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Favorite Chansung Pics

Because Koala anon is trying to kill me was curious, she asked me what were some of my favorite 2PM group pics, eras, or individual pics.  Let’s start with Chansung since he’s my bias. Some of these may surprise you. ^_~

Since it’s just my personal taste I’m not sure anybody is really interested in what pictures I like. But if this is something any of you want to see more of send in an idol and I’ll try if I have time. ^^

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hwang-chansung-anon replied to your post: Helloooo luhan-ssi thank you for following *smiles* and compliment for the song on your blog, I love it :P

oh really??? Well you are right,people who love epik high are good people with amazing tastes u.u. And you’re welcome :P

Right, right? I would know as one of those people with good tastes. *chuckles and shakes head, burying face between hands* No though, thanks again. Hope I see you often around my askbox.