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TRANS (2:50 - 7:50)

MC: Hoya, what was your moment of treating your parents the worst?

MC: I dropped out of high school without my dad knowing and stopped talking to him for 8 years.

MC: You dropped out in order to become a singer?

HY: Yes. During middle school, I wanted to become a police officer. I studied a lot to go to the police academy. I’d wake up at dawn to receive tutoring and stay at the study room until the next dawn studying. So I studied hard but during winter vacation of my third year in middle school (T/N: 9th grade in USA), [CAP: Began worrying during puberty] I started wanting to become a singer. In high school, you know how we have night self-study? I didn’t have time to practice. So I thought about what it would be like to drop out but my father was so strict I couldn’t bring myself to tell him. So I just dropped out secretly. 

MC: So you dropped out first and told them afterward?

HY: Yes. So my mother was very shocked but I tried persuading her. I said I could get my GED and become a singer, so please trust me. My mother trusted me and gave her permission but-

MC: Your father was the problem.

HY: For two weeks, I pretended to go to school. 

MCs: Where’d you go? / Probably to practice.

HY: I went to a church by the mountains and practiced singing. Then I got caught by my father. I almost got hit by a baseball bat but I was a bit of an athlete so I blocked it. 

MCs: You should have just gotten hit / You should have avoided it (T/N: I guess they think blocking it would have made his father more mad)

HY: I didn’t get hurt too bad. Just here. Where it hurts less. 

MC: Has your relationship with your parents been bad since dropping out?

HY: We didn’t have a great relationship before either but it got worse. 

MC: If you had a chance at the police academy, that means you were good at studying. For him to see that kind of son suddenly drop out of high school…

MC: For a parent to hear that their child dropped out without telling them…

MC: Did you still not talk to your father after debuting?

HY: I don’t think I really contacted him. I only really saw him when I saw my entire family. 

MC: Didn’t you cry because of your father?

HY: Yes.

[Clip is from Immortal Song 2, where ALi sang “I Love You”]

MC: Did your father see that broadcast.

HY: Yes, and you know how you can see it online? My mother told me he watches it every night.

MC: Your relationship has gotten better right?

HY: A lot. We don’t talk to each other brightly but…

MC: Does your father drink a lot?

HY: Yes, a lot. He talks a lot when he drinks.

MC: Fathers can just say it when they’re sober but they always say it when they’re drunk.

Shin Bongsun: His mother must have suffered a lot, being caught in the middle. 

HY: Yes, my mother suffered a lot. 

MC: You hurt your mother’s heart over a first birthday picture? (T/N: first birthdays are usually a big celebration in Korea)

HY: When we were younger, I was looking through a photo album and saw that I had no pictures from my first birthday, but my older and younger brother did. I asked her why I was the only one who didn’t have one. My family was poor but they had one for my older brother since he was their firstborn. But I was born in the next year so they couldn’t have one for me. I jokingly asked my mom, “Why didn’t you have one for me?” and her expression became very dark. 

MC: Because she felt sorry for not being able to have one for you. 

HY: I almost ruined my relationship with my mom too. 

MC: It’s a sad story but there’s a strange humor in it.

MC: Do your remember when your toughest moments were?

HY: In middle school I came home from school but there were red tags everywhere (marking things to be confiscated to pay off debt) like in dramas. I was very shocked. Since I was young, if I wanted to eat something, to wear something, to buy something, my parents bought it for me. So I thought our family was pretty well off. But it turns out we had a lot of debt. So once I debuted and started making money I found out we owed a lot of debt. 

MC: You found out belatedly? And you paid it all off?

HY: Yes. 

MCs: You’re a really filial son / You’re amazing

(Then Moon Heejun says he had a similar experience and jokes that Hoya will be sitting next to him in 10 years xD)