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Have any Nessie headcanons?

  • I’ve always headcanoned hybrids to age in an exponential decay-like manner. So, she is aging incredibly quickly the first few years, but as she reaches her pre-teen years, she will begin to age more similarly to a human. I really don’t like the idea that she will be fully grown in 7 years tbh. I’d like to imagine it take her 3 years to get to age 12, then she will age at a normal human rate until age 18-22, where she will stop aging. 
  • When she gets into her pre-teen/teenage years, she is going to be incredibly rebellious. Her rebellion is caused partially by her trying to find herself and partially because it is hard to grow up with a mind reader and psychic in the house. She’ll probably dye her hair and have some sort of gothic stage (which she will claim isn’t a stage) and probably adopt some sort of pagan rituals (much to Edward’s horror). This will also be the period where she rejects Jacob because she hates that her family and his family are acting like they are *destined* to be together. It creeps her out and she thinks she should be able to make her own decisions (whether she decides to eventually accept Jacob or not). She’ll probably also start asking questions such as, “why can’t we just eat serial killers so we can have human blood” or “why doesn’t Carlisle bring home human blood packets anymore like he did when I was born” or “how can Aunt Zafrina and Senna feed on humans, but be so close? I thought feeding on humans prevented the development of family-like bonds?” I think Carlisle would enjoy these discussions because he likes having these sort of philosophical talks, but Edward would be mortified.  
  • Most people I know that have unusual first names either totally embrace it, or completely hate it. In Renesmee’s case, I think she will have a time where she wants to be called by her middle name, Carlie, especially if she ends up attending middle school and high school. 
  • To relax, I think she likes to go out into the forest and climb a large tree and read in it. It allows her space from her father’s gift and the prying eyes of her family.
  • Because of her inhuman strength, she wasn’t allowed to play sports in middle school or high school competitively. The Cullens and Quileutes get together to play team sports so Renesmee can have a more “normal” growing up experience. Her favorite is soccer, but she also enjoys fencing Emmett because he gets really into character with her. 
  • For college, I think she will double major in music studies and biomedical sciences. She shares her father’s love for music, but she is also intensely curious about what she is and wants to help Carlisle study what makes her different from full-fledged vampires (why are her chromosomes different, why does her skin not sparkle, will she continue to age slowly until she eventually dies?). 

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For the prompt thing. Jeremy or ryan (i couldn't pick myself sorry) and lost

Jeremy was 7 when the others escaped.

The last thing he remembered from the avian hybrids was Ryan; the older boy apologising to him for not being able to take him with them, telling him to be strong and remember, because he’d come back for them. He promised.

The facility massively stepped up security after their avian experiments escaped, leaving only the younger wolf-hybrid experiments. They separated them more effectively when they weren’t having designated socialization time so that there could be no unmonitored planning. They designated whitecoats to groups of children to try to foster positive associations with the scientists and make them more loyal. Eventually they took their hybrid experiments so far as to increase metabolism, mental capacity and muscle mass – effectively allowing the new generation wolf-hybrids - ‘Erasers’ – to age-up. Despite technically being only 4 years old, the new generation Erasers were almost fully matured and ready to be turned loose on the city to enact their primary objective. Find the avian hybrids.

The Eraser project was set to begin in only a few short weeks.

That was when Ryan had returned.

Jeremy felt lost.

His world had been turned upside down. Everything he thought he knew was a lie. The only thing he remembered that he was certain was true was Ryan. His promise. That was ten years ago. Ten years of being told the avian hybrids were the enemy, an experiment gone wrong, to be hunted, returned and terminated.

But Ryan had kept his promise. And now Jeremy wished he hadn’t.

He was made to witness first-hand what constituted the termination of the angel experiment.

With the help of a young, sympathetic whitecoat named Steffie, they’d freed Ryan and fled the facility. They had escaped with Andy and Mica, a few years younger than Jeremy – they never knew Ryan, they were still completely convinced that the whitecoats were right. They couldn’t convince any of the newer generation wolf-hybrids – the ones who proudly called themselves ‘Erasers’ – to come with them. The ones they tried to help had informed the security at the facility and almost cost Steffie her life in the escape. On the outside they’d caught up with the remainder of the avian Fakes, ready for extraction as per Ryan’s plan. They hadn’t counted on what they’d done to him.

No one knew what to do with the Ryan they saved.

The guilt was eating at Jeremy. The man he knew nothing about, except that they had been subjected to the same terrors at the facility and had risked his life to come back for him – only to have it cost him his wings, his freedom.

The avian crew had taken them to a cabin in the woods on the far side of Mt Chiliad. To “lay low for a few days and sort things out,” they had said. Jeremy knew it was so they could figure out if they could trust the Erasers and Whitecoat who only hours earlier had been the enemy. He didn’t blame them. Everyone kept their distance around Ryan. He was on edge, scattered and twitchy. He hadn’t slept – couldn’t sleep – he was in pain, though he seemed incapable of admitting it.

Jeremy didn’t know what to do. No one was talking to him. The avian hybrids didn’t trust him and Steffie had been busy keeping Mica and Andy under control; they were highly unpredictable and lashing out, but thankfully they, like Jeremy, didn’t have the full capacity of the new generation Erasers.

Jeremy watched on as Jack cleaned and stitched Ryan’s wounds, despite doing a good job with the stitches, the wounds were too deep and Jeremy could tell the scars would never heal. When Jack was done he left with barely a word. Ryan hardly noticed.

Jeremy moved a little closer, cautiously. Ryan was sitting with his knees drawn up, his arms loosely draped across them, his head hung down with hair in his eyes.

“I’m sorry for what they did to you,” Jeremy said quietly, not even sure Ryan could hear him, “but thank you… for keeping your promise.”

Ryan didn’t say anything; he reached out a hand and Jeremy immediately took it. Ryan squeezed hard and Jeremy squeezed back reassuringly. 

Jeremy didn’t feel so lost anymore.

So I’ve been reading about medieval fasting, especially the fish day fasts as practiced by various monastic orders in England, and one of my favourite things is how they decide what counts as fish?

It’s pretty straightforward most of the time, and then you get things like

Barnacle geese: Definitely a fish? They come from barnacle trees, there’s no way they’re meat.

Puffins: Fish. No, we don’t know why. Just go with it, do you want to be eating herring again?

Beavers:  Tricky.  The front bit is a mammal, but the tail is scaly and they live in water, so they could be fish? And this is where you have to admire the minds behind these rules, because faced with an animal that looks like two different things they didn’t waste time trying to make a decision, they were just like, “fuck it, looks like two animals, counts as two animals. Tail’s fish, rest of it isn’t.”  Job well done. 

Is it just me, or does anybody else notice the large amounts of similarities between the Indominus Rex from Jurassic World and Rudy from the 3rd Ice Age movie?

Especially if you directly compare it to this image from the trailers:

The more I think about it, the more parts of it from some other angles look like the Vastatosaurus Rex from the 2005 King Kong remake, too…

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Hallo! Want to start off by saying that I really love your work and I think you're one of the best writers I've stumbled upon on tumblr. 😳 I especially love your solavellan ones so muchhhhhh ✨✨✨ I just want to ask...how did you imagine Solas and Ellana getting back together post trespasser?

Thank youu! This is such an uplifting message, oh wow. I’m so glad you’re enjoying my writing, nothing makes me happier to hear!

As to how I imagine them getting back together — it all depends on what I picture happens after Trespasser/what choice Solas ends up making (because this whole hope for redemption I’ve got hinges on him making that choice himself, not her making it for him). But in the event of a reunion and a possible reconciliation, it would be a slow process. It’s more than forgiveness and learning to trust him again, it’s learning to know each other again, who they are now, post rebellion, post world-on-the-brink-of-destruction (again), post Inquisitor and Fen’Harel. And he’d pull away at first, I think. I mean, repentance or not, Solas’ particular brand of grim fatalism doesn’t exactly allow for accepting happiness easily.

But she’d give chase, because at this point she’ll be Fed Up with pretty much everything, and in the case of a potential capitulation on Solas’ part, there’s no way she’d just let him walk away. That’s not to say she’d forgive him on the spot, but she’d make a point of trying, because that’s the kind of person she is, a counter-weight of conviction to his defeatism. She’s stubborn, and if there’s one thing she’s succeeded in doing it’s open his eyes to believing in the impossible. And so I imagine he’d eventually reciprocate, not by simply accepting her decision, but by giving her the opportunity to try and salvage what he’d considered lost beyond reclaiming (and there’s some damn fine irony there)

You know what, I think we’ll go with fic from here.


They meet halfway between two points, like a bridging of worlds, although there’s only the one now, and they’ve both long since relinquished their claims to deciding its fate.

It’s nothing so redundant as a crossroad, but for all intents and purposes, it might as well be one. They come together at the heart of a small clearing, a stone’s toss from the remnants of an old campfire. There’s no path to follow, but he knows the way as well as she does; remembers the night they’d spent, on their backs in the grass beneath the stars, and he’d kissed every inch of her skin and forgotten that he was awake.

She blends with the forest now, clad in pale greens and greys, and her soft cloak brushes against her legs as she steps out from between the trees.

“You came,” Ellana says, and he notices she doesn’t sound surprised. And she looks healthier than when he saw her last, cheeks rosy with a light flush of exertion. She’s not wearing armour, and there’s a simple yew staff strapped to her back. She looks ready for a journey.

Despite himself, hope makes his heart leap.

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What’s Next? A Panel on the Future at PSFK Conference NYC 2011

Allison Mooney (Head of Trends & Insights, Marketing Google), Ayesha Khanna (Managing partner of the Hybrid Reality Institute based in New York), Greg Lindsay (Journalist with Fast Company and visiting scholar at NYU) and Katherine Moriwaki (Assistant Professor of Media Design, Parsons) make predictions on how technological innovation will transform our living environments and the way we interact with the world.