Hwehoon to Taeyeon

To: Taeyeon noona who’s born to be a Goddess

Although I’ve already known it when noona came in for filming for the first time, I was really happy. It seemed like a dream for the first time. Though I also like Seohyun noona from SNSD, I like noona the best. How does noona think of me? Forgive me for having bad handwriting. Looking at noona it seems like I’m looking at the sun, because I’m an ordinary student while noona is a star~

Hwihoon: What have you been doing these 2 weeks, where were you!!
Taeyeon: I had schedules!
Hwihoon: Why did you ignore my message!
Taeyeon: I didn’t even receive it!
Hwihoon: I did send!
Taeyeon: I didn’t receive it! I only received advertisements!!
Hwihoon: Aren’t you breaking the rules for being too pretty!!
*Girls scream*
Kyungkyu: Hwihoon why did you say that again can you stop saying that!!
Taeyeon: Sorry Hoihoon~ I will take the imitative to send you message first~

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