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/wipes tear/ i love teenage zoldycks

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Teen Killua and Gon (hunter x hunter). photoshop.

Last last year a bunch of pals got me into the 2011 Hunter x Hunter anime and I just recently finished it and am now cursed forever to love these boys.

I think Killua when he gets older would probably be lanky like his mom and tall like his dad – and Gon will just look like Ging, but less awful and unwashed.  N-not that I’ve been thinking about it. uh

Important fashion disaster

Hunter x Hunter: The Last Mission. Pariston is not even in this movie for more than 5 seconds and already i have to call the fashion police on his trashy ass.

Where do i even begin. First of all, he needs to completely trash that ugly ass pinstripe suit. I honestly think he finds his clothes in a dumpster and throws school glitter all over them.
Second of all, the fucki ing shirt. Why. Pariston those are two completely different patterns. The stripes with the leopard print…just no. Also i can’t tell if he attempted to comb his hair or not. He’s the vice chairman. This isn’t something i have to guess at his hair should be A+ level neatness at all times

Ok another issue that needs to be addressed; on what fucking planet is wearing a magenta tie with freaking triangles and squiggles acceptable with the rest of the outfit ? Does he look in the mirror when he puts this shit on? That’s 4 different patterns this man is wearing between the stripes, animal print, triangles, and squiggles. And like i admit my eyesight is pretty shitty but even a newborn can see that those colors were not meant to be together and worn in an office environment. Looking at this man too long may cause eye strain

Now i don’t hate Pariston at all but he’s p trashy and needs fashion assistance asap. There are 2 types of trash. Pariston Hill is the trash of higher quality but at the end of the day all trash goes the same place: the dumpster. Better luck next time, Pariston