hwin appleby


four Sims + four horses + a Plumbot + a 50x50 lot + a large, detailed world = lag up the wazoo

look I can do math!

My computer’s good, but it’s not that good. So I lowered some of my graphics (goodbye draw distance *sigh*) and painfully elected to sell Hwin, Bree, and Shasta. Hwin was about to become an elder, Bree was just kind of there, and I’d rather put Daine’s efforts into training Aravis instead of Shasta. Though I could have used Shasta for breeding, now that I think about it. Alas.

And my game didn’t really speed up after selling them, so it was a sad day all around.

Speaking of ze equine… I’ve been wanting to do a horse generation for a while. Then I reread The Horse and His Boy (my second favorite Narnia book) and was convinced. So I redid the Appleby’s backyard, added a barn and a few Cavaletti, and sent Lucy out to buy a horse.

Meet Hwin, a lovely mare whose name I borrowed from Narnia, of course. Don’t be surprised if a Bree comes next. Or a Shasta. Or an Aravis. GOSH THOSE NAMES ARE SO LOVELY.