FANA / soul company.

let me introduce you to one of my ALL time favorite Rapper:

화나 / Fana / Hwana

“Fana is a solo rap artist in Soul Company.

He is called as “The Rhyme Monster” because he shows abundant and meticulous rhyming in his lyrics.

He was inspired by an underground Hip-hop club concert in Master Plan and started to grow his dreams to become a rap artist since he was a middle school student. He sharpened his skills for numerous years and later on met his high school senior, The Quiett who brought him into Soul Company.

In 2003, he formed a project team Choijuckhwa—meaning optimization in Korean—with Kalnal —which means the blade of a knife in Korean—who is a rapper. As a team, Fana stepped into the Korean Hip-hop scene with the compilation album, The Bangerz. Through this album, they started to show their own method of creating rhymes in the lyrics and became the rising star, but Kalnal had to stop his musical production due to his academic desire.

In 2005, Fana released his first solo album Brainstorming EP and started to appeal to the public as a solo artist. Due to his creative themes, great rap skills upon his rhyming theory in his album, Fana suddenly grabbed the attention of the public.

1 year later, in 2006, Fana released his single album, If the Day Comes, and after numerous years of gap in his musical production, in 2009, he released his first formal album, Fanatic, which shows his musical visions.


Fana is a person who likes to be alone. He minimizes the time to communicate with others, but in the meantime, he experiments and studies the construction of rhyming and finally created a theory called, “Identical Consonants and Vowels Structure,” that optimized the effect of rhyme in the lyrics. This theory created an original style for Fana that no other rap artist can follow. His extreme rap skill always has brought both sensation and controversy for the public, but no one can argue that his presence has affected the MCs in Korea and has been an inspiration.”

source: official soul company site.

my two cents: why I love Fana? well yeah you can clearly get the emotions of his tracks w/o understanding what the language and after you read the translations you get even more mersmerized by his talend. and also his flow the way he raps is so unique with a style that only FANA has. and I also love the beats he uses for his tracks… most of the time they have a melancholic feeling which I ADORE and it inspires me so much for my own art ( poetry & drawing & painting & photography)


화나 (Fana) - 누에고치