Well I’m headed back to the library. HWLC, this time. My online account doesn’t work and you must come in for it to be fixed. This car smells like fire. Pray that I make it out alive!

edit: It is so hot! My post never sent originally so I’m adding on while I ride back to wicker park.

I made it out alive but not before seeing the sketchiest man ever. He was dressed in black and white and had a scruffy look. He rushed to get off the train and slammed into this woman, on purpose, I believe. He saw her coming but didn’t try to avoid her. She tried to avoid him but it seemed as so he was trying to bump into her. He blocked the escalator from anyone trying to walk up by firmly planting his once running feet to the left of someone standing on the escalator. During the whole ride up and the walk out to the city, he kept staring back as if he was in trouble or running from someone. Once we reached the street, he picked up the pace.

Living in the post 9/11 world, it’s hard to not formulate ideas in your head, especially when in a large city with a large transit system. I’m sure in all actuality he was just paranoid or crazy or maybe just in a hurry.

I stopped into Harold & Washington Library to grab a book from the first floor and to figure out what was wrong with my library card (the witch from yesterday put in a zipcode that came nowhere close to my actual zipcode). The book was checked in but I couldn’t find it and the reference librarian had a huge line so I put a hold on it and left.

I’m home now only to find that my dog destroyed the tray to his crate in the two hours that I was gone. :(

Nerd post

I visited HWLC last week to look for a book. I only checked in the first floor. I was like, really? That’s ALL? Dum dum here didn’t take into consideration that this floor’s collection was the “Popular Library.” I went back yesterday to return a book and decided to check the rest of it out.

A very kind reference librarian informed me of the collections but I stopped listening when I heard that the 6th floor was the Social Sciences/History floor. Immediately I went. You know how jaws drop on movies? That happened to me. An entire freaking floor of history books. I was in nerd/library heaven. And the best part? They were categorized using Library of Congress not that stupid Dewey Decimal system!

Alright, I’m done.