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One of the thing that deeply irritates me the most about star wars is how all these huge planets with ridiculously large populations all have a single monolithic culture with very little by the way or variation or even the kind of divisions you see inside a country on earth. And I guess that to some extent this is the product of being part of a galaxy where space and time are easily collapsible, so nationalism naturally expands it’s borders to include an entire planet in its purview.

But at the same time it doesn’t explain the lack of cultural variance in things like art or clothing or ritual or even relations to the Force and religion. I think it comes from this retrograde anthropological idea that every culture is easily classifiable and describable when cultures are these weird organic and complex entities which partially emerge in response to things and partially emerge because humans like to make meaning out of nothingness and partially because humans just like to do weird shit. I think the same would hold true for all sentients in the GFFA.

The thing about this retrograde view of culture is that it emerges from a particular political and social milieu (colonial and imperial) but it’s reproduced here in space without questioning at all. And then it just keeps getting even more irritating because you then have space fascists like thrawn who on some level are meant to have an appreciation of art, but on another level have this deeply functionalist understanding of art as an expression of an inherent cultural tendency or serving a particular psychological purpose/representation in a society. This is again this colonial understanding of material culture which posits that an object cannot exist in and of itself for itself or for anything like pleasure or individual expression, but that it directly expresses a cultural and universal expression that represents some inherent truth about a whole people (a psychological function, a function describing social relations and sociality). In thrawn’s case this is then put to use to conquer them. And this could be commentary on the colonial mindset of functionalist anthropology and understandings of culture, except that all of thrawn’s assumptions are proved correct over and over again - and his assumptions about monolithic cultures are reified over and over again in other books in the EU and in the movies and in canon shows like rebels.

So rather than having culture as this weird and manyheaded entity that no one ever perfectly maps to or understands - it is possible, for example, to feel like a stranger in your own “culture” because you have been subjected to so many global influences, and I’m guessing this same pattern would easily replicate itself here - you have a single culture which is also, incidentally, traditional and historical culture. This weird and exotic thing that you can write about in your colonial era anthropology books because it is strange and intricate and deeply rooted in the past - a distant and unnameable past - and rarely ever in the present. Culture, in other words, as primitive, as the Other to modernity which is apparently cultureless. And this too is a political idea which manifested in a cold war era milieu where modernity was a state of being that all other “developing” cultures were meant to aspire to - not just in ritual or dedication to science or dress or sexual freedom but also in modes of consumption but also wrt these more intangible ideas such as the american dream and it’s constituent personality traits like individualism. Star wars just kind of keeps reproducing it and sometimes there’s slippage that allows for you as a fanfic writer to write back against this (which… fandom… doesn’t… which is a rant for another day) but mostly it’s just an uncomfortable tension where you have these deeply colonialist assumptions and understandings of culture constantly being reproduced uncritically and as though this is natural and objective, quantifiable truth.

My post notes are exploding, hair gloriously unkempt, someone got called out for faking their entire identity for years to justify writing a Hamilton HIV high school AU fic, the person who made the callout did it to avenge their Lin Manuel Miranda mermaid cannibalism fic, the Astros are winning the World Series, I drank like seven cups of milky coffee only to remember I’m lactose intolerant, and I still don’t give a single flying duck about anarcho-capitalism.

I need a goth-nerd hybrid to tuck me in bed. Like, what the hell is oviposition?

  • Travis: *asks an out of character question to matt in his grog voice*
  • Me: pure! wholesome! I love the jock-nerd hybrid!
get outta my mind, get in my car

Prompt by solangeloprompts: Mortal AU. Will Solace is the new employee at the local car wash shop. Nico is the newly turned regular who all of a sudden volunteers to get every person he knows who owns a car and have it get washed.

He volunteers out of his own good will and simply not to discreetly stare at the blonde car wash boy. Seriously, what are people talking about?

Read on ao3.

Nico di Angelo was not having a good day.

He had been rudely awakened by the blaring of his alarm clock, only to realize that there was half an hour left before the start of his first lesson and the campus was a twenty-minute drive away; he had thrown together an ensemble of mostly-wrinkle-free jeans and a Ramones tee, grabbed a cup of coffee, tripped down the stairs of the apartment complex, spilled his coffee and tripped again on the steps in front of the building.

Somehow, miraculously, he had managed to arrive in time for Sociology and was spared from the disapproving glances of his childhood and best friend, Jason Grace. But on the way back from college, he got a flat tyre and amidst the clamorous din of the honking cars and several rude drivers, he had to have it towed to the nearest mechanic’s.

Yes, it seemed there was a need to revise the previous statement for it was a gross understatement. Today was officially the Worst Day EverTM.

The enormous sign caught his eye first, and then the actual words swam into focus as his mind re-booted after the exhausting morning.

Hephaestus’ Wheels

The allusion to Greek mythology stirred an unknown force deep inside him, just like it always did whenever he came here- a discordant note in a well-harmonized aria or a ripple spreading out onto a sheet-like surface of water. The faint whiff of jasmine, a green beret, twinkling laughter reminiscent of silver bells…

Nico shook his head forcefully. No, don’t go down that path, he chastised himself. Even after all these years, it was frighteningly easy to lose himself in that dark abyss of his memories.

‘You okay, kid?’

The gruff voice pierced through the haze that had settled over him. Nico glanced at the owner-Mr. Hephaestus- an elderly but surprisingly agile man with a scraggly beard, grisly hair and one leg made of steel whose thunks reverberated ominously in the empty space.

‘Yeah,’ Nico replied, clearing his throat. ‘I’m fine.’

‘Well, the car’s all done,’ Mr. Hephaestus said, dusting off his soiled overalls. The clothes remained stubbornly dirty. ‘That’ll be five dollars.’

‘Sure.’ Nico pulled out his wallet, his gaze straying idly across the mostly empty garage, observing the curious amalgam of spare car parts, tool boxes and what looked like a hybrid between an old-fashioned television and a boiler.

He froze.

Settled into a nook of the expansive area was the mechanic’s own car wash service. But that was not what had ensnared his attention. At the moment, a middle-aged woman with an austere face was driving away after getting her car cleaned. And a young man Nico had never seen at the shop before, who had been attending to her, chirped out a, ‘Have a good day!’

From this angle, it was impossible to make out his face but Nico could see the mop of unruly golden curls and the arms- oh, Fates have mercy on his poor soul, they were tanned!- in his form fitting shirt.

Heat crept up his cheeks and to the tips of his ears.

‘Uh, on second thought,’ Nico stammered. ‘I’d think I’d like to get my car washed too. You know, since I am here and all.’

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mandrews does a cool kickflip and he and the boys go to in n out then hang out at the boardwalk!!!

mandrews longboards down the boardwalk slurping an avocado sobe water and blasting whatever the uk version of the red hot chili peppers is and everyone agrees its Tewwible

  canon things about angus i forget about:

  • a brony
  • his dad told him to not talk to people who worship pagan gods
  • knocked out some baby teeth after being thrown off of a moving train
  • a huge fan of jeff angel
  • not a sell out
  • chaotic good high school jock-nerd hybrid
  • is in charge of the hanger when avi isn’t around
  • on his 11th birthday he plays keep away with a demon
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He truly is the realist jock/nerd/prep hybrid. Jock bc big and strong so he can dig, nerd bc he’s out there digging at all, and prep bc he’s rich enough to afford it in the first place. Also sweatervests

Literally within the span of one chapter he went from winning a rugby match with everyone commenting on how absurdly big and strong he is, to sitting in the library in his preppy little sweatervest/blazer combo talking to himself about how he hopes his archaeology thesis will be successful, “even if it’s not on the level of Darwin’s theory of evolution”


Idk if I’d already posted those, these are a few sheets of my OCS.
The first one is Maria and she’s a demon living amongst human.
The second one is Calcifer and they’re a human and demon hybrid computer nerd.
The third one is Matt, a dog and human hybrid, he’s pan and loves everything that’s pastel.
The fourth one is Melissa, a vampire working at a hot topic.
The fifth one is my Harry Potter OC, Willy, he’s super sweet and is obsessed by birbs.
The sixth one is my gemsona, Jade.
The other two are just random OCs I did on the spot, The Best Man and Wolf Boy.