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Haikyuu!! Valentine's Day HCs
  • <p> <b>KageHina:</b> Hinata tries and fails to make an aesthetically pleasing chocolate for Kageyama. He's in tears as he gives it to Kageyama because it looks so strange, but Kageyama honestly only cares about how amazing the chocolate tastes. Hinata kisses Kageyama using the excuse that he wanted to taste his own chocolate.<p/><b>AsaNoya:</b> Nishinoya takes Asahi to a dinner date, wearing a sophisticated suit. He keeps trying to act cute in front of Asahi to make him all flustered, and believe me, it works. Little kids in the restaurant start to ask them what sort of relationship they have, and Asahi pulls out a cute ring saying, "He's my beautiful husband!" Nishinoya almost short-circuits.<p/><b>DaiSuga:</b> Suga makes chocolates for everybody in the team, but he has a special one just for Daichi. He keeps telling Daichi terrible puns "I'll be your Suga cube" and Daichi just sighs at him. Suga purposefully leaves chocolate on his cheek so that Daichi can kiss him. Mama is very crafty.<p/><b>TsukkiYama:</b> They go shopping together and Yamaguchi won't stop with the public displays of affection. Tsukishima is embarrassed at first, but he eventually goes along with it. Yamaguchi takes Tsukishima to the CD shop where they pick out albums and headphones for each other, before they exchange chocolates. Yamaguchi won't stop telling Tsukishima how cool he is, which leads to a very red-faced Tsukki.<p/><b>IwaOi:</b> Neither of them knew where to go so Oikawa just invites himself to Iwaizumi's place. Oikawa's chocolates look so perfect that Iwaizumi suspects that he bought them and didn't make them by hand, which leads to Oikawa pouting at him. Iwaizumi tells him he's trying way too hard to be cute, but kisses him anyway.<p/><b>YakuLev:</b> Lev drags Yaku to the amusement park and points to height limits just to piss him off. He tries not to go on too many scary rides, but he doesn't try hard enough and he ends up giving Yaku a piggyback. Lev takes Yaku to his house and feeds him his mother's warm Borscht and his handmade chocolates. His kisses tasted like beetroot because of this.<p/><b>UkaTake:</b> Ukai brings Takeda to watch a romantic movie, except that it wasn't really a romantic movie. At all. In fact, was Tarzan because there was a mistake with the tickets. Takeda still enjoys the movie, though. Takeda gives Ukai the ear piercing accessory he wanted and they go to a chocolate café to eat.<p/><b>HanaMatsu:</b> Matsukawa gives Hanamaki shop-bought profiteroles, because he attempted to make some at home and his mother banned him from the kitchen for the next three months after that. They both have a movie marathon at Matsukawa's house while snacking on the profiteroles, and have a dance-off to Disney songs.<p/><b>BokuAka:</b> Akaashi has been dropping hints that he wants to go on a date with Bokuto, but he completely forgets about the fact that it's Valentine's Day until Akaashi reminds him casually. Bokuto starts to panic because he feels like it's his job to make Akaashi happy, and literally every place they can think of is fully booked. They settle on taking a walk through nature while talking about how much they love each other.<p/><b>KuroKen:</b> Kuroo has everything planned out to perfection. They start off the day by riding a hot-air balloon, which was surprisingly well-liked by Kenma. They go on a small shopping spree and before Kenma gets tired, Kuroo takes him home and the two chill out at each other's houses for the rest of the day. Lots of affectionate bodily contact and hugs, mostly initiated by Kuroo.<p/></p>
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I know I said I wasn’t going to be posting any original content for a little bit, but I wanted to share something that I wrote back in Feburary for the lovely @memento-scribet for Valentine’s day. Her version is a little more specific for her though. Anyways here y’all go! My first reader insert!

Jason Todd x Reader (fluff)


Jason watched you as you slept. Your hair resting softly against the pillow next to him. It was 6 AM and the light from the approaching sunrise leaked into your shared bedroom.

A smile crept onto his face, memories flooding his mind. Memories of the firsts he shared with you. His heart swelled at the mere sight of you and he couldn’t bear being away from you. He decided, today was the day.

You stirred a little in your sleep, repositioning yourself in bed. Jason moved quickly to soothe you back into a deeper slumber, placing his hand on the crown of your head. He gently ran his fingers through your hair, tracing the lines of your locks.

You relaxed next to him, letting out the softest and cutest of snores he’d ever heard. Jason breathed out a laugh and went back to bed.

When you woke up you smelled something burning. It took you a moment to register the aroma, first pausing to check the time.

When it finally registered in your half awake awareness that there was a very real possibility that your house could be burning down, you rushed downstairs.

As you quickly made your way down to the kitchen you heard voices. Two voices to be exact. Two voices belonging to the two people you loved the most in the world.

“Where’s mama daddy? Is she still sleeping?” your baby asked, sitting at the breakfast bar. Their speech characterized by the classic toddler tributes, especially the inability to pronoun Ls properly, replacing them with a gentle W sound.

Jason moved closer to yours and his child, kissing their cute little forehead before moving back in front of the stove.

“Yeah, mommy’s still sleeping,” Jason responded tending to what was cooking.

Your baby pouted in response, “I want mommy.”

Jason chuckled, their stubbornness reminded him of you, “I know you miss mommy. I miss mommy too, but let’s let her sleep more okay?”

Your baby pouted more, angry that they couldn’t see their mommy. Jason lowered the heat setting on the stove.

“Let’s let mommy sleep more okay?” Jason approached his child again asking in his baby voice, tickling them and bringing them up toward his chest for kisses.

“Okay?” Jason asked continuing to kiss your child. Sweet giggles filled the air. You watched from a far, enjoying their little moment. A smile had found permanent residence on your face as Jason continued his ‘kiss attack’ and your child continued to giggle. Jason’s deep voice contrasting the baby’s high pitched squeals.

You leaned against the wall, still smiling and wondering what wonderful deed you must have done to have been blessed with these two. As you lost your self to your wondering, a voice called back your attention.


Your eyes connected with your child’s as they called out to you from their father’s arms.

“Daddy look mama’s awake,” they pointed out, both verbally and with a little finger in your direction.

“Yeah she is, isn’t she,” Jason responded placing one last kiss on their cheek as he walked in your direction, toddler still in his arms.

“Good morning my love,” putting the baby down for a second, he leaned in to place a kiss on your lips.

You smiled in response with a soft verbal, “good morning to you too.”

“Good morning mommy!” Your child greeted you with a big smile, arms raised in a sign of wanting to be picked up and wanting a hug from mommy.

You swooped down to pick them up and were promptly greeted with kisses, cuddles, and an “I love you mama.”

After all three of you settled, the table was set and breakfast was served. What was served included heart shaped items of your favorite breakfast foods, pink lemonade, and fruit he had tried his best to present in a similar heart shape arrangement. Jason may not be the best cook, but he sure did have a handle on how to prepare the prefect breakfast and seamlessly integrate Valentine’s Day.

After breakfast and a little more playing with the baby, the three of you got ready to go to the park by the river.

From learning how to hang upside down from the monkey bars with daddy to swinging on the swings with mommy to spinning together on the merry go around, the park held a whole day’s worth of fun for the family.

After the park the three of you went down to the sides of the river to feed the ducks, where Jason was briefly chased by a few of the swans for sneezing too loudly in their direction, it must’ve been seen as a threat.

It started to get colder outside due to the increasing lack of direct sunlight, but despite the breeze the baby was sound asleep in their stroller. Before they knew it, the sun had started to set and it was time to go home.


“Hey,” Jason wrapped his arms around your waist and pressed his lips to your neck.

You’d just put your child down for a nap after a bath and some running around the house with them screaming, “mommy look I’m batman” whilst wearing the batman onesie Bruce had gifted them.

“Hey,” you responded relaxing into his warm embrace.

“I have a surprise for you. Wear something nice,” Jason whispered into your right ear before placing a warm kiss on your cheek and disappearing.

Despite feeling a little off put by the way he’d asked and where he had gone since he asked, you followed his instructions.

As you finished up getting ready, the door bell rang. You slipped on your outfit and headed to the door.


You’d expected Jason. It was Roy.

“Oh hey Roy! What are you doing here?” You asked, gently patting little Lian who was asleep in her own father’s arms.

“Jason asked me to come over. Oh, he asked me to give you this,” Roy pulled an envelope from his back pocket and handed it to you, “and watch the kid while you guys are out.”

“Oh, um. All right,” you furrowed your brow for a second before letting the two in.

After you pointed out everything he would or potentially would need, Roy wished you a good time, shooed you out of your apartment, and reminded you to read the card.

It was a simple card, pink water washed cardstock with five simple words (and one shape) hand written on it: “Meet me on the roof, ♡ Jason.”

Running your fingers over the card and Jason’s writing you made you way upstairs. As you walked you thought about your lives together, how happy he made you, and wonderful baby you’d brought into this world together. Before you knew it, you’d arrived. Wiping the tears that had welled up in your eyes, you opened the rooftop door.

What you saw took your breath away. Jason set up the perfect date up on that rooftop. Everything you’d ever liked in dates since the two of you started seeing eachother, from the flowers, to the table, to the decorations. Everything was everything you’d dreamt.

Jason even served your favorite foods, a list complied through the years from dates large and small.

After the food, the two of you found yourself cuddling and talking on the stand alone porch swing that had always been up there, which Jason had surrounded with candles, over looking the city wrapped in blanket.

Jason watched you recount the swan ordeal from earlier. As the smile on your face widened and laughed escaped your lips, Jason’s heart beat faster and faster. He knew it was now or never.

“Hey babe, can I ask you something?”

“Yeah, sure. What?” you responded.

Jason sucked in a breath and moved off the swing.

You looked at him with a confused expression. You had expected him to ask how he’d gotten so lucky; it was always what he followed with.

As Jason moved, getting down on one knee, it registered.

“Will you marry me?”

Your answer was instantaneous. You sprung towards him, capturing him into the tightest of hugs, happy tears racing down your cheeks.

“I’ll take that as a yes then?” Jason chuckled as you cried and nodded.

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