i track both hunter x hunter tags (#hunter x hunter and #hxh) and occasionally see posts on my dash that are like “here are my illumi hisoka and chrollo going down on you headcanons” and it feels like having an out of body experience every single time 

I was sort of spaced out daydreaming earlier and got to thinking about gon’s eyes again– specifically, I was wondering if maybe the color symbolizes something because togashi sure loves his symbolism. And at first I was getting nowhere with my train of thought, but then I had a realization:

this honey-yellow color could be described as amber, right? That’s always the first word to pop into my head. Amber also happens to be a kind of substance with the same color, and guess what its most common use is?

trapping and killing insects!

i’m picking up a correlation between the color green and the dark continent…

things that have been theorized to be from the dark continent:

-beans (whole body green)

-gon (green color scheme)

-chimera ants (colt is green. so is meruem. arguably two very important chimera ants)

-nanika (alluka/nanika has green as important color in her outfit)