shimmer in your shine - Chapter 9
By Organization for Transformative Works

Title: shimmer in your shine - Chapter 9: “Lines Between The Spaces”

Progress: 9/?
Pairing: Leopika, Killugon
Rating: Teen (subject to change)
Warnings: veiled discussions of abusive households and the traumatic deaths of families, all canon-typical.

Author’s Note: I MISSED LIKE THREE UPDATES BUT HEY HERE’S THIS ONE PLEASE BE GENTLE WITH ME. The HXH big Bang fics are also up to be posted here in a few days, so you can all see what I spent my time on. Hopefully, I’ll have another chapter towards the end of June / early part of July depending on how a few things in my life shake out right now.

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Summary: A roadtrip at the end of his senior year of college might have been kind of a last minute decision, but Leorio isn’t about to let himself, or any of the others regret it. Assuming, anyway, that they don’t kill each other in the first couple of days, that is.

Part Summary: He scrubs his hand at the back of his neck roughly, sighing as he does. “Alright.”

“I’ll be fine, Leorio,” Kurapika says, gentle.