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BTS ask blog post!!

here’s a ginormous list of all the bts ask blogs i’ve encountered so far! there are blogs on here that deserve much more attention than they’re getting!!! so please give all of them a follow!!! <33 (they’re in no order whatsoever)

Kim Seokjin

@askjinharem | @ask-seokjinnie | @ask-summoner-jin | @ask-jinnie-hyung | @ask-jinluigi | @ask-jins-coffee | @ask-fox-seokjin | @ask-fairy-seokjin | @ask-princess-jin | @ask-artist-jin | @ask-owner-of-eatjin | @ask-jinnie-hyung | @ask-jinnie-boy | @ask-momma-jin | @askwitchjinnie | @ask-gryffindor-jin

Min Yoongi

@ask-yoongs | @ask-college-yoongi | @ask-fem-yoongi | @ask-sweater-yoongi | @ask-student-kumamon (sorry i didn’t have a category for you so i just put you here!) | @ask-mingenius | @ask-smolyoongi | @ask-fml-yoongi | @asktheminyoongi | @askyoongis | @modern-prince-yoongi | @ask-sociopath-yoongi | @ask-new-witch-yoongi | @ask-witch-yoongi | @askyoongi | @ask-slytherin-yoongi | @ask-agust-d | @ask-mintography | @musicmajoryoongi | @ask-minyoonji | @ask-hoodie-yoongi | @ask-deer-suga

Jung Hoseok

@ask-junghoseok | @ask-hoseokie | @ask-writer-hobi | @ask-hobii | @ask-sunshine-hoseok | @ask-hufflepuff-hobi | @ask-junghoseokie | @ask-witch-hoseok | @ask–hobi | @ask-cannibal-hoseok | @redstrings-and-hobbes | @ask-sweet-hobi

Kim Namjoon

@ask-joonie | @ask-kimarmy | @ask-student-joonie | @ask-witch-namjoon | @ask-kimdaily | @ask-namjoon | @ask-gryffindor-joonie

Park Jimin

@ask-flowerboymin | @ask-fem-mochi | @ask-wyrimen-jimin | @askthejiminharem | @ask-witch-jiminie | @ask-slytherinjimin | @ask-chimchim | @askjimin | @askjiminnie | @askballetdancerjimin

Kim Taehyung

@asktaethecollegekid | @posi-tae-vity | @asktaee | @ask-model-taetae | @ask-artist-taehyung | @ask-schariot-tae | @ask-hufflepuff-v | @ask-cottoncandy-tae | @ask-fanboy-tae | @ask-gangtae | @ask-taehyvng | @ask-actress-tae

Jeon Jungkook

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@ask-bangtansonyeondan | @ask-soulmate-bangtan | @bangtanhospitalau | @ask-killertan | @ask-bangtann | @ask-bangtancoven | @ask-dope-bts | @ask-overwatch-bts | @ask-nonbinary-bangtan | @askbongtan | @ask-highstreet-bts | @ask-abstract-bts | @askbangtandorks | @ask-bumtan | @askbangtansdamn | @ask-btsboys | @ask-bts-stuff | @ask-femtan | @askbongtan | @bulletproofwitchlings | @bangtanhostclub | @ask-fantasy-bts | @38cmlizard | @ask-magic-bts | @ask-bts-pls | @ask-souleater-bangtan | @ask-fab-bts | @ask-bathhouse-bts | @askbangtansound | @ask-iamb-bangtan

please send me an ask if i skipped you or a blog you know!!


Some crappy photos of Faust, an upper mid content wolfdog puppy! He was such an awesome pup, so mellow and sweet. His extremely submissive body language when greeting other dogs didn’t make him any friends and he kept getting corrected, until Orion finally got the message and played with him for a bit. It’s interesting to see just how big of a language gap there was between an animal who is mostly wolf vs an animal who is mostly dog.

Faust’s dam was an arctic type high content, and his sire a solid blue mid content. He will phase out to the arctic coloration like his dam as he matures.


Hello! Welcome~ So this is my very first story and it will be a series that I hope you will enjoy.

Summary: You were fine with being alone and your life was way to busy to complicate it with dating. It was just a moment of insanity when you helped him but now he’s not leaving and they are still after him and now you.

Reader x Jackson.


It was all your damn bosses fault. Your shifts were nine to five not nine to nine with little to no breaks. Of course you picked the longest most tiring shift to wear heeled boots that made your feet scream in pain as you limped your way to your apartment. To top it all off your extra ass just had to wear your new short tennis skirt. You kept tugging it down every now and then, the hem barely covering your butt,  as you ran passed every dark ally.

Why did you even have to stay late? The others could have managed but no it was you that needed to stay. You did want more hours, hell you needed them, but actual stable hours and not just because everyone else was lazy.

Exhaustion was crushing you, your previous starvation completely forgotten by the pounding headache creeping into your temples. Anger raging through you the more you thought about how the day went.

Ten more minutes only ten more.

You could see your building in the distances, almost crying tears of joy. It was by no means fancy but it was clean, safe, and well in your new jobs budget. You knew the move was going to be hard, adulting all on your own, being completely alone and thousands of miles away from the comforts of your mothers arms. Days like these definitely didn’t help you in your attempt to find an everyday routine, even if it had been half a year already.  

Just one more block and I’ll be in my cozy bed.

You checked the time on your phone.


Way past your bed time. Any minute now your mom would call asking you about your day, how work went, and if you’d finally met a nice boy.


You laughed at that. Hell you hadn’t even made friends yet, you just barely became friendly with your coworkers. Being social wasn’t a high priority at the moment since you were barely even home. You were content with being alone, sure it was hard sometimes but you knew in time it would happen when it happened.

There it was, finally. Just a few more feet and you would be in your building. Your pace quickening as you ran to enter the back entrance in a small alley way, key already in hand and turned blade just in case. Glancing over at the large trash cans you made a mental note to take your garbage out in the morning.

“E-excuse me,” a small raspy whimper called out making you yelp and jump, heart hammering against your rib cage. You looked down in between the large bins, a man sitting in the middle. Blinking rapidly you shuffled backwards, trying your best to calm yourself.

“M'sorry. Didn’t mean to scare you, I just. Just need help,” he panted as he leaned his head against the dirty metal, eyes closing as he took shallow breaths. Leaning down slightly to see him a little more clearly you let out a gasp. The poor man looked like he had been in a terrible fight, bloody and dirty, sweat covering his face making his dark brown hair stick to his face.

“A-are you okay? Do you need help? Wait! Wait here I’ll grab someone!” you panicked as you saw blood staining the sleeves of his long sleeve shirt. Before you could make another step away from the bins his hand shot out and grabbed hold of the corner of your skirt.

“Don’t call. Just. Help please,” he grunted as he gently tugged your skirt to pull you forward. Panicked you pulled back forcefully causing the man to be pulled forward. With a loud groan and thump he fell to the ground, face first, the street light fully showing him.

This wasn’t going to be how you went out. You worked to damn hard to be tricked by some dude with probably fake injuries. Wasn’t happening, you watched the news, you knew better.

“What the fu-,” you gasped, your eyes nearly popping out of their sockets. His shirt all ripped and covered in blood and his brazen actions should have been the reason you were shocked but you barely noticed it as you stared down at what you could only assume to be a tail. A dark brown tail.

No. You’re tired. It can’t be. Just a trick.

You tried to logically rationalize everything but suddenly it twitched and slightly swayed as the man groaned. Slowly you kneeled down, through your better judgment, careful not to hurt the man further and you rolled him over to see his face. A slight bruise below his left eye, a cut on his plump bottom lip, he seemed normal but then you saw what you hoped wouldn’t be there. Right on top of his matted dirty hair sat two dark brown ears that you had mistaken for just hair.

“Please. It hurts,” the man whined suddenly as his hand gently grabbed your wrist, dark brown ears twitching. Your heart ached at his voice but your mind told you to run. This couldn’t be real, it was all a trick and any second now there would probably be someone that would swoop around the corner and rob you. The man cried out his head now resting on your knee, his breathing erratic.

Fuck it.

“You have to get up, I can’t carry you. It’s not far I promise,” you rushed as you quickly shot up, holding on to the hand that held your wrist. He let out a groan but tried with all of his strength to push himself off the ground, you wrapped his arm around your shoulders, your arm securely around his waist, and pulled him forward.

It was difficult and awkward to support his weight, ironically enough as much as you hated it, it was lucky you were wearing heels seeing he was a lot taller than you. You prayed that no one would be up this late as you pressed the call button for the elevator. The man groaned his head now resting on the top of yours, you gently rubbed his side to reassure him.

This was stupid and you knew it but you couldn’t leave a dude with a tail and ears to die in the alley.  A ding pulled you out of your thoughts as the elevator doors slid open, thankfully empty. You both stumbled in and you quickly leaned him against the railing, it felt like the longest elevator ride in the whole world.

“It hurts,” he whimpered as he leaned his forehead against the cool metal walls.

“Almost there I promise. You’re doing great, almost there,” you promised, trying your best to keep him going just a little longer.

When the doors finally opened you pulled him out, back to the awkward limping, all but running down the end of the hallway to your apartment.

Once you finally got to the door you threw it open, kicking the door shut quickly with your foot as you rushed him towards the sofa, laying him down. He groaned and gripped his stomach as he laid back.

“Where are you hurt?” you yelled over your shoulder as you rushed to grab your first aid kit from your bathroom.

“S-stomach. Cut,” he gasped, tears starting to roll down his face.

You placed the kit on your coffee table, quickly sitting in front of him on your knees. Without warning you moved his arm away from his abdomen and lifted his shirt to revel a large cut going across his stomach. Your own stomach twisting and churning at the sight. It was deep but not deep enough to be a full medical emergency.

Wasting no time you opened your kit and got out all of the necessities, unscrewing caps and setting everything up in order. Turning back to him you grabbed a small plush pillow that fell on the floor, forcing him to hold onto it with both hands.

“This is going to hurt, you need to swear to me you are going to hold onto this okay? Rip it if you have to, just don’t try to stop me. The faster this goes the faster it’s over okay?” you went on as you pushed his bangs out of his eyes, forcing him to look at you. He nodded, eyes wary.

“I’m sorry,” you croaked as you quickly poured hydrogen peroxide over the cut, his muscles contracted and he screamed into the pillow. You tried your best to hold him down, adrenaline kicking in.

Fingers flying as you rushed to wipe away the blood and start wrapping it up.   The poor man screamed and cried into the pillow, not letting up for a second. When you were finally done cleaning and dressing the wound you gently rubbed his arm.

“Shh, it’s done. It’s done. I’m sorry,” you soothed, trying to calm him. Seconds turned into minutes as he tried to take large deep breaths, sobs turning into hiccups before he finally tired himself out, passing out.

Gently you took the pillow out of his grip, letting out a sigh of relief, he was asleep. Careful not to wake him, you cleaned the dirt and dried off blood from his face, placing a small band aid on the cut on lip. Gently pressing it down causing his lips to part slightly.

The man let out a small sigh and suddenly you were pulled down, your cheek now resting on his chest as his arms snaked there way around you. Your lungs forgot how to function, his steady heartbeat filled your ears and you could feel the heat rise to your cheeks.

No, no. Get your ass up. This is not what should be happening right now.

You stayed completely still waiting for him to fully fall back asleep before releasing his hold. Staring down at him you felt a small smile spread across your face, he was okay. You did that, you made him okay and it made your heart swell. What you were now going to do with him however was still in the air.

You do know you are an idiot.

You let an injured man with a tail and ears come into your home. Yes he was patched up. But, now what?

To tired. Deal with it tomorrow.

Exhaustion crashed into you hard but you were to worried to leave the poor man alone. Grabbing the slightly torn pillow from before you placed it down on the floor just below the sofa and laid down. As soon as your head hit the pillow your eyes shut welcoming sleep.