midcentury motels. it’s amazing the little pockets of america where signs like this still survive. very few of the motel restaurants or coffee shops still function, but in little desert towns like Lone Pine and Bishop and the dodgy outskirts of Lancaster, California you can still find successions of sketchy motor inns all in a row with rusty signs that look a lot like these.


Fly fishing the Upper Owens River in the winter is fantastic.  It is stunningly beautiful.  Peaceful.  Quiet except for the occasional piercing sound of a hawk.  Clear and very cold this day.  Not another person to be seen.  The fishing went off. 


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The last week and a half of east side life has been pure, dirtbag bliss. The car camping, boulder pad hotel crashing, sent projects and shared laughs with friends have been unstained joy. The music blasting as I propelled myself South toward the playgrounds of the Sierras, the long days of absolute smiles and the overabundance of stellar climbing will be thoroughly missed. I now embark on my next adventure with my great friend and climbing partner, Philabot, to the crags of all crags.. Yosemite Valley. If weather permits we plan to climb two classics, Nutcracker and After six, along with a couple more unknown objectives. With the car packed to head back to Sacramento, a heart full of excitement and a pocket full of unpaid wages collected from a former employer, I’m ready for the next three weeks of greatness before the big trip to Spain.

It feels as if the experiences and events of the last six months have been warped through the 4th dimension, spun through a teleporter and thrown across the timescale. Half of a year full of amazing days climbing, laughing and living has passed right before my feet. An infinite ridgeline crossed and looked back upon with nothing but a smile in my eye and two hands thrown into the blue sky above. This life that has been laid before my feet has certainly given me a great stride and wonderful pace for the next decade of my life. It really couldn’t be possible without the help of my wonderful family, the amazing friends I’ve gained and retained, and a never ending stoke on life.



I just want to make a shout out to all the firefighters who have been working nonstop for the past 34 hours trying to control the large number of wildfires in the San Diego County right now. [pictures from 10News]

The current fires right now are:

-Bernardo Fire-southwest of Rancho Bernardo (San Diego County) is now 1548 acres and 75% contained.

-Cocos Fire-at Village Dr & Twin Oaks Rd, San Marcos (San Diego Co) is now 800 acres and 5% contained.

-Poinsettia Fire-100 acre wildfire off Poinsettia Ln & Alicante Rd in Carlsbad (San Diego County)

-River Fire-CAL FIRE is assisting Oceanside Fire with a fire on N. River Rd & College Blvd in Oceanside (San Diego Co)

-Highway Fire-off Old Hwy 395 and I-15 in the Deer Springs area is now 500 acres and 40% contained (San Diego County). Full containment expected at 6:00pm

-Tomahawk Fire-on the eastside of Camp Pendleton, west of Fallbrook (San Diego County) is now 6,000 acres. CAL FIRE is assisting

-Freeway Fire-on the Naval Weapons Station in Fallbrook (San Diego County) is now 60 acres and 50% contained.

-Miguelito Fire-off Santa Miguelito Canyon Road, Lompoc (Santa Barbara Co) is now 632 acres & 90% contained

-Las Pulgas Fire- Near Las Pulgas in Camp Pendleton, it’s a new fire so not much info on that yet


Stay safe you guys! And remember when all of this is over to thank any Firemen you see!!