Rought translation of Owari no Seraph Chapter 59 PART 1

Page 1
Yu: The revival of all men…?Does that mean, that you’re gonna save everyone?
Guren: Right

Seraph of the End Chapter 59: Who is the master?

Page 2
Yu: Everyone from the entire world?
Guren: Yep
Yu: Even Akane?
Guren: Right
Yu: Awesome, aahhh!!!
You all heard it, right!!? He’s gonna save everyone!!!
Mika: Yu-chan, you shouldn’t trust those words

Page 3
Mika: He would/could never do that. Don’t be fooled by him.
And even if he does that, he’s going to do it just like the last time, right?
Is he saying that he’s able to resurrect everyone who had died from the virus 8 years ago?
Guren: Right
Mika: Then we won’t be able to bring Akane and the children back.
The time of their death is different.
And the responsible one is a vampire
Narumi: That’s definitely right
Shusaku died recently.
If the revival has to follow the standard, we won’t be able to resurrect him/them.

Page 4
Narumi: Lieutenant Colonel, please listen to me
Are you really able to revive my family?
Mitsuba : Hey, but aren’t these corpses here to be revived?
All these corpses in the basement, are those here to be candidates?
Yoichi: Eh, please wait
Can I interrupt you for a moment?
Does that mean that, the people who have died 8 years ago but without the body here, cannot be reborn?
Well…my sister was killed by a vampire and her body was buried, so there probably no remainings of her…

Page 5
Shinoa: No, if we see that way then the bodies of those, who had died from the virus aren’t here anymore.
It’s been 8 years since the end of the world, and to say it again if the revival is possible, the bodies would likely have nothing to do with it.
Kimizuki: But then what about the bodies here? Lieutenant, for what reason have you been hoarding them?
Guren: I will explain it to you

Page 6
Guren: The resources and the explainations of sorcery are here
Shinoa: …But I won’t be able to read that, it’s too difficult
Guren: Only idiots can’t read
Shinoa: So is the smart Lieutenant going to help me?
Guren: However, a person without understanding will need at least one year to read those, so…
Shinoa: Does that mean “follow my orders”?
Guren: You don’t have to follow it
Trusting it is enough
Mika: So we don’t speak the same language…..
He seems to be a swindler

Page 7
Guren: You can leave if you want to but Yu
You have to come with me
Yu: Eh? Me?
Guren: You are the key to revive all. You are the centre of the plan
I need you

Page 8
Yu: Really- Then we cannot change that-
Mika: Yu-chan!! You are really approving this? He’s only using you…..
Yu: But Guren is struggling
Mika: You will die!!
Yoichi: How narrow minded…
Yu: No it’s the opposite, Guren is going to revive everyone
Mika: You don’t if he’s even telling the truth
Yu: Are you lying? Guren
Guren: To say even something worse to my story that no one is going to believe, how can you you do that

Page 9
Yu: See
Mika: You really can’t!!
Yu: Then what about Akane? And the children?
I want to revive them, I want to turn you back into a human
I want to save Kimizuki’s sister
And Narumi’s family-

Page 10
Mika: But your greed will make you lose everything again
We just reunited and to make us part again…
Yu: Then you don’t have to leave me
Until now, these 8 years made understand,  that you can’t live without family in this world
So please Mika, be at my side
If you think that I’m in danger, please save me
Mika: …If you are in danger