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Lolol! I didn't see it at first (minhyuns big head) until nuest members pointed it out but he's so good looking that it covers it up and he's always saying how he wants a small face 😂

I can’t explain exactly how his head is bigger but it just seems that way if you start looking out for it. It’s not super noticeable, though. I think it’s also that his eyes are higher set and his cheeks (and those killer cheekbones) take up more space and his neck is kind of long in comparison??? I don’t know what I’m saying??

This is my favorite picture because his head is so much bigger than Dongho’s omffggg. 

this is what i mean by his neck is long: 

His head compared to the other members:

not as great of proof because Minhyun’s leaning forward a bit, but it’s still funny: 

I think it was more noticeable a few years ago when he had a lot of his baby fat:

also look at those yaoi hands (also Jonghyun is Smol):

BYE I love this loser


just a reminder of who we stan 😂

nuest’s parody they made a long time ago of their song Hello (여보세요)

Eargasm: Broduce 101 edition ~ “Amazing Kiss” [most iconic part]

amazing fantastic beautiful clip of the most iconic part of their performance stop! sleeping! on! this! group!

if anyone from this group got eliminated i’m eliminating myself from this world


Hwang Minhyun believes in Kim Jonghyun as Leader

JR (Jonghyun) for 5 years has taken all burdens from the 5 Nu’est members onto his own shoulders. He was only 16 then in 2012, the youngest leader ever to debut. Imagine being a kid with all that responsibility. Yet he wants them to succeed even more than himself.

About 3 years ago at a Japan concert, he read out a letter to the members, and broke down crying saying he has failed as Nu’est leader.

Unfortunately, he still thinks he has failed, so for Minhyun (who has always tried to make JR see he is the best leader) to say he believes in Jonghyun in front of everyone means SO MUCH.

I cannot explain in words how emotional this made me. I pray Nu’est rise after Produce101.

(Gifs- wooyoungbby)