Tignes The Remainder

Due to a complete failure of hotel internet I was unable to send you all boring accounts of each day in France. I will however give you a brief account of the rest of the week. The weather remained cloudy (snowy) so the powder just got deeper and deeper. The last day graced us with on average waist deep powder and bluebird skies, the perfect way to end it. We managed to stay on fresh untracked powder all day with the aid of some creative vision  and a bit of hiking. A few avalanches got started that day too but with some guidance from friends on the slopes everybody stayed safe. 

The nights out were something else, far to drunk on high altitude cheap champagne and kirsch ( don’t drink kirsch) and far to stoked on UV paint and pens. A free hat for dressing up as a woman from the zaini girls, hats off to them, http://www.zaini.com/ . 

And finish off the whole trip with a hungover 28 hours on a bus back home to the rain. 

Cheers for the holiday 

HWSSC !!!!!!!!!!