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Carrot top:"Hey nemo what would yours and frizz foals look like if you two ever decide to have children?

Mod: Meet little Pepper and her brother Snow.

This is Pepper. She is a dragon horse hybrid just like her daddy. And she smells just like peppermint just like her mommy. She’s very adventurous, courageous, curious, and an excellent hunter just like her daddy. But when it comes to other ponies, she’s actually very bashful and hides behind her mom. She only ever really talks to her brother or her parents. She speaks Polish too! Just like papa Frizz. She likes to eat raw fish, berries, and lots of spicy things. But her most favorite thing to do is taking naps in daddy’s mane. What a cutie!

This is Snow. Of course, as you can see, he’s a peppermint horse just like his mommy. But, there’s a twist. He’s actually the first unicorn peppermint horse. This is because Nemo’s father is a unicorn. So he’s a natural born unicorn like his grandpa. Only.. he’s a peppermint horse like his mom, and grandma, and great grandpa and so on. He’s very smart and knows a good amount of magic for a foal his age. He can seem shy at first but he’s actually very well spoken. He looks out for his little sister when she goes exploring. He’s often tried protecting her when she runs into an animal bigger than her. He gets it from his daddy. Frizz often nicknames him his “little Nemo” because of his colors and peppermint smell. He’s actually a lot more attached to his dad. He likes everything sweet and sugary just like his mom. He’s so cute and pudge~

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Percy and Magnus

Headcanons for Percy and Magnus meeting.

-Annabeth has really talked up her boyfriend. The legendary Son of Poseidon, Hero of Olympus, Exploder of Mt. St. Helens, whose nosebleed almost destroyed the planet. Magnus worries about meeting him, and not doing something dumb. He just hopes Percy didn’t see his blooper reel.

-Magnus isn’t quite sure what to make of this intimidating teen. He has a mischievous twinkle in his unnaturally green eyes that reminds him of the twinkle in Loki’s.

-Percy tries to be cool and live up to his apparent reputation, but reveals himself to be a dork within a few minutes.

-He and Magnus start chatting about their favorite TV shows, and they argue for a bit about cheeseburgers vs. falafel before Annabeth swats them both over the head.

-Magnus complains to Jack when he sees that Riptide has a pen form.

-Percy is a bit freaked out when Jack starts talking, and he and Magnus both get confused when Jack starts trying to flirt with Riptide.

-Magnus talks about Sam, and Percy cracks a grin and mentions that she would probably be good friends with Annabeth.

-When Magnus mentions Gunilla, Percy says that she probably would have gotten along well with his friend, Clarisse.

-Percy introduces Blackjack, and talks about how he can talk to all horse-hybrid creatures because of his dad, and Magnus grumbles about wanting to understand Stanley.

-Magnus introduces Stanley as Sam’s nephew, grandmothered by Loki, and Percy looks kind of green around the gills, pun totally intended by Magnus.

-Annabeth points out that Percy’s brothers include the Golden Fleece, and a Pegasus, so he shouldn’t be complaining.

-Magnus and Percy enjoy each other’s sass, and it grates on Annabeth.

-They become fast friends, and Percy talks about his time being homeless while he had amnesia, and how Annabeth was his only tether to his past.

-Percy meets Blitzen on his third time going out with Magnus. At first, Percy had jumped back into a defensive position, but Magnus just explained the Blitz was the coolest, most fashionable dwarf you could find, and he made great armor.

-After meeting Hearth, Percy and Annabeth thanked him for keeping Magnus somewhat alive, and safe. But they learned the sign language to do so, which made Magnus get kind of emotional. “No, I’m not crying, Annabeth, I’m just bleeding salt water from my eyes”

-Percy talks about Sally, and eventually, Magnus agrees to come meet her in NY.

-Sally asks his permission and gives him a big hug before giving him a hearty meal because even with his muscle, he is still too skinny.

-He stays with Percy and his family for about a week, and Percy teaches him how to use Iris Message, and gives him a bunch of drachma for emergency calls.

-Magnus almost cries when she and Paul give him a care package with some green cookies, a Nokia cellphone with their numbers, and some fresh t-shirts.

-Magnus starts calling them Aunt Sally and Uncle Paul, and he includes Percy in his family.

-Percy places a blessing on Magnus so that he is protected by Poseidon when he goes out to sea, making it so Ran can’t touch him.

-They both know, that going forward, they will always have each other’s backs, and through Annabeth and their own friendship, they are family.

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Hello Leela! This latest vid feels a lot like Phil indulging Dan, doesn't it? Haahaha and i felt that Phil probably knew the gist of the game but never actually played it. Dan kept glancing at Phil to see his reactions which was cute. The part when Dan burst out laughing when Phil did the "Heyyyyyy" thing at 11:48 was cute as well.

(horse boyfriend simulator

yesssss ahhhhh. i didn’t end up writing anything much about this vid nor did i take very many notes while i watched it because i didn’t feel there was anything super complex going on. but yes to me this was such an important part of the dynamic throughout the video. “indulging” is perhaps too strong of a word, but it was certainly phil being pushed quite outside of his normal boundaries for youtube as a result of dan’s humor. and in my opinion he handled it beautifully and carried forward a lot of the new laxness around sexual references and Adult Themes that we’ve been seeing. he went out of his way to make quite pointedly sexual comments (especially the one where he asks why the horse is steamy and gives dan a very exaggerated look to make sure dan caught on to the sexual undertones of his joke). the situation def didn’t demand that but he went for it anyway. and he also didn’t steer clear at all of openly complimenting the looks of the horse-dude (how is this a sentence i’m writing i hate them) despite his maleness. i’m so proud of him for warming up to being able to talk about things like this and not just talk about them, but to do so gleefully, in the extremely clever way that he has mastered, and, just like dan and his sexual banter in the pastel edits video, completely on his own terms. i’m just. so proud. 

i think this is part of the reason why dan was so very obvious in the way he kept looking at phil to gauge his reactions–because a lot of the jokes were things that one wouldn’t expect phil to be totally okay with. and to that end, one of the things i thought about most during/after the vid was dan’s rationale when he played through that first episode and then concluded it would be good for the gaming channel. not even just as a one-off vid but as a potential longer series. why that game???????? ? why a game that demands them to basically voice act two characters flirting with each other in very overt and sexual ways and eventually fall in love? why a game that basically requires them to talk about a hot dude constantly??????? ? that’s such an insane and incomprehensible leap from even a few months ago when people were like ~oH shiT how are they gonna do that scene in undertale with the two male guards who are into each other ohhHhHhHH shitTtTtT~ like not only are they apparently completely fine talking about hot man-horse hybrids and commenting on how “meaty” he is and whatever else, but apparently they’re also completely fine with the notion of 20 min long vids of them basically reading a sexual script to each other. that’s cool! 

so. it will certainly be interesting to see where the series goes but i am vvvvv intrigued and just so happy, as always, that they’re reaching these new and unprecedented comfort levels with each new piece of content they put out. it’s crazy. it’s so so crazy. 

The Second Mango: Queer Jewish ladies of color, and also dragons

When I picked up The Second Mango, the first book in Shira Glassman’s Mangoverse series, I didn’t have particularly high expectations. For one thing, I’d never heard of the series. Surely, if it was worth reading, it’d have been hyped up more, right?


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It’s been like, a semester and a half since I’ve drawn some freehand horses and I’m very happy with the improvement!

A little update for Ghostly Muse and Golden Gale (Gaiihl)’s designs! Gaiihl is no longer zebra-horse hybrid and instead is now weird sphinx horse and to be honest I think it fits him well. 

Also have bonus friend horse doodles because I couldn’t help myself!

Creaky stretchy magic horse, long pretty horse, plant horse, and sleepy delivery horse

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Question... I've been reading a ton of khr/naruto reincarnation fics (they seem to be popular, lol) If you ever did one, who would you pick to be reincarnated, and as who? How do you think certain people would effect the plot?

(I’m assuming you’re talking about KHR people getting reborn into the Naruto verse and not vice versa?)

Tsuna wakes up feeling strange. He can’t quite put his finger on it–maybe it’s the face that all the nearby trees look weirdly small (it’d taken him a while to realize that they were actually, in fact, trees and not broccoli) or all the foreign-yet-familiar memories in his head (of energy, of life, of being named Kurama). It isn’t until he stands up and catches sight of the nine giant, flaming tails behind him that he starts to get an inkling of what’s going on. 

“So that’s how it is,” Tsuna says calmly, with the ‘no-matter-what-I-do-my-life-is-never-going-to-be-normal-so-I-might-as-well-give-up-now’ defeatist attitude decades of exposure therapy to Reborn and the Vongola have given him. “Well, fuck.” 

Bonus: “Wait, so if I’m the Kyuubi, and Hayato’s the Gyuuki, and Takeshi’s the Nanabi, and Mukuro’s the Rokubi, and Kyoya’s the Gobi, and Ryohei’s the Yonbi, and Lambo’s the Sanbi, and Chrome is the Nibi…then who the hell is the Ichibi?” 

~Cut to desert scene~

“Hmm,” Reborn mused to himself as he belched up a bjuudama and watched it throw up a mushroom-shaped cloud in the distance. “Well, it’s no Chaos Shot, but it’ll do.” 

Bonus #2: “You know how I’m the Rokubi and you’re the Kyuubi?”

“I’m aware of that, yes.”

“Well Tsunayoshi, did you know that if you put six and nine together, you get–”

“Don’t finish that sentence.”

Bonus #3: “So you’re telling me that you want to forcibly seal me away into a human prison for the foreseeable future, in the hopes of attaining a temporary, shaky peace between villages that are already well on their way to hating each other?”

“Uh…well, when you put it that way, it sounds pretty bad.” 

“Do it.” 

“…wait, what?”

“You heard me.”

“I did, I just, uh, didn’t expect you to be so agreeable about this.”

“Look, tree-guy. I don’t particularly care about you or who you are, but yesterday I had to dodge sand bullets the size of houses for the sake of a ‘training exercise.’ The day before that, I had to stop a dolphin-horse hybrid from leveling a town for ‘encroaching on his territory.’ The day before that, I witnessed my brother, a mountain-sized horned squid, and my other brother, a giant spiked beetle, having angry make-up sex. Have you ever seen a humongous squid having sex with an equally humongous chakra insect? No? Let me tell you, it’s not pretty. Honestly, at this point I’ll take whatever reprieve I can get, and if that means getting sealed into a human for a couple of decades, then so be it.” 

Bonus #4: “Ciaossu. I am Reborn, the number one bjuu in the world.”

“You do know that I have more tails than you, right?”

“Your point?”

“…never mind. Nice to know that some things never change.” 

“You got that right, dame-kyuubi.” 

(Reborn only gets one tail because otherwise it just wouldn’t be fair to the rest of the universe.)

Legendary Creatures [C]

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