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Hey, I'm cosplaying Sapphire and I was hoping you could help me out? Yours was amazing!! Like, for the petticoat, was there any variation between the length of fabric to each layer of color, or were they all 7 yd? How are they gathered at the top? The dress itself, how does it connect with the top, did you pull it over or are they sewed together? Did you use a pattern? (I'm so sorry if these are questions you answer a lot, I couldn't find them anywhere, sorry!)

Hi!!! It’s absolutely no problem, I’m always happy to help!!

The dress and the petticoat are two separate pieces, and the dress is one piece, with the skirt, bodice and apron all stitched together. As for the pattern I used, I made my own! I’m planning on answering that in a different post since someone else asked me about that; I currently have a bit of a backlog since I didn’t have wi-fi access for a good three weeks since I was moving to a new apartment!

I would really quickly like to say that the only reason why I made a petticoat instead of using a hoopskirt was because I wanted my Ruby to swing me around and reveal a beautiful gradient underneath my gown.

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But you can barely see that effect in the GIF we made so in the end it was all for moot. So you can make your petticoat in colored layers like I did just for the heck of it, or just use one color. Or even use a hoopskirt instead of going through petticoat hell, because it’s quite a process.

A hoop skirt will be a little more difficult to maneuver through crowds with, and to sit down in. Petticoats just squash around, and because this one is made of organza, it keeps it shape very, very very well. All it needs is a spin and it floofs right back out no matter what. A hoop runs the risk of bending out of shape. However, hoops are also very airy and gives your legs a lot of breathing room. This petticoat. is a death trap. for your legs. If worn outside in the summer, you will overheat very quickly and easily. It’s nice during the winter though. Both a hoop and a petti will both weigh down your hips no matter what, but in my opinion they weigh about the same. This petti is stupidly light and floaty. So please keep these things in mind when you decide what goes underneath your dress!!

This is going to be a reaaaaally long post, so I’m including everything I can remember about my petticoat adventures under the read more!!!

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