hxh fashion

Headcanon that whenever killua you know kills someone he quietly whispers “get rekt” or “boom headshot” really seriously to himself and then just continues doing whatever he’s doing

/wipes tear/ i love teenage zoldycks

Teen Killua and Gon (hunter x hunter). photoshop.

Last last year a bunch of pals got me into the 2011 Hunter x Hunter anime and I just recently finished it and am now cursed forever to love these boys.

I think Killua when he gets older would probably be lanky like his mom and tall like his dad – and Gon will just look like Ging, but less awful and unwashed.  N-not that I’ve been thinking about it. uh

Okay so you know how Killua is like a fashionista? Where his clothes are always so cool (and at times questionable)? So like imagine that Gon compliments Killua on his sense of fashion ALL THE TIME. Like “Wow Killua you look so cool!” “I wish my clothes looked that cool!” “When we get more money we should go shopping together!”

Then they spend a night together when it’s super cold. And Killua whips out these FREAKING FOOTIE PAJAMAS. And he’s so proud of them. And Gon is just so confused??? Like when did his fashionable best friend become a dork??? And Killua is SO OFFENDED when Gon doesn’t compliment them.