork-Bajir looking like a SaladShooter. I feel like that wouldn’t be the reference we’d reach for today.  Can’t quite make up my mind what the 2017 version of “basically a ball of knives” is, though.

The Hork-Bajir are at least temporarily fooled by all this freezing-in-place, which lets us get back to the next wave of invasion, namely: Visser Three’s landing . Visser Three, because he is a Bad Dude, is going to monologue at us for a while.  Let’s just bullet-point this:

  • V3 tells us the Alienstag’s name!  It’s Prince Elfangor-Sirinial-Shamtul, which is…a lot.  “My First Fantasy Novel” a lot. Also I am now left with some thoughts about database design.   I feel as if a lot of Earthling databases have enough trouble just handling things like hyphenated last names, and people with two middle names, and special characters in names.  Now I really want to know about the alien database designer responsible for keeping track of all sorts of different aliens with all sorts of naming conventions, and how he makes sure his database isn’t going to choke on triple-hyphenated first names with no last name attached.
  • We find out that V3 really wants to be Visser One, which he hopes to achieve by impressing everyone back home with his conquering of earth.  So I guess the number is a rank thing and not that he’s Visser Son of Visser, Also Son Of Visser.
  • We find out that V3 is into conquering earth because we have LOT of people and also those people are ignorant and easy to take over.  We have so many people, in fact, that back home they’re going to have to build more “Yeerk pools” to make new Yeerks to occupy all the human brains.  So I guess finding out what a Yeerk Pool is, is something we can all look forward to together.  

Finally the Alienstag, whose name I am not going to bother to learn to type if he’s dying in this chapter, gets tired of this and gets to his feet and stabs V3 with his pointy tail.  You go, Alienstag.  Might as well do some damage on your way out.

V3 gets bloody and pissy and has his minions burn the Alienstag’s ship.   The glowing light of the ship-burning artistically illuminates the fact that there are some humans hanging out behind V3. That seems important and like something we’re gonna be coming back to at some point.

But we don’t really get to dig into that right now because V3 is pissed off now and apparently when he’s pissed off he morphs into a giant head with a giant mouth and, for some reason, tentacles.  (Am I going to be saying “for some reason, tentacles” a lot in recapping these books?  Let us hope so.)  (Also I want to know whether morphing into a different animal resets the two-hour clock or not.)

V3 tentacle-grabs the Alienstag, and the kids are feeling NOT GREAT BOB about all of this, and we just sort of end the chapter on this note of Alienstag dangling over V3’s gaping maw.

Good times, good times.