anonymous asked:

What's the context for John and Rose's first kiss? Like, a game of truth or dare, or something a little less formal?

It happened at camp by the lake.

John was super nervous because he had a crush on Rose at the time (he thought she was ‘pretty’ or something of that nature) UvU Rose was a little curious about what kissing would be like — it was awkward as hell. They were in fourth grade and their noses ended up mushing together, John pretty much got over his crush after that and the two decided they worked better and functioned better as friends (“because ugh. kissing is gross!” “Agreed.”) They’re still very great friends, yo UvU. They even have rly dumb sleepovers and Rose’ll even humor John’s pranks (even if she sees them coming). They’re total bros.

(Dave, Jade and a few other equally mischievous characters watched and took pictures from the bushes that day, but shhhh John and Rose still don’t know that.)

—Mod B, out.