A year ago, seven girls caught my attention. As soon as they debuted, I kept my eyes on the rookie girl group named APink. From 몰라요 (I Don’t Know) to It Girl until MY MY, my eyes never left these girls. I watched all of their shows (from APink News to APink News Season 2 until Birth Of A Family) and knew their true personality more. Now that their celebrating their first year anniversary, I’m proud to say that they are the very first group that I became a fan of since their debut. Even though people might say that they are like Girls’ Generation (from previous concepts), I’m happy that I belong to these fandoms. I like to name them as the second generation of girl group to rule the world of K-Pop. I’m a proud Pink (Panda) Sone and I will never regret it. Happy first anniversary APink! I will support and love you until the future. I love you all! ♥