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Will you be posting more of the pacificwatch au?

Yeah! Actually here’s another thing I did that didn’t quite go with the other two sketches from before, haha;

Kaiju Gabe puking up radioactive slime - I would imagine this would happen more in the beginning as his body is still adjusting to the transformation and is probably rejecting the changes

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Kaijiation Hybridization

I have talked about Kaijiation at length already, and while those posts could use a little bit of tweaking, they’re accurate enough for me to get into another important aspect of Kaijiation, it’s ability to easily hybridize different life forms.

As a refresher, Kajiation “infects” living things on a cellular level, mutating those cells to produce more Kaijiation, in turn mutating more cells and so on. The end result is a kaiju, bigger than any normal creature, and repelling gravity through the Kaijiation now present in it’s body. When a kaiju’s infected cells are introduced into a non infected individual, those cells begin mutating the hosts cells as usual, but with the added effect of those original cells mixing with the hosts, making the host take on properties from the donor.

The hybrids can vary in how much of the original kaiju they take after, but the more infected cells, the more hybridized it will appear to be. It is important to know that there is a very strict limit to how much one can be hybridized, as the hybridization process already stressed the body to the extreme. It is only “safe” for two creature to be hybridized, as the stress of any more will be too much for the body, and they will die during the mutation process. Also important is the fact that humans hybridize with very little success.

Kaiju themselves are typically immune to hybridization, their cells already having mutated, therefore being highly resistant to further mutation, but there are a select few exceptions. Speaking of exceptions, the biggest exception of hen all is Jake, who is hybridized with many different kaiju. How he survived this is purely by chance, most likely due to his being an infant at the time, and the effects of it show drastically. The most obvious would be how different he looks from his kin, his armor being the most prominent visual cue. The armor was, in actuality, his body attempting to grow an exoskeleton, courtesy of insect kaiju cells. The process of the armors growth was excruciating, and phantom pains linger in the dragons body to this day.

Kaijiation is an extremely potent force, so it is best to remember, as Jake demonstrates, the rules are never set in stone, and exceptions to these rules may make themselves apparent in due time.

Okay I think I’ll finally post these :’D since I keep seeing new posts of them floating around!

“Whalewolf” concept art for the new Sharktopus movie coming out this July!

The very first version of this guy was actually more of a 50/50 hybrid with fins instead of rear legs but since they needed the character to have more land mobility, that was dropped in favor of legs (which really makes Whalewolf look like Akhlut, I’ve noticed lots of people pointing that out.) Maybe that initial sleek version might be posted sometime later as a bonus, hehe.

And yes I’m also aware that the Orca is not a “whale!” On this one the name kinda came first, I figured the “Killer whale” mixed better with the wolf aspect, it’s also a nod to the evolution of cetaceans, a thing a few people have also picked up it seems :D

There are other hints and reasons for why things were done the way they were here but I won’t spoil it all!

things i want for pacific rim 2

- ace lesbian mako mori with a girlfriend in j-tech
- more of raleigh’s old man sweaters
- herc & mako bonding through their grief & developing a father/daughter relationship
- mako inheriting chuck’s jacket & treasuring it
-confirmation that mako & chuck grew up together & were military brats that did stupid shit together
- hannibal punching newt for taking his shoe
- hermann getting a kaiju tattoo
- newt making dog/kaiju hybrids & having a small hoard of dog sized kaijus following him around
- max getting belly rubs & dog treats because the dog deserves all the love

Drew these out of boredom,

Well it’s been a while, so here are some drawings I was doing a few weeks ago.

This is Leatherback as a Kaiju-themed Jeager, since they announced that their would be Kaiju/Jeager hybrids in the sequel (though that was when it was still in development and before they got a new directer, so I’m not sure if that’ll be happening unless we see more concept art or see them in trailers), I decided to draw the idea since I haven’t seen anyone else (that I know of) done this yet, so I thought I’d sort of give it a shot.

This is Camila Felix,  One of the side characters from that old ‘Heroes in High school’ idea I had. As the name suggest, she is Jack’s mother and head scientist of the UKB (Universal Kaiju Brigade). She is also skilled in combat and taught her son some moves as well as to see the good in everyone, especially some Kaiju.

This is a Kaiju themed mecha I thought of doing for a while, basically I had this idea of a Kaiju themed Sentai, where they bond with a Kaiju and gain their abilities to stop invaders from using the Kaiju to cause havoc. The idea was mostly inspired by Gingaman and Gaoranger. The Kaiju/mechs are: a dino-themed Kaiju (which can also transform to a solo mech), a Wolf Kaiju, a Stegosaur-like Kaiju, a Pteradactyl-like Kaiju, and an Orca-like Kaiju.

This was a crazy idea I had, basically this is Alejandra from the Overwatch short in a ‘what if’ scenario, where she joins Overwatch when she got older and more experience. It was a crazy idea I had that was inspired by that old theory that she might be Sombra (which was obviously not true). Back on topic, for the design, I went with the idea that her outfit and gear would be inspired by Soldier 76 (hence why I also drew a mask for her).

This is Kamen Rider Shin Neo, basically it was an idea I had when thinking, if they continue making more mature Rider shows, instead of just rebooting a previous Showa series, why not have a proper continuation/conclusion to a Rider that never got their chance to shine. Here’s the story idea, after 25 years, Shin and his son (now all grown up) are still being hunted down by the unknown foundation, who’ve upgraded their Cyborg Soldiers to track them. After managing to take a few of them down, they use bits of their technology to create some new Drivers to upgrade themselves and face the Foundation as Shin X and Shin Neo.

This was my attempt at making a Sailor Moon fusion, mostly cause I haven’t seen anyone done it yet, so I figured why not and fuse two of my favorite Sailor Senshi, Mars and Jupiter. Though since I’m not use to drawing an anime-ish style, it doesn’t look as good as I hoped it would, but at least I tried.

This is King Sphinx redesigned to fit the recent reboot film, before seeing the film, I read their explanation for why they made Goldar a faceless being, it got me thinking that if they wanted to do that, they could’ve done it to one of the early monsters of the week, such as King Sphinx, heck, seeing King Sphinx and Goldar on the big screen would’ve made the film even more awesome.

This is Bia , she’s one of the villains from that old ‘Heroes in High school’ idea. She is Sara’s long lost twin sister and one of the few survivors of the Kalaron race. She joined a small faction of dangerous warriors and was sent to destroy Earth. When she discovers her sister’s whereabouts, she tries to make her join her faction and bring their race back on top.

Last but not least, here’s my redrawing of the original MMPR Red meeting his reboot counterpart, which I drew a day before the film was released..

Pacific Rim 2 wishlist
  • Maisie Williams piloting a Jaeger, potentially with Jenna Coleman
  • If there really are going to be Jaeger/Kaiju hybrids, I also demand MECHA-OTACHI
  • Jaegers that don’t have slurs in their names
  • Anyone, I don’t care who, breaking the fourth wall to violently quash any lingering Godzilla crossover rumors
  • Newt and Hermann kissing
  • Mako Mori passing the Mako Mori test and saying, “2-2, better watch it” again