Okay okay!

Am I the only one who always thought that by brother Kalluto meant Alluka? Because I get the feeling that a lot of people think that he’s looking for Killua but I don’t think that makes sense. It’s not like Killua was in any way lost or that teaming up with spiders would help when looking for him. Why would you show this picture when there surely are newer ones for Killua and Killua alone? Could it be that this picture is the only remaining evidence of Alluka’s existence? When Illumi starts talking about Alluka this picture is used again. Coincidence?

Remember that Kalluto was probably never close enough to Alluka to think of her as a girl thus calls her brother. He was maybe like five when Alluka got locked away. Imagine waking up one day and realizing that your sibling just disappeared and everybody acts like they don’t remember them. Searching for someone like that would make a lot more sense.

But I dunno ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Maybe it’s just me?

An AU where the Phantom troupe doesn’t kill Kurta.

Kurapika sets on his journey to find a doctor. He finds not one but many that would definitely be able to help Pairo but runs into an unexpected obstacle: money. (*points at Leorio*) Naturally none of them are willing to travel to a distant village no one has heard about. At least not without being paid first.

Kurapika is determined to get a doctor so he tries to get a job but who would want to hire a child? He ends up getting tricked and loses most of his belongings. His bird gets stolen and money he has been able to save turns out to be fake. Defeated Kurapika is unable to return home. He is unable to face them after failure. It’s probably too late for Pairo anyway. It’s better if they think he’s dead.     

Kurapika ends up in a place where everyone is accepted. Meteor city is now his home. It doesn’t take long until his exceptional talent is noticed. A local gang leader asks him to join them despite being so young. With their help Kurapika is able to learn nen in no time. He is intelligent and loyal. He becomes their leader’s right-hand man and one of their most feared members.    

“Beware of the spider with scarlet eyes.”