Ask time!

You know what?  You’re right.  +3 parent points to Greg for always making sure Steven has awesome birthdays, as well as giving him all his money for toys you still need to eat Greg

+1 mom point to each of them for patiently putting up with Steven’s antics.  Garnet’s mom point rescinded due to freaking out and attacking Steven.

I’m guessing this is Sour Cream’s voice actor?  That’s neat.  This show really, really doesn’t look like my cup of tea, though.

Yeah, it’s an alien plant form that’s highly mobile and hunts like a predator; the fact that the moss flowers in sunlight is the least of its problems.

Yeah, Gravity Falls’ writing is wayyyyy more consistently excellent than Steven Universe’s so far, but that’s not really a knock on SU as much as it is praise of Gravity Falls.

I’m sorry my responses to your asks aren’t more detailed, Digamma, I just…don’t really understand what to do with the information you’ve been giving me!  The practice of letting multiple storyboard artists dictate the story’s flow seems to only result in inconsistent and half-baked episodes.  There have been a couple solidly good ones, but so far I’m not in love enough to go hunting for author info.



(also apparently he’s just straight-up Geoff Ramsey?  Also, it’s cool to send me stuff like this once I’ve seen all the info contained therein, no worries.  If you miss something, I’m sure my screeners will catch it!)

Who, Onion?  That’s a sweet little casting gag if so.

I’ve already forwarded my theory that he’s the Devil.  I’m sticking to that.

hyaskus  asked:

I recently received the new Steven Universe book and from the info from it I think I can tell you why fusions look like how they do that isn't Rule of Cool or Beauty Equals Goodness. Anyway, in the book, it says that Unless Gems are Identical the Fusion would be it's own person, which could mean that the more different the Gem the more odd it looks. Rubies and Sapphires are near identical so we have the humanoid Garnet, Lapis Lazuli's are Rocks, Jaspers are Quartz = Inhuman Malachite. Thoughts?

I actually like that; I was having similar thoughts from what I heard about that, that maybe fusions look the way they do based on the kinds of Gems involved in the fusion, not any aspect of their interpersonal relationships!

hyaskus  asked:

I think Susan Sto-Helit took to helping out Jason (The small child in her classroom that was a terror) Because she was scarred by the events that took place in Hogfather and thinks that, left unattended, Jason could become yet another Teatime, and she does not want that to happen. Agree or Disagree?

It’s a possibility

- Dr. Silverfish