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Where the Hell were all his Lost Boys?

Pan stormed around the camp. He could feel their presence on the island and could probably locate them was his head not so filled with frustration.

Kicking a log across the camp with his foot, he slumped down with his head in his hands.

Then he heard it.

Distant, but distinguishably your voice.

And you were singing.

Following the voice in a sort of trance, Peter found himself at your cage- you were a prisoner of Neverland and that was where he kept you. From his position just at the edge of the woods, he was facing the clearing where he kept said cages and he could see the Lost Boys completely surrounding your cage, all sitting or lying down.

“Ein Tad, yr hwn yn y nefoedd
Sancteiddier dy enw.
Deled Dy deyrnas,
Gwneler Dy ewyllys,” you sang, voice mingling with the cool magic in the air beautifully.

Peter didn’t recognise the language you spoke but he knew that it was a lullaby.

“Megis yn y nef,
Felly ar y ddaear hefyd.
Dyro I ni heddiw
Ein bara beunyddiol,” the foreign words seemed to calm the excited tingle that burrowed itself into the Lost Boys’ skin, and Peter could see the younger ones falling asleep to your words.

“A maddau I ni ein dyledion,
Fel y maddeuwn ninnau i’n dyledwyr
Ac nac arwain ni l brofedigaeth
Eithr gwared ni rhag drwg;” he wished you would carry on singing forever, as he watched the frost of your voice travel through the air.

“Canys eiddot Ti yw y deyrnas
A’r nerth, a’r gogoniant
Yn oes oesoedd, Amen…” As the song came to a close, Peter was sitting peacefully on the ground, surrounded by silently sleeping Lost Boys, and had a smitten smile plastered on his face.

“Welcome to the Lost Boys,” Peter said to you quietly, the corners of his lips quirked and a smug set to his brow, “Lost girl…”

Bee Keeper


“Everyone is so upset.” Sand chuckled as sat comfortably on Lune a good distance from the HWN laboratory. How lucky was it that his newest target was friends with the robot that he was going to crush for what she did to him? It just made everything that would come next all the better. 

He watched as Honey walked along the street and waited until she was a safe enough distance from the lab before nudging Lune to the ground. 

The sounds of his footsteps could be heard echoing as he ran around the corner towards her. His expression was wracked with fear before the child crashed against her. 

Honey would feel his arms wrapping tightly around her and could hear sobs coming from the boy that buried his face into her stomach. 

“Please help me.” he sobbed, his synthetic breath hitching as he trembled. “I-I am scared … I dont … I dont know wh-what to do …” 

Mal wieder auf Tour.

HWN 059 Klostergrund

Heimburg/Blankenburg am Harz. Mehr zu dieser Tour gibt es 2017 auf meiner Homepage. Schaut ruhig trotzdem schonmal rein und holt euch tolle Eindrücke aus dem Harz unter



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❄ Hallyu Writers Net Winter Challenge Prompt Masterlist! ❄

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Hello gorgeous HWN members! 

Please review the following prompts, pick three (3) of your favorites in order of preference, and send us a message directly to confirm your prompts.  We will assign you the the first prompt that is still available on your list.  If you don’t see any you like, please feel free to come up with your own winter-themed prompt and send it to us so it can be added to the list.  This list will be updated each time a prompt is claimed.  *A majority of these prompts were compiled from Tumblr, and we thusly do not claim ownership of them. 

Prompt List:

❅ I made an extra big snowball to throw at my friend but I missed and accidentally hit you in the face instead and you slipped and fell and I ran to your help but also slipped and fell on top of you and we can’t stop laughing. Wow your eyes are pretty AU  stahprapmon18

❅ My friends saw me staring at you while we were Christmas shopping and they dared me to go up to you and ask if you were a present because I want to unwrap you and I never turn down a dare so I did it but you actually thought it was funny, let’s get married okay AU 

Gingerbread house competition AU  I-would-rather-be-queen

❅ You’re the person in the apartment next door who VERY LOUDLY blasts holiday music starting in NOVEMBER and I hate Christmas AU cup-of-stars

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I was tagged by @kpoppinhoe thank you!!!

url tag: spell out your url in k-pop song titles

I: I Need U-BTS

M: My Answer-EXO

C: Cool World-Red Velvet

H: Honestly-Monsta X

A: Artificial Love-EXO

N: NO F.U.N-Seventeen

G: Give it to me-Sistar

K: Knock-KNK

I: If I ruled the world-BTS

Relationship: single
Pets: none
Favorite Colors: maroon, black, purple
Wake Up Time: 10am more or less, 7am when I have morning classes
Cats or Dogs: cats
Coke or Pepsi: neither lmao
Call or Text: text
Lipstick or Chapstick: Lipstick!!
Last Song I Listened to: bingo by 24k, a true bop

urban dictionary tag: look up your name on urbandictionary

well lmao

I tag @chgkn @yunjeong @hwn-hs @hoyagi and @hyungwonsangel

Sonntagsgruß aus dem Archiv. Da heute auch die Arbeit ruft.

Schönen Sonntag Euch allen.




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Hello wonderful HWN members! 

It’s time for the Hallyu Writers Net’s Winter Prompt Challenge! Lets celebrate the winter and holiday season the right way - with wonderful fanfiction of the talented writers of the HWN! We’re super excited to see what the HWN members create, but lets go over the rules and details first:

This is for members of the HWN only. No specific group or fandom is required, as this challenge is for all things hallyu, but you must be a current member for your work to be counted. As always, both x reader and x member are allowed.

This is not a fic exchange. You are not required to write a fic for someone else, however you are more than welcome to dedicate or gift a fic to someone.

❅ Members choose three (3) prompts from a masterlist of winter-themed prompts and send them directly to the HWN in order of preference/priority. We’ll let you know which one is available for you to claim! Prompts are determined by availability. The masterlist will be updated to reflect availability.

❅ If you don’t remember which prompt you chose, please do not hesitate to ask us! If you have your own prompt in mind, that’s great! We love creativity~ Please be sure to let us know what it is! That way we can make sure your work is counted as part of the event!

Fics are due December 31st by 11:59PM. You’re more than welcomed (encouraged, in fact) to post earlier! Minimum word requirement is 1300 words.

❅ Don’t forget to tag your fic using the appropriate network tags! Review the tagging system here.

As always, the most important part is to have fun! We are so excited to see what you guys will create, and we hope you feel the same. Good luck, and happy writing!

- The HWN Admins

Ab durch die Hecke. Mit dem Bully auf Tour.



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