Kurapika hating his life cause Chrollo is his English teacher.

Music teachers Pouf and Senritsu having a “competition” that’s more one-sided cause Sen doesn’t pay attention to the stuck up butterfly. 

List being the Tech teacher who lowkey favors Shal cause of his skills and grading the tests together. He scolds the bara for laughing at his classmates mistakes, but you just can’t ignore the small grin List have on his face. 

*Using a megaphone* THUG MIDGETS INTERACTION. Just image Fei and Topi crashing Senritsu’s music lessons or in the apartment just for the heck of it. 

Baise going through Phinksy’s wavy hair and vice versa when they just chill in his or her room. 

Razor tormenting everyone at PE class. 


Kurapika never throws shade, he casts eclipses.