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Killer Whale Facilities #1

Facility: Vancouver Aquarium

First Orca Held:Moby Doll, survived 55 days in captivity

Last Orca Held: Bjossa, was moved to Seaworld San Diego when a companion for her could not be found, to live with other orcas, and also to receive better medical care.

Total Orcas Held:11

Deaths: 7

Transfers: 3


Average Age at Death: 10 (including infant deaths), 17.5 (excluding infant deaths)

Births: 3

Orcas From Wild: 7

Years Active: 1964-2001 (still active, with no orca program)

Notable Facts: Vancouver Aquarium has kept 5 orcas without orca companions. Moby Doll, for his entire life in captivity, Skana for about a year, Hyak 2 for about a year, Kyosha (separated from Bjossa for medical care), and Bjossa (for almost 4 years). Vancouver Aquarium is often noted as the facility which started killer whale captivity, with Moby Doll, though this is false as Wanda at Marineland of the Pacific was the first captive orca. Vancouver aquarium had a very unsuccessful breeding program, which it abandoned after Bjossa’s last successful calf, and to my knowledge, was the first facility to put an orca on birth control. Vancouver Aquarium kept orcas with Pacific White Sided Dolphins, or at least did at the beginning and end of the orca program. After sending Bjossa to Seaworld, there were and still are no plans to ever continue holding orcas, however, the Vancouver Aquarium did help release Springer back into her native pod. Springer was never kept in a tank though, and her captive life was spent in a sea net with minimal human contact. Currently the aquarium holds two white sided dolphins from Japan, two rescued harbour porpoises, a rescued false killer whale, and a wild caught beluga as well as her captive born daughter. Recently, the Vancouver Parks board voted to stop captive cetacean breeding at the aquarium, but the aquarium is fighting back, trying to overthrow the ruling. The Vancouver aquarium is one of only three Canadian facilities to have ever held orcas, and is often regarded as one of the best aquariums in North America, and the world.

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Hyak II and Finna performing at the Vancouver Aquarium

The anouncer chick is annoying as hell, but it’s good footage of my favorite bull, so I can’t complain.

Bjossa, K’yosha, and Finna (left to right)

Bjossa, K’yosha, and Finna were orcas who resided at the Vancouver Aquarium. Bjossa had three calves at the aquarium, K’yosha was the second of Bjossa’s calves and was sired by 15000 pound, Northern Resident bull Hyak 2 who sadly died before the birth of his daughter. K’yosha lived the longest out of Bjossa’s calves, but didn’t nurse well enough and had to be separated from Bjossa. K’yosha’s birth K’yosha died when she was 3 months old. Bjossa went on to get pregnant again, this time by Finna, but sadly her last calf died almost immediately after birth from a ruptured umbilical chord. Bjossa pushed her calf around for a week afterwards, mourning the calf before staff could remove it. Afterwards, Bjossa was put on birth control until 1997 when Finna died. Bjossa was then alone until 2001, when she was moved to Seaworld San Diego. Bjossa died later that year, and the Vancouver Aquarium never resumed it’s orca program. All of these orcas died relatively young, swim in peace darlings <3

Thought I’d attempt some semi realistic digital art. I’m well aware I’m not that great at it, but it was fun to try and I’m relatively happy with it. Except the background, that’s just a mess lol