first post

Well. This is my first post. Not going to lie, no idea what the fuck I am doing. But honestly, I heard people use Tumblr as a blog, and I have A LOT to say about A LOT of stuff. Stuff that people may not care about, stuff that people may really care about and disagree with me, but I would say for my age, I am pretty wise. I am all about good vibes, positivity, and I am always hate free. Obviously, hardcore is my favorite music. Yeah, I know I don’t look like it… so let’s get all of the judging out of the way.. “omg poser” “you don’t even have any tattos” “you dont even have any piercings and your hair isnt dyed” “you look like a stuck up rich bitch”

Cool. now that that is out of the way… yes I like hardcore music. It has played such a huge part of my life thus far. I am a college student, but to get here I didn’t have the help from many people.. but I did have the help of hxc music. It changed, and saved my life. 

A lot of what I say, has been influenced by music. Some of my views, some of my thoughts, a lot of things about me has been influenced by music. However, I am my own person. I make my own decisions, I had to grow up very quickly and honestly I wouldn’t change a second of it. 

Anyways, this is my first post. 

Let’s see where this goes… 

Hey you guys should check out @capsizehardcore new album they put it on iTunes today (and spotify). They are amazing. They are one of my all time favorite bands. I will always support these guys and I’m so proud to see them going places. So check them out and get their new ep it’s only $2.97 off of iTunes. #capsize #LiveABurdenDieACurse #hxcmusic #greatmusic #passionhxc #passionfilledmusic #passionatemusic #personal #me

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