hxh fashion

Headcanon that whenever killua you know kills someone he quietly whispers “get rekt” or “boom headshot” really seriously to himself and then just continues doing whatever he’s doing

/wipes tear/ i love teenage zoldycks

Teen Killua and Gon (hunter x hunter). photoshop.

Last last year a bunch of pals got me into the 2011 Hunter x Hunter anime and I just recently finished it and am now cursed forever to love these boys.

I think Killua when he gets older would probably be lanky like his mom and tall like his dad – and Gon will just look like Ging, but less awful and unwashed.  N-not that I’ve been thinking about it. uh

Cause my little bro wants to have a Gon from HxH in streetfashion/Hypebeast style … and here he is… the first time I draw smth other than all the other fellows I´m drawing the whole time xD And those hairs… are a first too haha. But it was really fun! (the oversize Sweater is from “off White” and I LOVE IT SOOOO MUCH!! But I will never spent so much money on a sweater oO never - ever! Even if I love oversize clothes a lot ;_; )~

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i love how the hxh fashion discourse comes up periodically its one of my favourite parts of this fandom tbh and i very much relish every moment of it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

MINE TOO!!! we may not all agree on character interpretations, theories, or ships…. but we all united in saying “what the FUCK is that”

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