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This little cute baby will be joining the family tomorrow! She is a young female, and is a motoro x leopoldi hybrid! She does have a small nip on the right side of her disc which is basically healed, it just takes time to fully regenerate. I’m so excited to see how she matures! So this is where you all can help me, name suggestions?

Dragon Hybrid Species: Part 1

By DeepFriedCheese:


Greyscales are true neutral offspring of a black and a white. They are not evil or good, they simply want to accumulate their hoard. They live their entire lives in a thunder cloud continually circling the globe. The cloud is more substantial than normal by magical effect of the dragon and will hold the weight of the dragon and hoard. They occasionally leave the cloud to pursue a meal or a prize, but mostly they are opportunistic, watching from above for an enticing chance. They don’t really care one way or another about the affairs of what is happening below.

Their breath weapon is thunder itself. It cracks around them powerful enough to deafen anyone nearby, and to outright kill those unfortunate enough to bear the brunt of the attack.

Mud Wyrms

The unfortunate name comes from the dull brown of the dragon’s scales. Look closely, if you are brave or stupid enough, and you will see flecks of their green and red heritage. Masters of camoflauge, the Mud Wyrm can blend almost perfectly into its surroundings. In the forest they would be mistaken for a small hillock, in the mountains for an outcrop of rock. Even in an urban setting they could be mistaken for a load of goods under a tarp.

If anyone manages to see past their clever deception, they can breath a stupefying mist. The effected person does not create new memories while under the effects, which can last for days or weeks. The intelligence of the target is severely impaired, yet they can still carry out complex tasks if the Mud Wyrms directs them to.


Nothing can prepare you for the stench of of a Rotclaw. These glossy black dragons have a sickly green shimmer. If you aren’t vomiting from the stench, the pattern of light playing over the Rotclaw’s scales is said to induce motion sickness. Although who could tell over the stench what the true cause of the retching is? Rotclaw’s spread death and decay where ever they go. Their name comes from the instant decay of plants caused by the touch of their massive claws. And if those claws should find a living target, they will open a gangrenous wound that will fester forever.

Should this product of an unholy union of a black and a green open its maw, the resulting cloud of heavy vapors will immediately begin to rot any living tissue it touches. The real horrors begin when the beast raises the dead flesh. Pray that you die quickly, lest you end up fighting your own zombified appendages while still alive.

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She didn’t enjoy thinking about it much, but all of that genetic engineering and in-vitro procedures that had been done to her, well, it wasn’t just Gallifreyan DNA they used to make her a weapon. She’s not completely sure what else was used, but as result, she was a bit of a biological wonder– in the sense that she was practically impossible. (This is why she disliked hospitals.)

Dragon Hybrid Species: Part 2

By DeepFriedCheese:


Angry with the world, the Nightfume terrorizes everything around it for fun and profit. The scales that have been found after a battle are a dull blue. So dark they are easily mistaken for black. While they are still on the dragon it hardly makes a difference, because you can’t see them at all. The Nightfume shuns the light, and what light does touch it is immediately absorbed. The immediate area of a Nightfume is always dark. Impenetrably so. No known magical aid or even the noonday sun will help you see the dragon itself while it lives.

The dragon’s breath is a cloud of inky blackness from which you will never emerge. The cloud instantly and permanently blinds those enveloped. That would be bad enough, but only then does the sadistic side of this wyrm really begin to show. After its debilitating breath is released, the dragon will retreat and begin to warp the mind of the effected through their dreams. Driven slowly mad, while awake the effected will act erratically, lashing out, running away, refusing to eat, screaming constantly and generally getting worse over a period of years. While asleep, the dragon takes over with full sight and control of the victim. Friends and family won’t know the effected is asleep and will be killed, maimed, or just psychologically tortured by whatever cruelty the dragon can dream up.

Brimstone Dragon

The coming together of a black a red is one of the most horrifying thoughts for those that protect the realm from such evil. This dark red dragon is seething heat and choking, caustic smoke is forever escaping in small wisps from under its massive scales. Sleeping less than most dragons, this terror will cause havoc on a wide scale as it amasses more and more treasure. But it is very peculiar about the treasure it seeks. Its heat is so intense that trinkets made of gold and soft metals become an unrecognizable blob in the brute’s presence. Metals are nevertheless gathered into pools of liquid by type, but gems and magical items are the apple of the beast’s eye.

This is a truly huge monster that makes its home exclusively in the mountains. Literally in the mountains. The dragon will make its lair by carving out a mountain with its mighty breath. The heat and smoke produces could easily be mistaken for a volcanic eruption. But there is no fire in its breath, just a thick, dark, roiling smoke that carries more heat than any fire ever could. The granite of a mountain will shrink away in front of this onslaught. Being an industrious type, the wyrm will carve an elaborate system of tunnels over hundreds of years. The complex of tunnels is designed to confuse, confound, and trap treasure hunters.


This combination of a white and a blue is nearly invisible against a clear blue sky. Not only does their beautiful blue coloration help, but so does their tremendous speed. Smaller, but twice as fast as any other dragon their age, these devilish tricksters don’t slow down for anything. Skypiercers don’t just fly fast, they do everything fast. They attack twice as quickly, cast spells in half the time, and talk at a blazing pace.

They generate a focused beam of light from the back of their throat. Light so bright and so hot that it cuts through flesh, cauterizing the wounds, and melting metal. The Skypiercer will whip its head violently while unleashing this weapon, creating a huge kill zone.

Why organism engineering could be a foodie’s dream come true

Thanks to recent advances in synthetic biology — a hybrid discipline of engineering and biology that makes possible the manipulation of DNA of microorganisms such as yeast, bacteria, fungi and algae — a new generation of “organism engineers” has already started experimenting with the creation of new flavors and ingredients. In doing so, they have the potential to transform synthetic biology into a new creative platform to enable chefs, bakers or brewers to create new flavor profiles for food and drink.