i cant get it out f my head someone told me they envy me bc i am poc and have a culture to be proud of and theyr jealous bc theyr white and have nothing or w/e… idk why that is sticking with me but it rlly grossed me out idk hwy u would tell me this its not a compliment if u r reading this rn sorry i shouldve said this to u when u said it to me it bothered me alot

Lightning Field (explored) by Kelly DeLay
This supercell ended up chasing us down HWY 212 for 2 hours, starting in Boyes, Montana. The lightning field was so intense preceding the core, you would see a flash nearby and immediately hear a BOOM. Thats close! Feeling a little safer near Belle Forche, South Dakota I got out and captured a few shots. Again, all you would see is a quick flash. Amazed to look at the back of my screen to see this. I hope you enjoy!”


Mindy Tucker took these beautiful photos of me, Ted Leo, Jon Wurster, Tom Scharpling, Kristen Johnston, Gabe Liedman, Gene Simmons of KISS, Gary Tha Squirrel, fans in an amazing “Redhead Hall of Fame” costume, and more from Wednesday night’s HOW WAS YOUR SHRIEK. To see more of Mindy’s pix, click here.

Happy Canada day! 🇨🇦 Momo, being a true Canadian dog, hates fireworks. Don’t blast these off with your dogs nearby and be sure to snuggle them if they’re freaking out.
For Canada day, we’re headed to Indianapolis to Indy Reads Books so come hang out with us at 5:30PM today!
(No fireworks were lit in the making of this photo, but thanks to W. Szany Fireworks on Hwy 41 for helping us with this one!)

Rainbow Gathering July 4th OM…  Rainbow Gathering 2015 July 1-7 driving directions - map http://www.welcomehome.org/rainbow/
Where the Rainbow Gathering will be in 2015 July 1-7

It’s Near the Mountain [Devil’s Tower] used in the movie Close Encounters of the Third Kind.

From Rapid City, SD, take Hwy 16 south west to Hill City, SD (about 30 miles). In Hill City go to the intersection of Hwy 16 and Main St and head west on Main (shown as 308 on maps). Take this to Deerfield road and continue northwest (left) for about 17 miles to Deerfield Lake on your right. Just past the lake make a left on Ditch Creek Road. Then take the first right onto FR 294 and over a bridge. Drive about 5 miles on FR 294 to Welcome Home.

link to map…

parking/trailhead: N 44.00321 W 103.87768
dinner circle: N 43.97963 W 103.86213

Ignore all rumors of cancellation or organization! Live Lightly with the Land and People!