VIXX! Father Series: Han Sanghyuk

Author’s Note: HAPPY FATHER’S DAY! Here’s our favorite devil maknae

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Hyuk yawned as he entered his house and heard the clanking of dishes in the kitchen. He grinned as he made his way to you quietly.

“If you think you’re going to scare me, you should’ve shut the door softer.” You spoke, knowing your husband’s tactics by now.

“Oh I’m tired.” He moaned as he leaned his body on yours lazily, until his whole weight was on you.

“SANGHYUK! THE BABY!” You called out, trying to shove him away.

“Oh right. Good thing I didn’t tell you you looked like you gained a few pounds this morning.” He laughed teasingly as he rubbed your stomach.

You glared at him. “Well, since you’re home. Come here and help me with the dishes.”

“Soap or wash?”

“You soap. I’ll wash.” You stated but was met with his blank stare. Sighing, you shook your head. “Fine you wash. I soap.”

“Nah, I’ll soap.” He grinned as he hip bumped you over, and grabbed the sponge.

You rolled your eyes and began washing the plates that you had already scrubbed clean.

After a minute or two of silence, Hyuk called, “Wife.”

But you were thinking about what you needed to do tomorrow and didn’t hear him.

“Mother of my child.” He stated more firmly.

You turned and your face was met with a foamy palm. Your husband cackled at how gullible you were. During his laughter, you grabbed the sponge and scrubbed his cheek in retaliation. You both giggled at each other.

“Done.” He washed his hands and sat down at the table. “Gosh you’re so slow.”

You sassed, “I had to wait for you and your soapy plates, your highness.”

“Excuses, peasant. Finish quickly so we can retire.” He changed his voice to fit the character.

“I have fulfilled my duty.” You dried your hands, grinning.

“Awesome.” He cheekily smirked as he walked up to you and scooped you up easily. “Let us go Sanghyuk Jr. And my wife.”

“We are not naming our child Sanghyuk Jr.” You protested as you wrapped your arms around his neck while he carried you to your bedroom.

“The name exudes overwhelming strength and power. Why not?” He light heartedly bantered.

“What if its a girl?”

“Sang HyAk then.” He grinned as you smacked his chest.

He gently laid you down on the bed and plopped down face first dramatically. You smacked his butt.

“Get changed.”

“Hai.” He deepened his voice sassily as he got up.

You sat up and opened the latest novel you were reading as he scampered around the room to find comfortable sweats to wear to sleep. Finally, the bed dipped beside you and he pushed your torso forward so he could slip an arm around you. You smiled,

 "Do you want a son or a daughter?“ You shift over so his arms were completely around you as he opened up his latest manga book.

           "It doesn’t matter. I’m sending them over to the Leaf Village either way.”

           You looked at him disapprovingly.

           "Our child is going to be Hokage.“ he whispered as if it was some big secret.

           You rolled your eyes. “How about the Pirate King instead?”

           He smiled and kissed your cheek. “That’s Ken-hyung’s child.”

           "Let’s be real, our child would totally win. With my brains and your brawn.“ You chuckled.

           "How about sending them to Hogwarts?” Hyuk grinned.

           "But you’re a MUGGLE.“ You gasped teasingly.

           "Are you discriminating against Mudbloods?”

           You laughed and pecked his cheek. “I guess Hokage it is.”

           You turned off your bedside lamp and slipped underneath the covers, exhaustion taking over your body. He grinned and followed suit, putting his book down on his table. You had your eyes closed and were teetering into slumber when you felt his strong arms surround your body warmly. Welcomingly, you moved back to fill the gap between your bodies so that his chest was flush against your back. You were close to entering REM when you felt his teeth playfully sink into your shoulder repeatedly.

           "Turn into a Titan. Turn into a Titan. Rahh.“ he teased.

           You groaned. “I swear Sanghyuk, if you don’t go to sleep I’ll Super Saiyan you.”

           He giggled and kissed the spot on your shoulder where he had left his teeth marks gently. Then he wriggled you tighter in his embrace and intertwined his fingers into yours. He moved his head on top of yours so his mouth was near your ear and whispered,

           "How about become the leader of the Akatsuki?“

           You grumbled and pinched his arm in the exact spot you knew was his weakness, causing him to wince. 

            He giggled and squeezed you. “You know you love me.”

           You rolled your eyes, “Go to sleep father of my Hokage child.”

           “Yes, my lovable Muggle wife ~”

**references made are from anime Naruto (Hokage & Leader of Akatsuki), One Piece (Pirate King), and Dragon Ball (Super Saiyan) as well as Harry Potter (Hogwarts & Muggles) **

Bjossa, K’yosha, and Finna (left to right)

Bjossa, K’yosha, and Finna were orcas who resided at the Vancouver Aquarium. Bjossa had three calves at the aquarium, K’yosha was the second of Bjossa’s calves and was sired by 15000 pound, Northern Resident bull Hyak 2 who sadly died before the birth of his daughter. K’yosha lived the longest out of Bjossa’s calves, but didn’t nurse well enough and had to be separated from Bjossa. K’yosha’s birth K’yosha died when she was 3 months old. Bjossa went on to get pregnant again, this time by Finna, but sadly her last calf died almost immediately after birth from a ruptured umbilical chord. Bjossa pushed her calf around for a week afterwards, mourning the calf before staff could remove it. Afterwards, Bjossa was put on birth control until 1997 when Finna died. Bjossa was then alone until 2001, when she was moved to Seaworld San Diego. Bjossa died later that year, and the Vancouver Aquarium never resumed it’s orca program. All of these orcas died relatively young, swim in peace darlings <3

Thought I’d attempt some semi realistic digital art. I’m well aware I’m not that great at it, but it was fun to try and I’m relatively happy with it. Except the background, that’s just a mess lol

Mau Jadi Apa?

Banyak yang nanya gini. Sejak TK, SD, SMP, SMA bahkan mungkin sejak zaman manusia masih berkumpul di Padang Mahsyar. Dari mulai sekedar basa basi, sampe akhirnya kelak bener bener mateng mau jawab apa, soalnya itu menyangkut identitas diri. Well, pertanyaan yang mudah, -kalo bisa ngintip sedikit takdir Allah kelak kayak apa.

Gue selalu gak bisa jawab pengen jadi apa. Susan sang bonekapun sudah berkali-kali ditembangkan 

“Susan Susan Susan, kalo gede, mau jadi apa?”

gak jawab dia malah. Cuma diem. Kasian yang nyanyi. Sekian kali nyanyi, sekian kali juga diabaikan. Tapi gak kapok kapok. Bukti nyata, manusia mah udah diabaikan gak jarang masih gak tau diri juga. Hyak!

Ngg, beberapa akan jawab “mau jadi dokter” atas pengarahan orang tua. Sebab, dokter katanya profesi yang dapat menambah pundi pundi rupiah paling mudah. Padahal nggak. Jadi dokter susah. Udah jelas harus pinter. Yang paling mudah ya pesugihan. Ngepet atau korupsi juga bisa jadi opsi. Jangan mau jadi dokter. Jadi babi aja, lalu ngepet. Check in lagi dimana :(

Masuk kuliah, meskipun udah makin terarah dengan segala penjurusan nanana blablabla. Beberapa orang masih bingung juga mau jadi apa. Orang orang ini pasti yang kuliah sekedar “yaudah yang penting sekolah” gak tau itu kelak nyangkut sama apa, ranahnya dimana, bahkan buta pada awalnya jurusan yang diambil tuh apa. Oke. Itu gue.

Gak jarang juga kalo udah sedikit mikir, bakal ngerasa salah ambil jurusan. Lalu membahagiakan diri dengan quotes quotes picisan

“Salah ambil jurusan bukan berarti salah masa depan”

Salah masa depan sih nggak. Tapi tetep aja. Belum tau kan mau jadi apa? hahak! sama

Gue pribadi, semakin sini semakin yakin gue bukan orang yang cocok buat kerja di belakang meja. Gak sopan. Masa meja di belakangi. Gue anaknya bosenan. Kalo sedang dalam tekanan bukannya mikir. Malah khilaf sampe gak tau sebenernya apa yang harus dikerjakin lebih dulu. Pokoknya gak cocok. Jadi mahasiswi aja ini udah bosen. Pen cepet cepet wisuda. Belajar mulu buat apa? bahaya kalo sampe nyaingin otak Albert Einstein. Dunia bisa geger. 

Gue pengen jadi pembicara. Tapi jurusan yang gue ambil Administrasi Bisnis. Ya gimana. Gak sejalan. Harusnya gue ambil Ilmu Komunikasi. Yaudahlah, ya~ namanya penyesalan mah diakhir. Toh salah jurusan bukan berarti salah masa depan, kan? hazek

Sampe pada akhirnya gue bener bener bodo amat nanti mau jadi apa. Gimana nanti aja. Kuliah ya kuliah, cita cita mah gimana ntar. Misi terdekat, yang penting IPK besar. Kelar perkara kehidupan.

Boom. Berantakan. Gue gak lagi lagi bodo amat. Gue udah tau mau jadi apa, sejak kemarin. Sejak gue liat sendiri pas jamanan bagi kelompok, beberapa orang yang dapet satu nama, spekulasi ekspresinya bisa jadi dua. Bahagia, apa kecewa. Bahagia kalo nama itu mumpuni, bekompeten, bukan sekedar numpang nilai tanpa kerja. Kecewa kalo udah jelas jelas semua point yang ada dibahagia tadi yang ada cuma kebalikannya. Kepengen gue sederhana. Gue pengen yang dapet nama gue, pas tau harus satu kelompok bisa tenang. Gak uring uringan. Hemat kata gue ingin jadi

dapat diandalkan

jadi jalan saat orang orang butuh pertolongan. Naruh harapan besar dengan sekedar “udah, ke dia aja” means that orang naro kepercayaan

  • gue selalu suka kalo orang minta tolong. Bukan pengen direpotkan, bukan. Cuma ada sisi penghargaan aja. Berarti gak ada “jangan dia lah, dia mah bisa apa” di mata si-peminta tolong.
  • gue selalu suka kalo gue jadi pelarian cerita cerita. Bukan pengen naro banyak rahasia, bukan. Gue cuma suka setiap “yang terlalu personal untuk dibicarakan” dapat dipatahkan dan obrolan sama sekali gak ada paksaan. Ngalir gitu aja dan yang pasti menyenangkan
  • gue selalu suka tiap orang “kalo gak ke lu, gue gak tau lagi deh harus gimana” bukan mau sok pahlawan. Cuma ada rasa bangga aja saat orang membutuhkan dan di matanya, kita serupa tangan tangan terbuka lebar yang mengulurkan bantuan.
  • gue selalu suka tiap “lu aja ya” bukan pengen jadi cuma gue yang bisa di-elu-elu-kan, bukan. Gue cuma suka gimana rasanya dipercaya untuk sesuatu yang mereka aja ngerasa gak bisa. 

Egois emang. Tapi sesuai diskusi sama temen gue beberapa saat yang udah entah kapan, gak inget. Dalam se-egois-egois-nya, gue penganut

“Silahkan libatkan gue dalam porsi yang besar, atau jangan libatkan sama sekali”

That type yang gemar jadi pemeran utama. Gemar diperhatikan. Benci pengabaian. Tapi kalo ditelaah dari sudut manusiawi yang lebih berfaedah..

gue cuma ingin jadi dapat diandalkan


The Hyak was built in 1967 at The National Steel and Shipbuilding Company shipyard in San Diego. Unlike the other boats the Hyak has not had its cabin refurbished. It is still a steady runner however, being one of the most trouble-free boats of class. Hyak is Chinook jargon for “speedy”