hybrid cities

Seven cities in motion

1. A modular city on a series of concentric circular railway tracks. Nobody need commute; you merely wait until your part of the accommodation ring aligns with the appropriate part of the administrative ring, or perhaps sneak through to the entertainment ring inside it or out to the wall ring to look at the mountains. Sometimes an alarm sounds and the rings align in such a way as to avoid or repel a threat from the hole within the innermost track, or from the outside world. Everyone has learned to stay away from the windows when this happens, so who knows what the threats might be.
2. A city of technologically-advanced snails. Having advanced past annexing their shells so that they could bunk up together, they became more ambitious. They formed shell towers, outsourcing propulsion to a small corps of dedicated crawlers, allowing snail farmers and scientists and artists and so forth to dedicate their lives to furthering the survival and knowledge of the snail race. They made glittering atriums and spiral slitherways and triple-horned cornershops and inaccessible, mysterious attics dripping slime down into the city’s highways. Occasionally they visit human cities in diguise as an enormous plate of profiteroles. Always check before you bite.
3. A city in a series of interconnected balloons, somewhere up in the atmosphere of Venus. It has great solar-panel fins to swim it away from Venus’s metallic montaintops. Other than that it blows where the wind takes it, a soft thing in a soft environment. There are others up there just like it, and to a distant observer they might appear to be great wandering jellyfish.
4. A city on an old world, one where every space has been built on and cracked open and knocked down and built on again with the remains of its most recent ruins. The world thus being covered in buildings in greater or lesser states of repair, it falls to us to define a city as its people. These people, banding together in groups of a million or so, roam across this world’s urban deserts year by year. As the climate shifts they move North and South; as the water supplies run out they move onwards; and when the wolves come from the bunkers at night they move their dwelling-places down from the mountains to the sea. In this way the city is constantly on the run. Sometimes it crosses path with another city and splits, amoeba-like, into two hybrid cities heading in diferent directions.
5. A city that was not technically supposed to be in motion, but was swallowed by a fish that refuses to keep still.
6. A city on a monorail. It is a very small city. It currently occupies the third carriage of a train on Line 2 of the Chongqing Metro, and has apparently declared itself an independent city-state. It is not currently a city in motion. The train manager has been called and will attend to the situation shortly. But assuming all that stuff gets resolved in a way that is favourable to the city, it will be in motion soon.
7. A city on a planet that is moving round a star.

I’m for all solarpunk styles

for clean white futuristic architecture and farm scrapers, people wearing dresses of gold with solar panels in the fabric and jewelry that generates energy.

for cities with texture and alive with color, with solar panels looking like stained glass windows and the ones who live there wear every color imaginable and incorporate flowers into their wardrobe

for towns that look similar to ours but everything is recycled; people working together to keep the streets clean and to maintain society to where no one is impoverished. and they recycle clothing and wear hemp. and trash isn’t much of an issue because anything that can be recycled, is. and anything that can be decomposed is being composted for rooftop gardens. and anything that doesn’t fit into either category is being produced less and is being reused.

I’m for hybrids of these cities. I’m for people acknowledging different ways of saving the planet. im for all solarpunk because if every city across the world looked the same, then it would be boring. and my idea of solarpunk is where everyone can appreciate the differences.

mutantgurls  asked:

Why dontbyoi do a wing au where lance hide his wings?

Ohhh Boi yes. I’ll do a bit more than just hiding it. Maybe someone finding out, or something like that ;) 


Lance always hated hiding his wings, it was hard. They wanted to unfurl and stretch out, he wanted to feel the wind flowing through the soft feathers. His wings were a gentle chocolate brown that shone a pale blue when the sun glinted off of the shimmery feathers at just the right position. They were hard to hide and sometimes he wondered how no one had found out yet.

Quietly he stretched out in bed, sighing as his wings flapped gently as they stretched as well. He sat up, running his fingers through the soft feathers. He rubbed his pin feathers gently, his molting season coming soon. Sighing he pressed his hand into the feathers as he looked towards his jacket. Somehow that jacket had hidden his wings for so long. 

He sometimes wished the other paladins would see his wings somehow and find out. Though at the same time he was terrified of that. Not wanting to explain to them what he hd gone through that made him hide his wings. 

Back on Earth in Cuba where he lived, winged hybrids weren’t accepted as easily as they were in larger more urban living areas. Many times those with wings were shunned from the family or kept as “house keepers”. Lance had run away, run away from his family. He was the only one who had been born with wings and was forced to do everything. Never treated as good enough, never treated as a good person.

Thankfully due to other winged hybrids he was able to find his way to the Garrison and sign up, hiding that he was a hybrid as he was accepted. He had hidden it until now, even though he knew many hybrids were accepted in cities and larger living areas. Sighing he shook himself from those thoughts as he got up at the alarm for breakfast with the team. He pulled on his shirt(baggy from being stretched out by his wings) and his jacket. Some of his feathers had started falling off and a few ere sticking out from the bottom of his shirt without his knowing. 

As he sat down next to everyone chattering amongst themselves he began to eat the food goop quietly. He was quiet, which was different from his usual boisterous self. Coran walked in and looked at Lance with curiosity as he saw feathers stuck to the back of his pants. “My boy, you seem to have feathers stuck to your bottom,” Coran commented, not knowing that back on earth they had hybrids. 

The hair on the back of Lance’s neck raised as he looked at Coran quietly and then his pants. “I must’ve broken open one of the pillows,” he commented with a nervous laugh. 

“Here let me get them for you,” Keith commented, not knowing anything was wrong. He brush his hand down Lance’s lower back and swiped off the feathers, but not before feeling the bumps under Lance’s jacket. “Lance, what is under your jacket?” Keith asked, feeling the bumps again, making Lance jump in fright.

“Nothing?” he squeaked out, batting away Keith’s hand. “Lance?” Shiro commented, looking at him with worry and curiosity. 

Hunk had already figured out Lance was a hybrid but had never brought it up and sighed. “Lance, there’s no more hiding it, it’s obvious,” Hunk commented as softly and gently as he could. Lance flushed and then turned as pale as anyone had seen a tanned skin color turn. 

He looked away shamefully as he sighed. “I-I’m a hybrid…” he whispered, blood rushing as he felt his heart pounding and heard it in his ears. 

“Okay and?” Keith commented, making Lance’s eyes widen. “We don’t care,” He commented, the whole team nodding in agreement. 

He turned bright red and smiled while tears formed in his eyes. “We’ll love you either way Lance,” Shiro said as they huddled Lance into a giant group hug.

“But if you hide something like this again, we will find out,” Shiro commented offhandedly. Lance laughed, smiling brightly as happy tears ran down his cheeks


I tried to make it angst but I just couldn’t help myself but make it happy near to the end.