#Progress on a #European #StarPrincess skirt! It’s a little extra #fluffy because the fluff will go down a little when #beads are added, and a little more when the garment is used/sat down in. Always gotta make these things overly fluffy so they settle how you want them to! (This will be slightly more A-line soon). My client liked the #shiny #iridescence of the European #skirts but didn’t want the shine to be overly garish like some of the UK ones. She also likes the paler/icy versions of the skirt, which I’m really liking myself after studying them! To achieve these things I have used many layers of blue #netting & #tulle, from cerulean to pale ice blue. Then a layer of an #iridescent #sheer, a layer of pink #ombre sheer, and a clear top tulle #layer the stars will be attached to. Still more work to be done on it- stay tuned! (I can’t wait to take photos in better light. My dim house lighting in last picture does not truly capture the #beauty of the skirt colors!)

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