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Can you do how would your name be like in their phones for some pd101 boys? Like i don't really care who (well make sure bnm boys are there xd) ( i don't even know if this request makes any sense, sorry) (and thanks) (*whispers* iluvyo)

firstly phone-whisperer-anon…. /whispers. iluvyomoAR 

PARK WOOJIN: your full name with a heart at the end or this sign “~” or maybe if he’s creative enough something like my “beautiful dancer” maybe not or maybe my name on it lol

LEE DAEHWI: probably “my babe” or your name with an addition of something cute like “(name)-tan” or something cute like daehwi is the epitome of cuteness. think of something cute and that shall be thy name

IM YOUNGMIN: probably something of the norm like “jagi” (honey/babe in korean)

KIM DONGHYUN: more than likely something cringy like “the one who stole my heart” 

PARK JIHOON: “the one” “my wink girl” or “my person”

BAE JINYOUNG: “cheonsa (angel)” or a nickname made from your name

KANG DANIEL: i only got one solution for dis shit…. “bABE” well maybe not with that exact capitals lol more like dis >>> babe

YOO SEONHO: “the answer/cure to my stomach” or “my precious”

LAI GUANLIN: “sexy lady”

HWANG MINHYUN: “queen (cue your name)”

JUNG SEWOON: “my love from the stars

ONG SEUNGWOO: “girlfriend (yeoja chingu)” something dumb like dat probs or “my girl” or “my jeongmal jeongmal jinjja lyol daebak heol wanjeon girlfriend/girl”

KIM JONGHYUN: “lovely (name)” / ippeun (pretty) cue_your_name

KANG DONGHO: “little princess”

AHN HYEONGSEOB: “baby” “baby girl” “jagiya~~~~<3″ something v diabetes like also you would save him as “my puppy” 

KIM JAEHWAN: “that person” “you” just your full name or secretly “jaehwan’s number 1″ or something dumb like dat lol